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Dumped by Manager

1/3/2012 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you're wondering why Octomom's Facebook, Twitter, and Ustream accounts have all been suddenly deleted ... it's because the mother of 14 has just been dropped by her management team -- TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Nadya Suleman tell us, it's all because Octo was the ultimate flake -- her management team would book her on paying gig after paying gig ... and Nadya "would find any reason" to cancel last minute ... often claiming she couldn't find a babysitter.

We're told Octomom was great the past year -- raking in lots of dough through appearances and different celebrity events -- but getting her to work the past couple months has been like pulling teeth.

By the end, we're told it was nearly impossible even to reach Octo by phone -- and her managers had just about enough ... so they dropped her this weekend.

We reached out to Octomom's now-former manager Gina Rodriguez -- who replied, "I quit on her because she is unmanageable. She would not reply to anything work-related we would call or text about especially if it was not paid."

Gina added, "Regardless of the $70k we made her, she still claimed to not be able to pay any of her bills. We no longer wanted a part of any of it and we feel sorry for the children."

Attempts to reach Nadya were unsuccessful.


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Everyone knows how enoying Octo's voice is but did anyone
ever notice that she tends to say something about one subject, diverts to another subject in another quieter voice then snaps back to the first subject like she had just woke up. I have seen her do this a few times and have come to the conclusion that Nadya has split personalities. That is why she needed so many children. One for every personality she has. LOL

995 days ago


Well, we haven't yet heard from TeamNadya today. I wonder how she will spin this one. Wait, I know (waving hand wildly) the paying jobs that were turned down involved some kind of porn. ;-)

On the plus side, UStream is also host to the Decorah Eagles, who are back at the nest getting ready to mate again. Well worth watching.

995 days ago


"Sure, her kids are about a month away from going hungry and resorting to eating the LV purses she spent all her money on, but on the bright side, we’re only a few months out from never hearing about this woman again."

Kind of really sums it up doesn't it? I with I could take credit but posted somewhere else.

995 days ago


TeamNayda is silent because...
more than likely it was her agent. No more agent to promote more TeamNayda!

I can see why the agent quit her. The agent only is paid a % if and when she works. To go out and find someone who would use Octo would be hard. All that time wasted and not paid for...then Octo doesn't show up? Would you quit her? I would.

995 days ago


So Gina, do the right thing now & contact someone who can help the children! You have seen & heard it all & I'll bet you know she is an unfit mother. Just keep in mind, if you do nothing, how will you feel if she goes off the deep end & harms one of them?

995 days ago


"So Gina, do the right thing now & contact someone who can help the children! You have seen & heard it all & I'll bet you know she is an unfit mother. Just keep in mind, if you do nothing, how will you feel if she goes off the deep end & harms one of them?"

I think this Gina wasn't a bad person, just tried to help someone who has torched everyone that helped her for their troubles.

The deal is, I agree with you Vick, everyone with any knowlege needs to come forward. Whatever little bit it is will help the people that need to get a better picture.

Some of those little kids couldn't even say their name. One little blond boy instead of saying Merry Christmas was trying to say.."I Kyle"?

It was so sad, some of those 3 year olds can't say their names. They need help...and help is to take them out of that and get them where someone them and not make a carnival out of them.

Money is NOT what will fix them. Love is. Please someone get the right people to look at these kids and take them away before they have no chance at all.

995 days ago


Well in Nadya defense! :)

Joanne Killeen, -- the first publicist--quit due to life threatening phone calls, emails and messages coming from haters like you all.

victor Munoz, -- the second publicist--quit due to jealousy that everybody involved with Nadya was completely over his head and refused to acknowledge any part of him. He said himself, no one listened to him. (probably because he had nothing of important to say). That and Nadya was about to kick him out the picture because he didn't know what he was doing anyway.

Angels in Waiting -- Nadya never asked for their help in the first place, they bullied their way into Nadya life and home by threatening her on talk shows. Nadya had them kicked out of her home because A. they tried to take over Nadya home, they were putting her personal business out there and tried to set her up going behind her back to CPS and B. They tried to steal her kids, they were unprofessional, unorganized and incompetent not to mention they had no money to fund their own program of helping Nadya children, add that to they are a bunch of theives, liars and scammers. After all they took Dr. Phil donated money and ran and never spent a penny on Nadya kids.

Dr Phil -- Nadya did Dr. Phil show making it the highest rating he ever had in 2009. In return he helped Nadya house pass inspection so that she could bring home the octuplets from the hospital. Their business were completed.

Eyeworks -- totally blaming this one on Gloria Allred and company. They dragged Nadya in and out of court trying to not only take charge over Nadya kids income but to take custody away from her. They put a flag on not only eyeworks but RadarOnline as well with the child labor laws and bitching about the kids being shown at different hours etc... the lists goes on, breathing that Nadya back for doing the exact same thing the Gosselin, Duggars and everybody else in reality TV were doing. Never mind the fact that Nadya show was more based on do****entary then reality.

Oprah -- Oprah didn't quit nor did Nadya fired her. They never worked for each other. Neither had anything to gain by Nadya being on the show really. Nadya said her piece, Oprah got to exploit Nadya like everybody else. End of story!

