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Khloe Kardashian

Rescues Tigers with One Finger

1/3/2012 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian helped raise thousands of dollars to help save endangered tigers in the wild -- all while barely raising a finger ... TMZ has learned.

Here's how it happened -- Khloe posted a tweet New Year's Day, asking her 5.6 million followers to text "Tigers" to 20222 ... thereby donating $10 directly to the World Wildlife Fund to help save wild tigers across the world. It was that simple.

A rep for the WWF tells TMZ, the tweet got an overwhelming response -- with over 600 people texting "Tigers" in the last 2 days ... raising over $6,000 for tiger conservation. According to the rep, the massive surge in donations was a "huge jump" above the norm.

But the rep tells us, the Kardashian sister's charitable moment didn't end there -- Khloe also adopted a tiger online ... and she got her mom Kris to do the same.

According to the rep, the money raised by Khloe's tweet will go to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live ... to better understand how to protect them.

Finally, a reason to keep up with the Kardashians.


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600 responses out of 5.6 million followers....give me a break!!

988 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..that's wonderful..truth be's all part of the KKK formula..geeeeeeeeeez....if I was worth 10's of millions..I'd be donating too...only..I wouldn't have my mother letting harvey know!

988 days ago


5,60...0,000 followers but only 600 actually followed.


HA...Ha...ha... The KarTRASHican house is crumbling.

988 days ago


Kim may be the next BACHELORETT!! That would be a top rated show! Way to go ,Mrs Jenner!!

988 days ago

Duke Steele    

Mmmmmm..... tigers. They're delicious.

988 days ago

the real diva    

it is all a publicity stunt. she only does it for fame...15 mins of fame. she does not care about the tigers. it's all about getting her name out there. she probaly called tmz up to speak to her buddy harvey and let him know what she did. so she could convince tmz to do a story about her. would not surprise me if the kardashians leak all the stories to tmz first. so they are guaranteed to be in the is more publicity for them.

988 days ago


Keep posting pictures of her and I will keep my New Year's resolution of losing weight. I lose my appetite every time I see a picture of that hog.

988 days ago


Sorry how has this ugly bitch rescued tigers?? Yes she might had advertised the charity but she aint done **** to help like donate money herself its the people who donated that are helping. I find it funny when her and her dumb sisters tell people to donate to charities but they dont donate from their own pockets themselves. Am not buying the good nature from any of these slutty sisters they never cared about helping charities before and have never done anything to help others unless they get some publicity or some cash out of it, now all of a sudden they wanna be seen going to hospitals visiting sick children, serving food for the poor, and going Haiti when they have gotten bad publicity. Its disgusting and vile to use less unfortunate people to rehab your image and that is what this family are doing, I have no respect for any of them. TMZ stop posting about them its you and others that are continuing to give this nasty family more exposure and publicity, they dont deserve it and they should of never been famous in the first place, the only reason there around in the first place is because of the slutty, whore sister Kimmy getting ****** in the ass, and pissed on in a sex-tape with a hasbeen singer and leaking it making $5m. Its about time this trash went away there 15 mins have lasted way too long.

988 days ago


I'll bet if TMZ put a link to help the Haitians that are still homeless, and agreed to not run a kardasian story for a week they would raise 10 times that, in a day. I throw down the gauntlet, i'm in for $100!!

988 days ago


When is she going to donate to the Bigfoot Research Organization? After all, they are one of her own...

988 days ago


The PR spin, now all of sudden they are champions of charity....before you never heard them being involved in obvious trying to repair their crappy image

988 days ago


she weighs more than most tigers

988 days ago

Jay W.     

She had to barely raise a finger. I bet Khloe likes her sphincter fingered.

988 days ago


Forget about these people for a moment here....

Harvey, Mike Walters, Armos & TMZ staff:

Have you no shame???

Aren't you embarassed to be putting this low-level information on your website?

With each "story" on the KKlan you are putting your reputation & credibility further down the line.

Is this the level of intelligence at your business????

988 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

"According to the rep, the money raised by Khloe's tweet will go to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live ... to better understand how to protect them."

How stupid does one have to be to understand that you don't need science nor research to protect the tiger's habitat in order for them to survive. The thing that's killing them is ultimately the humans.

988 days ago
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