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Lindsay Lohan

1st Shot Fired in Dubai War

12/31/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cease and desist legal documents

TMZ has obtained the cease and desist letter Lindsay Lohan fired off to a Dubai-based party planning company ... demanding they stop using her name to promote a NYE party.

We broke the story ... Lindsay believes the company has been spreading lies about her ... falsely claiming she's agreed to attend a massive New Year's Eve bash on a gigantic ocean liner.

In the letter, Lohan's attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, states the actress "will suffer harm and damage" if the company continues to use her name without permission ... and she's not afraid to sue.

Still no word back from the party people.


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What is 404'd?

1027 days ago


I see the Slug stay away from the Teguila and Lime last night....and the Salt Shaker that comes with it.....cause he's still here !!!!!!

1027 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

A seemingly intelligent individual whose perception of reality (i.e. value as a human being, ability as a parent or child, importance as a social and moral leader, skills as a lover) is so distorted that no amount of logic, reason, or compassionate pleading can sway them from supporting the Bush administration.

You all are Delusional C***bags!!!!!

1027 days ago


Stay on topic

1027 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Looki here, our resident Plumber from that wanna be country up North finally got home from working 13 hours on a New Years day Sunday! Now that my friends, is a LOSER!!!!!

Now, if you really supported him, you'd help him find a way to remove that Plumbing Snake that's firmly planted up his a*s!!!!

1027 days ago


Good job, Vorlon...getting rid of the riff raff, once again! You should be commended.

1027 days ago


Well, it's out now. DUIna let is slip (for $5,000.00) that Linds has been quietly "prepairing" for her future. She will now begin taking applications from major film studios for permission to submit blockbuster movie offers.

Linds, on the advice of her new financial wizard (AA Aliana), has kept things frugal in order to keep her millions intact. Applications may be deposited in the mail box at 419 Venice Way, but the accompanying "incentive gifts" must be taken around back to the "Intake Center" (her garage).

Linds has so much confidence that the offers will be overwhelming that she's rented an additional storage facility (Clam Ronson's garage) for all the anticipated swag.

"Sources close to Clam" scoffed at the idea that there is even the slightest association between her and Linds, but DUIna claims that it's all propaganda, and that everything Linds touches turns to gold. Or cocaine. Or something. There's a lot of latitude in the word "something", so feel free to substitute whichever word you feel might be appropriate.

Hi, Rouge Wearer.

1027 days ago


Time for the B Team to Arrive, Unless They Are Two Busy Settin Fire To West Hollywood..

1027 days ago


Warrior. Come out and play-ayyy.
WArrior. Come out and play-ayyy.

(Are any of you even old enough to get that reference??? (Other that Agent Smith who was no doubt doubling for Michael Beck, taking behind the scenes photos for Walter Hill, and donating semen to the streets of NYC)

1027 days ago


id bone her

1027 days ago


Here's a recent tweet and picture from Lohan 24/7. It's from a few days ago and shows Michael Jr. next to Gavin, the one that some sites think is Michael Jr. You can see where they can be mixed up but you can also see key differences. Lindsay covers up.

@lindsaylohan @SaveTheSociety @mikelohan December 2011:

1027 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMFAO at the thought that YOU losers think some uneducated dumba*s that cleans *****ers for a living could run ME off...... I'm laughing all the way to the bank while you all are running to get your monthly food stamps while you await your public assistance checks!!!

Gotti roll soon trolls so bring it on while I'm still around to slay your phatt a*ses....

1027 days ago


I think I've deciphered why Rouge Wearer gets all pissy, but only sometimes. He got the worst of it (again) at the dinner-table salt fight over there at Palais du Rouge. You know what happens when he gets salt on him....

1027 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Now that I ran the resident LOSER off, I'm going to watch the Cowboys lose and then finish my book so I can be rested for my day OFF tomorrow. See, if you go to college, you'll be able to enjoy holiday weekends, unless you're dumb enough to become a Doctor....

1027 days ago


Now I get it........A Docter Salted his Ass !!!!

1027 days ago
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