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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Increased Security Allegedly

Kept Man from His Newborns

1/8/2012 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Brooklyn man claims increased security at Lenox Hill hospital -- because of the presence of Beyonce and Jay-Z -- kept him from seeing his prematurely born twins ... this according to a report. 

Neil Coulon tells the NY Daily News he has been repeatedly kept out of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) by the couple's security. He also claims his relatives were booted out of the waiting room by bodyguards wearing headsets. 

He tells the paper, "Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday -- just because they wanted to use the hallway."

A rep for the hospital told the NYDN she hadn't personally heard of any complaints. We reached out for comment as well ... haven't heard back.


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fake ass beyaki & joe camel are taking this **** too dam far. To deprive parents of seeing their children because you want to hide the fact that you had a surrogate is disgusting!

996 days ago


Awful if true. We're all born equal, right?

996 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Wow so evil and selfish on Beyonce and Jay-z's part. Don't they know that the hospital is for everyone? Feel bad for the Neil, sorry some people think they rule the world Neil.

996 days ago


I hope they are proud of their greed and wealth. So a man wasn't allowed to see his newborns because of these two losers. Like someone said, MONEY DON'T BUY CLASS

996 days ago

U suk    

Shame on Beyonce and JayZ for interfereing with a man and his family during their REAL birth. I also blame the hospital for letting Beyonce and her pony show run in their hospital. It wouldn't be so bad if B and Z just fessed up to using a surrogate and let things happen naturally. They made a circus out of the whole thing and now REAL people with REAL problems have to take a back seat to their fake pregnancy. What a bunch of A-holes

996 days ago


Hell with them!! If I had newborns in that hospital, I would call all newspaper about this travesty. There fathers are not rich like Jay-Loser and his skank wife. Boycott them!!

996 days ago


Shame on the hospital for acting like these two are better than anyone else at the hospital. There should be laws against the rich controlling something like access to any area or family in a place like the hospital. Disgusting.

996 days ago


Ya think this kid is under any pressure to be a superstar ? NAH>>>>>>>>>>i'm glad to be a nobody, for realsies.

996 days ago


I didn't like Manudo & I don't like these two!

996 days ago


@SFG- In reply to your comment on the previous thread just in case you missed it...

I said "Yea, and Jessica Simpson is pretty much known to be a complete and utter moron. Your point is?" What I said is fact, ASK ANY PREGNANT WOMAN. Besides, Jessica Simpson is an idiot, everyone knows that. You're just mad from the first comment I made to you, and you also got 10 thumbs down from your original comment. LMAO at you. GET OVER IT AND REPLY TO SOMEONE ELSE, THERE'S A THOUSAND OTHERS THAT THINKS IT'S A FAKE PREGNANCY YOU IDIOT.

996 days ago


why the hell are they putting people through this bull! and I would be damned if I would have left anywhere in the hospital just because "their people" asked me to! this crap also only adds to the surrogate rumors (which are seeming pretty darn real about now) yet I'll bet in six weeks or so she'll be thanking all the people who are amazed at how fast she got her "pre-baby body back"..... these people have more money than they have common sense... one more reason to hate this so called super couple!

996 days ago


apparently she booked out the entire maternity floor...? as a mother (my youngest is 8 weeks old), if i was pregnant and had to deliver at that hospital i would be blue vex (lol couldn't help myself)....
but if that's true, as a new mother she should be ashamed, she now knows what she's depriving other new mothers of...

996 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Beyonce pregnant? Umm she didn't look prego and being that she's a big bone girl she didn't even show. I strongly believe that she faked her pregnancy and a surrogate carried their child..

996 days ago


A rep for the hospital told the NYDN she hadn't personally heard of any complaints. We reached out for comment as well ... haven't heard back.

That's a very "GOOD" question!!! There's always an administrator on call who can be con

996 days ago


If this is true then Beyonce and Jay-Z are disgusting human beings. The man should sue the hospital.

996 days ago
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