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David O. Russell's Niece

The Fight Ain't Over Yet!!!

1/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David O. Russell
's transgender niece isn't giving up after cops refused to file charges against the director -- family sources tell TMZ, she plans to do whatever she can to reopen the case.

TMZ broke the story ... the Broward County Sheriff's Office has closed the case against Russell -- after his niece claimed the director groped her breasts -- "because it's an allegation of simple battery that was not witnessed by law enforcement."

Her only option now is to take her case to the State's Attorney on her own -- and we're told she's strongly considering making the move. If successful, Russell could still face criminal charges.

As we previously reported, Russell's 19-year-old niece told police the "Fighter" director inappropriately grabbed her breasts during a workout session at a Florida hotel.

A family source tells us ... Russell's niece really looked up to him ... and she believes he lured her into a false sense of security before taking advantage of her.

But Russell has proclaimed his innocence from the beginning. According to the police report, Russell admits touching her breast -- out of curiosity and with her consent -- during a discussion about the hormone treatments she was undergoing.

A spokesperson for Russell tells us, "David O. Russell emphatically denies any wrongdoing and has cooperated fully with the authorities."


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It's not a niece it's a nephew.

Harvey, quite pushing your gay agenda. Quit trying to make us okay with this kind of disgusting freakishness, and quit referring to people by the wrong sex.

This story is about a freak who is trying to get attention by making his uncle look bad. Enough with the "she" bull****, this dude is nothing but a wimpy coward who is a failure as a man.

985 days ago


Is that a picture of David Arquette?

985 days ago


When the "girl" you're feeling up has a boner, it's not sexual assault.

985 days ago


This will go nowhere because the niece admitted she didn't object when he touched her chest.

985 days ago


I've no doubt that the nephew started the conversation to invite him to the touch his breasts so he could get cash. Russell, as this person isn't related by blood, cut this crazy psycho from your life because if you get out of this without paying out cash, there will be another attempt to extort money from you soon enough. Learn, Russell! Learn!!

985 days ago


David O'Russels NEPHEW is probably stroking HIS c*ck right now thinking about how HE tricked HIS uncle into feeling HIM up.

Sneaky little f*ggot.

985 days ago


Sounds like his freak of a nephew will do absolutely ANYTHING for attention, including pretending he is a girl, and trying to frame his uncle. How disgusting.

984 days ago


"A simple battery that was not witnessed by law enforcement" ? Are you ****n kidding me? I guess the phrase, "Never a cop around when you need them" stands true... the whole point is, is that he grabbed her, a relative no less!!! She probably didn't know what to ****n think...believe me, it's happened to me, and you don't know what to do. Especially when you trust them... but because he's got money and the police in his right pocket, he gets away with it? That's some system you've got there in the states...THANK GOD I don't live there!!!!!!

984 days ago


So, a man touched another man's chest. And the man being touched didn't say "NO, don't do that". Why is this a story?

984 days ago


@Sean this is just a story so that harvey can call a man a "niece" in a headline and refer to her as "she" throughout in order to try and get the rest of the world to not think freaks are freaks.

984 days ago


Homosexuality and gender delusion are mental illnesses. Sorry if you don't like the truth. They are all confused, mixed up, even when they think they are not. Most mentally ill people will tell you they are just fine, the rest of the world is nuts, not them. Treat the mental illness first.

984 days ago


Exception: those babies who are born with unclear sexual organs or parts of both. That is a terrible accident of nature, like any other birth defect, which doctors have always taken steps to correct as soon as possible, so the child can live a normal life.

984 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

um, soo that means, i guess, that we all need to employ the monitoring of our lives by the sheriffs department, otherwise no evidence can be applied because a employee of the sheriffs dept didn't witness the incident? funny... i love how 'the law' designates 'stroking or grazing' a woman's breasts or ass is a simple and uncomplicated matter that does not have to be dealt with 'officially'. because i mean, she didn't like get any scars or anything, right???! stop whining, bitch -in other word.

984 days ago


The biggest reason this girl is so troubled by what happened is it took her by surprise. Most girls have a few years of leering before they get touched inappropriately and so it doesn't come out of the blue like this.
We've all been touched or grabbed but we learn to deal with it and make sure it doesn't happen again. We don't sue.
If women all sued every time some idiot guy said or did something inappropriate we'd need a separate court system to deal with it.
Girl, get over it. Keep away from creepy uncle and don't offer up your breasts for men to touch. If you sense men are going to make an offer you'll want to refuse, back off and let them know you're not interested. Back off, give a warning and THEN if they continue scream sexual harrassment. This guy may be a creep but you pretty much led him on. He didn't rape you, he just touched your breasts.

983 days ago


He touched his nephews chest. If that is a criminal charge, then any guy who has ever felt a guy's biceps (with the other guy not saying no) should be imprisoned. Since he already admitted he didnt say no and it's two guys anyway, it's pathetic and sad to think he can get his uncle arrested and scan some money out of this.

982 days ago
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