Suze Orman -- My honest opinion, Suze Orman is a total embarassment to herself to the world in general. She's a despicable, Narcissistic, pathetic, low life lying disgusting fat miserable bitch whose only purpose of being on the Oprah show was to exploit Nadya, gain a bigger name for herself, to humilate and discredit Nadya more. Suze a liar who tried to take credit for something she didn't do and she belittle Nadya to try and get applaud from Oprah audience which I'm glad she didn't get. Death is to good for Suze Orman, God doesn't want her and the Devel wouldn't have her.

Tattoo -- backstabbling, lying, thieving, criminal bastard. GMAFB! I would have fired him too, if he used me and my family to profit off us just because his sorry ass was going broke. He manipulated Nadya and talked her into doing things she never would have consider doing. Playing on Nadya desperate needs and weak vulnerability for his own sick purposes and then used it against her. UGH!

Aracelli, her long time nanny
The rest of the nannies
-- Which she no longer could afford to keep.

Jeff Czech -- Here he's still there for her.

(Va) Gina -- You born, you move on, you die-- that's LIFE!

994 days ago


Y'all people do not pay attention, that's the problem. Y'all just assume and jump to wrong conclusions, go on hear says and gossip and never give Nadya the benefit of the doubt.

Dr. Drew did another show segment with Nadya where he basically APOLOGIZED to her for hiring that particular nanny service. He didn't know at the time that the nanny who will help/live in with Nadya and kids would have to have her own seperate bedroom which would have been totally impossible under the cir****tances. Therefore, Nadya did not fired nor did she turn down the nanny service. see for yourself!

BTW I particularly loved what last Ustream show where Nadya eldest daughter quoted a Bible verse. "God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who should ever believe in him should not parish but have eternal life" She recited it so loud and proudly. I was simply amazed.

There's also another verse that you all could benefit from as well. Nadya never sin but... "Let he without sin cast the first stone" Are the people in the Holy Bible smarter then we are today? Even they walked away from the woman they condemn and was about to stone to death after calling her awful names.

In closing, I don't know what's going on between Gina and Nadya, but whatever it is. It's their problem to work out not ours. I must say that was pretty cruel and selfish of Gina to shut that the net on Nadya, regardless. However, I'm sure Nadya will overcome this blind obstacle as well. She's a strong, resourceful woman or haven't you all figure that out by now. :)

Good luck to you Nadya!

994 days ago


Since there is someone here with all the answers, please explain why all eight of the babies are developmentally disabled already. Three year olds should be completely verbal, and mentally active. Instead, the octuplets can't speak, except for a few words here and there when Mommy squeezes their faces. They are blank faced little zombies. What did she do to them to retard their growth so much? Locked them in their crib tents and shut the bedroom door.

994 days ago


I saw each and every one of Nadya kids from the youngest to the eldest. And they all look and sound like average everyday normal kids. There's nothing mentally or physically wrong with Nadya octuplets. It's your hatred for Nadya that think there is...

994 days ago



It is a proven fact that premature infants often lag behind full term babies in their development. They do catch up eventually - - how long that takes, I cannot say. I hear Einstein didn't even tal*****il he was four.

That being said however, we are talking about 8 infants who by virtue of their very number, and lack of what most of us would consider a "normal" family life, surely have not received the depth and breadth of the individual emotional nurturing required.

994 days ago


Octomom has expressed in interview [Huffpost Celebrity], that she "hopes that DDManagement reconsiders its decision to drop me as a client." Hrrmph ! Did she not report that 'she fired her manager' ?
Apparently, Suleman is too selfish, according to DD Management...and could no longer be tolerated. She does not reply to a call to work, especially if it involves a Charity..And, according to an 'insider'...Suleman will not donate her children's used toys to a Hospital, unless she is paid. The operative word, Suleman, is 'donate', but perhaps this word is too simple for Suleman to grasp,considering her pseudo-intellectual vocabulary...
She has apologised to DD Management....It is her hope that Gina will accept it, "because I am grateful for all that Gina has done for me[Suleman], and my children...and she [Suleman] would like this to continue."
Suleman refused to give DD Management the sizes of her children, preventing the gifts of clothing for Christmas. Suleman expressed that her preference is to receive money.
Well Madame, who really gives a flying rats ass about your preference. Beggars cannot be choosers.

994 days ago


Is it any surprise that Team Nadya can come up with as many excuses as Octomom.
Have you ever done anything to help those kids and their mother or is commenting your only contribution to this topic?

993 days ago



That money was HER money for the pain and suffering she went through to have this mass brood. At least in her mind it was. All things donated to the children were for the children and all money donated for the children was for Octo. This was the plan from the beginning. Get mass quantities of meal tickets and make people feel sorry for you since you are a single mom. BLAH you reap what you sow don't you know you ho.

993 days ago



Fugya Doucheman wants the world to believe that SHE fired the only person whom managed to get her paying gigs, regardless of how low rent the jobs were, publicly calling Gina a liar.
And now, through an epiphany, Fugsy McFugsterson now realises just how dire her financial situation without the guidance of Gina. Clearly whatever opportunities that Fugs THOUGHT she had outside of DD management has dried up.
Don't EVER bite the hand that feeds you. Especially if that hand is attached to someone whom has connections to make or break you.

993 days ago
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