Neil Diamond Honored by Caroline 'Touching You, Touching Me' The Neil Diamond-Creep Debate

12/28/2011 9:00 AM PST

TMZ Live: 'Touching You, Touching Me' ... The Neil Diamond-Creep Debate

Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" sounds kinda creepy when you realize it's about a 4-year-old Caroline Kennedy -- but we reveal the truth behind the seductive lyrics.

And, Rachel Uchitel's baby registry ... Harvey is flabbergasted over a $1,000 stroller, $300 breast pump and a $500 high chair... but parents call BS on Harvey ...

(1:00) Neil Diamond and his inspiration for "Sweet Caroline" -- Caroline Kennedy -- come face-to-face ... and it's awkward.
(3:10) Could this be the photo of a young Carline that put Neil's creepy wheels in motion?
(6:03) Caroline's intro for Neil ... quite "touching."
(7:00) Neil ups the creep factor at the award ceremony.
(8:10)  Epic songwriter Seth Swirsky is on the horn -- can he explain how "Sweet Caroline" isn't as weird as we think?
(24:00) Breaking news! Deion Sanders' daughter RIPS into his soon-to-be ex-wife Pilar ... calling her a "gold-digging ho."
(26:04) Rapper Common says he'll make a prenup decision when the time comes -- we'll tell you why he should make it now.
(35:00) Speaking of Neil Diamond ... he got FLEECED in one of his divorces ... and he still isn't into prenups!
(37:03) Rachel Uchitel -- the pilgrim of mistresses -- is all knocked up! Time for Harvey to argue about something he knows nothing of ... buying baby products.