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Lindsay Lohan

Bodyguard Shopping

After Trespassing Incident

1/3/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Yesterday's door-knocking incident was a huge wake up call for Lindsay Lohan -- who's now in the market to ramp up security at her L.A. home ... with surveillance cameras ... and even a new bodyguard.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress loves her Venice Beach house ... but with random scary people walking right up to her front door, she's convinced it's time to invest in some extra security upgrades for the property.

On top of adding additional security cameras -- we're told Lindsay wants to hire a full-time bodyguard to stay with her for a period of time ... until she feels safe again.

As for the man arrested for trespassing outside her house on Sunday -- Lonnie Short -- we're told he shares a bizarre connection with Lindsay's alleged stalker David Cocordan.

According to sources, when Short knocked on Lindsay's door yesterday, he announced he was friends with David and needed to explain some things.

Clearly, Lindsay wasn't up for a chat -- and minutes later, cops arrested Short for trespassing. He's still in custody on $1,000 bail.


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AGENT smith    

David JP Hilton aka David Cocordan writes on Twitter that he has no idea who this freak stalker of Lindsay is. THEIR SAYING THAT I KNOW HIM IS TOTAL BS.......he is also re-posting tweets from Pari******on and her sister.....he thinks he is Paris's brother......

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The ROCK of the Lohan family finally speaks!!! Without his excessive child support payments to his wife who belongs at the bottom of a riverbed below a very tall bridge, Dilo would be HOMELESS! The POS hasn't worked a day in her pathetic existence....... Now that's a fact jack!


The Lohan family members really do have nine lives.

Lindsay’s troubled father Michael Lohan has been in a court-ordered rehab facility since his two arrests in one week last year and now he’s speaking out about how many times he’s managed to cheat death.

“I don't know what God has in store for me, but it must be BIG. I should have been dead 5 times already,” Michael exclusively told

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After multiple trips to the hospital recently and entrance into a new treatment facility he thinks he’s finally on the road to recovery.

“It’s by far the best treatment facility I have ever worked with or have been to,” he said about A New Day treatment center in North Palm Beach, Fl. “A little while longer and the blood clot would have taken me out.”

Separated from his four children over the holidays Papa Lohan said that his treatment is finally improving their relationship, especially with his eldest daughter.

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“The whole thing has made me look at life differently and brought me and my entire family closer, including Lindsay,'' he told Tom Murro.

Michael was sentenced to 90 days in rehab and will be out in a few months.

1022 days ago

AGENT smith    

@Perezhilton Your an *******, I should sue you for slander, unfortunately for me we have me, you're a liar and I am NOT!!!!! yeah OK David, Paris's brother David JP Hilton...Twitter

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior

If you need a really good laugh today go here, if you're single it's even funnier!!!! Andy and John, you teo will love this. Izzy, sorry this applies to straight guys.

1022 days ago


NOTHING ! going on Maddie this story is as dead as the stalker/trespasser/roughe knocker claim.......It didn't go were Lohan Inc thought it would...cops won't arrest and she had to do a citizens arrest which obigates the cops to take the poor man in...and it just dies..
TMZ usually is all over these stories with hourly updates...and leaked arrest doc and arraignment doc and back history of the man etc etc etc and
here we got nothing.!....zilch!! were is the guy now ? either TMZ has failed to follow up or there ain't nothing to follow... your quess is as good as mine...
Oh well give it a couple of days and we'll have another bone to chew on cause TMZ depends on their Lindsay Pony to get hits cause lord knows they ain't got nothing else that will draw in the hits......!!!!
I really don't think their is many people out there interested on what over paid rounchy athelete getting a devorice from his current Lucy Gooscy because he was coning another Lucy Goosey...or see some skinny assed boney actress sucking in her gut and pretending to get wet on some tropical beach while the msjority of us are freezing our asses off outside.
TMZ it would be nice to have some real celebrity news every once in a while.....

1022 days ago


The killer of rode wet pond lizards is int he HOUSE with a new avi to help solidify his brand!

1022 days ago

AGENT smith    

My avatar is stalker boy David Cocordan of Glendora CA, too bad he lives so far away I dying to MEET him.....he posts on Twitter as David JP Hilton, because he believes he is Paris's brother.

1022 days ago

big bamboo    

OK I went under David C twitter...that is the same guy who was at coachelle music fest.

1022 days ago


Well, I told you all where Milo was, A New Day off Singer Island, it happens to be EXACTLY where I went. I know Mike the owner and Kristi his daughter. FACTOID for YOUR hemmroids!!!


It’s by far the best treatment facility I have ever worked with or have been to,” he said about A New Day treatment center in North Palm Beach, Fl. “A little while longer and the blood clot would have taken me out.”

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey Milo, tell Kristi and Mike that I said hello! That house is pretty sweet isn't it? Guys on one side women on the other. Beach 2 times per week, gym 3 times per week. Oh yeah, tell Karl he's a douchebag for me and Dave rocks!

1022 days ago


I see the boys are playing with themselves again...LOL LOL

So stalker David doesn't know Lonnie ...LOL ...looks like everyboby is covering their own asses now....LOL....
No honor amoung theifs....!!!

On to the next plan on the list Lohan Inc ...I know you got one.....

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I will sell info on a New Day to the highest bidder as long as I'm guaranteed my own reality show......

1022 days ago

kanye east    

thank u all 4 your wonderful support during this dificult hoarible time. without my fans i would have noone i luv u all. follow me on twitter

1022 days ago

AGENT smith    

David Cocordan's house on Rainbow Drive is owned by the Francois and Karen Corcordan trust fund and is valued at $123,000. Glendora is a town about 25 east of LA....

1022 days ago

AGENT smith    

David has a picture on his website from 1996 of him at home relaxing in a black bra......buzznet

1022 days ago
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