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Bill Maher

Take That, Tebow Nation!

1/1/2012 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill Maher is at it again ... poking fun at Tim Tebow on Twitter just a week after he took some serious heat for mocking the Broncos QB on Christmas Eve.

Maher took a not-subtle-jab at Tim following his terrible performance in a blowout loss to the Bills (see below) which ticked off both Tebow fans and the religious right. 

The "Real Time" host took to his Twitter again yesterday to post two pics of him Tebowing in Hawaii -- one of which he calls Treebowing since, as you can clearly see, he's up in a tree.

New rule ... every one needs to lighten up just a little.

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I don't really care that he made fun any of this.. but if it were any other race or religion, he'd have to retract it and apologize.

1023 days ago

Chun LI    


Love Bill

1023 days ago


GO BILL! The right deserves no respect. Keep up the good sarcasm.

1023 days ago


LOL, don't stand between someone and their religion. Fact is if Tebow was muslim and kneeling and bowing toward mecca and Maher made fun of him, most of you would be patting him on the back. Really who cares? It's religion, the biggest joke man has ever come up with so we should all just laugh at it.

1023 days ago


I support Bill Maher's point. Which is if you're going to pray and then thank Jesus for scoring a touchdown, why would Jesus do the polar opposite a week later. Once again, prayer just brings comfort to people and when things go in their favor they look up. Im not ruling out there is a God, but the powers that be do not choose favorites. Its just ridiculous. You go Bill Maher !

1023 days ago


Religion gets so little abuse, compared to what it really deserves, I can only attribute to the unbelievable tolerance, restraint and plain good manners of Atheists and Secularists everywhere.

1023 days ago

al baby    

Marh is such a little man

1023 days ago


What's with Kim Jong il suntanning in the background?

1023 days ago


i'd rather drink tebow's vomit than even think about sleeping with bill maher

1023 days ago

buzz kill    

Maher is a disgusting, arrogant, disresectful turd. Only an idiot would find anything funny about him. You don't see Christians burning places of worship, slaughtering non-believers and blowing up innocent people. Maher is a coward who doesn't have the ba*ls to pick or make fun of someone who might strike back. Why no jokes about radical muslims? Oh thats right, he has no ba*ls. Coward!

1023 days ago

Mother Nature    

Mother Nature has no patience with religious nut jobs, regardless of their persuasion.

1023 days ago

lost grrl    

People need to get a grip! This is what Bill does (brilliantly, in my opinion). He deals with the impolite subjects--politics and religion. Everyone knows that so anyone who is shocked by this doesn't understand what he is all about. And for all of you whack jobs saying that Bill would never make fun of Muslims, please read up on a subject before you go spouting off. Bill makes fun of all religions (Muslims included) and of religion in general.

1023 days ago


Maher is the poster child liberal POS who will lose in the end.

1023 days ago


Someone please explain to me how refrencing a man who is responsible for millions of innocent lives lost is funny. Not to be a killjoy, but Hilter jokes are both overused and not funny.

1023 days ago


One day people everywhere are going to find out if God is real or not. I KNOW that He is, and that there is power in prayer too. However, I do think that there are many more important things to pray about other than football. I don't know alot about Tim other than seeing all the attention given to "Tebowing" lately. Only God and Tim knows if Tim is sincere or not about his prayers, etc. But if he is, I say more power to him and for not being ashamed to do it before the world. People that make fun of him now, won't be one day when they find out that Jesus is real!! I'm not a "nut", but I do have great faith in God, and that won't change; also I'm not a bit ashamed of it either.

1023 days ago
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