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Throwing the Octuplets

a Rockin' Birthday Party!

1/7/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom kids
It's been three years since Nadya Suleman popped out eight babies and transformed into Octomom -- and now, she's marking the occasion by throwing her little bundles of joy a rockstar-themed birthday bash.

The octuplets were born on January 26th, 2009 -- and we're told the party's scheduled for some time at the end of the month ... with guitar pinatas, glitter tattoos, and novelty VIP passes for everyone.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, the kids will all be receiving free sneakers from a kiddie shoe company called Gotta Flurt -- which will be hand-delivered by 16-year-old singer Savannah Phillips, who will also perform.

According to our sources, the kids will also compete in some kind of karaoke contest -- which, at that age, will probably just be a bunch of kids doing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song.


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Poor babies. If it were not for mommy wanting attention, they would have been dissed. I remember the pics. TMZ showed of their house. How scary. Stupid attention whore. Wish someone would take them away from her, she is clearly a sick person using her kids to get the crap she wants. Sicko!

1018 days ago


I wish my family received help when we were struggling when my dad was gone for 10years for the air force.

1018 days ago


" According to our sources, the kids will also compete in some kind of karaoke contest -- which, at that age, will probably just be a bunch of kids doing the SpongeBob SquarePantstheme song."

I highly doubt the tups know any song much less a theme song to a silly toon programme. I highly doubt they know what music is. I can't fathom their "caregiver" ever exposing them to anything other than her perpetual screechings.
What a sad little closed off world those tups are forced to live in.
Rather then love the children unconditionally as most parents are apt to do, the "caregiver" is conditioning them to equate food for attention (or "love") and having cameras around symbolises a temporary respite from their walled in prison. Bloody sad existence.

1018 days ago


Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, the kids will all be receiving free sneakers from a kiddie shoe company called Gotta Flurt

Really, Gotta Flurt shoes are for girls she has 10 boys and 4 girls so the boys wear girls shoes or they go without.

1018 days ago


So, was that falling out betwixt the two fug whores (Gina and Fraudya) just a publicity stunt to garner attention? Those two deserve each other. Two peas. One pod.
I still believe 2012 will be the year of her downfall and the haphazard construction of her grifting walls come crumbling down. Schadenfreude much? Bloody hell yes! I am anticipating and will relish in glee. ::throws shade and chortles::

1018 days ago


Brill catch! As if Fugs can differentiate girls from boys items. It's all free. To hell with what the kids want. In her mind, her kids BETTER be grateful for the handouts they receive. After all, she works so hard ::chokes:: to provide bananas, tinned carrots and frozen, processed meals for them to nourish their "healthy" bodies with.
What happened to her latest whinging of being destitute? She bitched about having to give one gift per child this past Christmas and yet here she is throwing a far too lavish birthday party for the 8 little money makers. Why not make it a low key, non-media event? Oh, I forgot it's all about this scrub. Someone else is funding this circus event. After all, Fugs needs to save her doshes for the next lip filler and botox injections. SMMFH... I can't with this bitch. Her priorities are all kinds of fcuked up.

1018 days ago


Then why is she always on television saying she has no money? And Dr. Drew show is helping her out financially...might want to reconsider.

1018 days ago


Those are some of the most unhappy children I've ever seen. Never a smile among them.

1018 days ago


Maybe she wants the boys to become girls since 90 some % of men are perpetrating pedophiles. This whole new God, grateful, and other BS she is trying to sell must be for the sake of Savannah Phillips who is very Christian according to her twitter page.

1018 days ago


Can't pay her bills or take care of the children properly, but by God she can throw an expensive party. Makes me sick.

1018 days ago


So, she can't pay her mortgage, is refusing work according to her former manager, but is throwing an expensive birthday party for the rugrats. What a maroon!

1018 days ago

Jay W.     

She should have taken the offers to do porn. Without donations or charity, it is probably one of the only ways she could generate some income.

1018 days ago


I think it's nice that she's throwing the tups a birthday party. Of course, that means no manicures or botox next month. What a sacrifice!

1018 days ago

Joan K    

Looks like a bunch of very unhappy kids and she looks like she is having fun sucking on her malt. She looks like she has aged about 20 years and the botox just isn't helping her.

1018 days ago


This should be a happy time for the Suleman, and you clowns are bitter and upset. Why? Dag can't even say anything positive... not one of you at least wish or hope the kids have a wonderful time at their birthday party. First you complain Nadya doesn't spend time with any of her kids, she doesn't have time for them or do anything for them, that it's all about her. Which is a bad face LIE! But now here she is throwing her little ones a wonderful fun filled special day on their third birthday and you old farts are on here bitching can't even be happy at least for the kids sake. Y'all need to grow up!

I personally hope the kids have a very good time on their birthday. I hope they get lots of presents, balloons, cake and icecream until their hearts content. Should be a fun bash for them all, including for Nadya!

1018 days ago
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