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Bill Maher

Take That, Tebow Nation!

1/1/2012 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Maher is at it again ... poking fun at Tim Tebow on Twitter just a week after he took some serious heat for mocking the Broncos QB on Christmas Eve.

Maher took a not-subtle-jab at Tim following his terrible performance in a blowout loss to the Bills (see below) which ticked off both Tebow fans and the religious right. 

The "Real Time" host took to his Twitter again yesterday to post two pics of him Tebowing in Hawaii -- one of which he calls Treebowing since, as you can clearly see, he's up in a tree.

New rule ... every one needs to lighten up just a little.

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Bill Maher is the biggest douche bag on the planet. He is such a hateful person, he is so gross.

973 days ago

Steve Sanchez    

I think the prince of peace would have turned the other cheek regarding Bill's comments. It is his followers that are always trying to start a religious crusade!

973 days ago


Tebow brought it on himself. He's missed one of the great lessons of Christianity - humility. In other words keep thy mouth shutteth.

973 days ago


COME ON tmz, you can program to delete letter combinations out of the middle of words because seperately spell words that for some reason you find offensive. such as cir****tance, pea**** (?) can'****ch, etc. if you can do this why the h311 cant you clean the damn spam!!!

973 days ago


We learn from an early age that when someone makes fun of someone its out of jealousy. Everyone has bad days.. you aren't perfect Maher.. your bad days are there too. You just wish you were half the man Tebow is to hsndle it.

973 days ago


Is that Bill's boyfriend lying in the lawn chair? Bill bashes Christians and Christ, because they do not respond. Turn the other cheek, etc., but here is the real question for Bill? Why on earth do you fight faith so hard over something and some God you do not believe in? If you do not believe in God what are you afraid of if others do believe? One last statement Bill, if Christians are wrong they have lost nothing, have had peace, answered prayers, a lifestyle of faith that has been a blessing to them, found comfort in time of needs . . . If you are wrong Bill you have lost everything for all eternity. Eternity is a long time with no way back.

973 days ago


what a disgusting little bozo. he so has the short man syndrome. he only has a big mouth, nothing more. most people feel sorry for him. i certainly don't, i think he is a vile person. i hope he falls big time under the osama obama final year.

973 days ago


He has the most vile, hateful man on television and I always thought it was because he was ugly (sorry, just playing his game), but now that I know he's an athiest, it makes sense. If you don't have God in your heart, your heart is full of hate. He's not even REMOTELY funny, does nothing but say really nasty things about people, which is NOT funny, so please tell me why HBO continues to employ him. We've canceled our HBO over this latest incident. He's finally gone too far and HBO will probably give him a bonus over this. Disgusting! PLEASE boycott HBO over this and let them know it's NOT okay to attack a nice young man because of his religious and because he's not afraid to share them. What's wrong with our country is that we've given these lunatics the voice and the rights and people who do talk about their faith or believe in God are persecuted and told they shouldn't talk about those things. We're in trouble as a nation...

973 days ago


Is that Kim Jung Il in the backgroung?

973 days ago

Tom Manion    

I personally don't appreciate a potty mouthed ultra-liberal jerk ,as is Bill Maher, making jest of an upstanding role modle, Tim Tebow. Bill, enjoy Hell with your friends, Satan and Hitler, among others, you certainly are headed there.

973 days ago

Throwback kid    

Do the hollywood liberals really consider this loser smart? he was was failed actor, wasn't this moron in the films DC cab? He is a little man who always has a chip on his shoulder

973 days ago


Is Mr. Mayer so afraid of God, and any respect given Him, that he has to make absolutely over the top comments and actions to try to prove his point? God forgive you Mr. Mayer.

973 days ago

Bully Bill     

Why not make fun of Muslims praying?....effing coward!

973 days ago


Pathetic runt.

973 days ago


Bill Maher is a low life s***bag. Didn't he have a scandal a few years back involving a prostitute? What an ass!

973 days ago
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