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Rachel Uchitel


12/28/2011 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel pregnantThere's something growing inside of Rachel Uchitel ... and this time, it's not the guilt from sleeping with a married golfer.

Uchitel -- former Tiger Woods mistress numero uno -- has announced that she's preggo ... and by the looks of the photo, she's pretty convinced the baby belongs to her husband Matt Hahn.

TMZ broke the story ... Rachel and Matt secretly tied the knot back in October. The two have been living together in San Francisco ever since.

Uchitel tweeted the photos last night -- and wrote, "Expecting big things for 2012... Five down, Four months to go." By our math, the baby is due sometime around the end of April.




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Septimius smith    

Basically she is so feel that I am Pregnant .Everyone have so Happy for hearing the report of Pregant.
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1027 days ago


If you have had the misfortune of working with her, you too would wish the kid to come out sideways, and the painkillers to wear off as its happening.

1027 days ago


yea right. thats all that 'Tiger Juice' in her belly. #eww

1027 days ago


Now let's watch as what SHE did to Tiger Woods ex-wife, be done to HER (Rachel)...what goes around comes back around

1027 days ago


I am extremely surprised. I thought Rachel was a man this whole time...that's why I assumed Tiger paid her so much money for her silence.

1027 days ago


Why is this woman still news? Elin is WAYYYYYYYYY prettier than this hoebag. She looks so old and haggered. Ew. GO AWAY! You're old news b*tch. Your 15 min is up.

1027 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Love to see the baby born black...why are you (TMZ) glorifying this girl?

1027 days ago


oh, oh... whore baby coming to a lawsuit near you!

1027 days ago


She looks like a long big headed horse

1027 days ago

Alan Carver    

I can see CAREER DAY ALREADY ... what does your mommy do for a living? Oh she is a whore who sleeps with married men to make a buck, and become a celebrity! Ah, out of the mouth of babes! Poor kid ... doesn't stand a chance!

1027 days ago


Ummmm wait ... this is NEW news ... ??? I hured this like before she was even married ... because if i rember correctly , a few months ago they showed her and her new sex object for her sex and love addiction ... oh wait i mean husband ...she was seen with a drink in her hand , and people where commenting wait she just announced she was preggo .... why is she drinking ? soo whats up with it being NEW info ... like the day she peed on a stick she posted she was preggo .... and wow 5 months and shes got that TENNEY baby belly ... and is now asking for 1,000's of $'s of baby things on her registry ... WTF , my whole registery was less then 300$ including a crib , car seat , clothing , ect , and ummm just FYI for the ppl at TMZ .. you can BREST FEED AND HAVE A PUMP .... it's called pumping and putting it in a bottle so that daddy , or in this case i'm sure the NANNY will be the one that ends up playing MOMMY , cuz MOMMY will be to busy busting her ass to work of any babyweight , and then mommy will have to go out to party and sleep with other married men to make sure she has money .... great mothering job ...... this woman is disgusting ... If any normal person lost there soon to be husband in 911 , we would greave and be sad and move on , not get drunk , high , screw other ppls husbans and then claim your bad behavor on a "love addiction" sorry Dr drew but i'm not buying that type of addiction , it's a cop out !!!

1025 days ago


She used to be so cute...absolutely adorable. I don't know if she kicked that look to get away from the past, but she looks nothing like she did before 9/11...I attended the memorial service she held for her fiance and she was just stunning...amazing how wrong plastic surgery can go. She looks 20 years older than she is, when before her petite figure made her 10 years younger than she was. Shame...she just looks awful, and the worst part, she thinks she looks fabulous...I've never quite seen anyone so full of themselves before...

1014 days ago


ya probably need a safety rope not fall in with her
anyway i guess she can be married not that tiger made her a millionaire. its funny the women claim he never bought them a thing and some of em werent that great lookin ... wouldnt it be funny as hell if this guy divorces her and sues for alimony and child support lol !!!!!

1010 days ago
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