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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Increased Security Allegedly

Kept Man from His Newborns

1/8/2012 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Brooklyn man claims increased security at Lenox Hill hospital -- because of the presence of Beyonce and Jay-Z -- kept him from seeing his prematurely born twins ... this according to a report. 

Neil Coulon tells the NY Daily News he has been repeatedly kept out of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) by the couple's security. He also claims his relatives were booted out of the waiting room by bodyguards wearing headsets. 

He tells the paper, "Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday -- just because they wanted to use the hallway."

A rep for the hospital told the NYDN she hadn't personally heard of any complaints. We reached out for comment as well ... haven't heard back.


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u can take the hick out of the country but u can't take the country out of the hick!!! these 2 suck~

1018 days ago


Its not "alleged" I have friends who went through the same thing at that hospital because of those two. So she had a baby!!! Who gives a **** about Beyonce, Jay-Z or their baby? I dont thats for sure! Besides Beyonce like to perform at the bday parties of dictators that are against the US she should be punched in the throat for t hat too!

1018 days ago


I never liked this couple and I def. don't now. little miss blue is not made of diamonds and is def. jesus....this was not called even more pissed at the hospital for letting someone do such a thing! this is a hospital for goodness sake not a concert

1018 days ago


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I agree with the other posters. They were just trying to hide the fact that they used a surrogate. If not then all they would have needed to do was have guards outside of Beyonce's room and there would be no need to take over an entire NICU. This reeks! And you better believe the Hospital was in on it otherwise those guards would not been able to get away with barring fathers and visitors from seeing newborns! The Hospital spokeperson is lying through her teeth! That Hospital must have been paid off in a big way to allow such a thing.

1018 days ago


This is disgusting. They feel superior to anyone. That poor man having to deal with security to get to his children. They should be ashamed and the hospital and Beyonce need to apologize.

1018 days ago


This is ridiculous! They really feel that important? They should be ashamed of themselves! What makes them better then any other couple trying to have a baby in the hospital. I can't believe we put celebs in such high reguard that they can shut down a hospital. If you wanted a private birth why not have the baby at home with a medical staff at your house. I am done buying anything to do with these 2. I would be irrate if they kept me from my child in neonatal. Its a scary thing to go through in the first place (had 3 kids in neonatal) let alone being kepted away. What if something had happened and they didnt get their last moments with a child.

1018 days ago


Stupid. Totally stupid and arrogant on beyonce's part. The most over rated singer in the world! It's time to stop buying her records and going to her concerts! I never do, anyway. I hope parents sue not only the hospital, but beyonce as well, for all the inconvenience and emotional distress.

1018 days ago


If I had a child in NICU the least thing in my list would be to see a pathetic celebrity face! If I were in that situation, and someone would block me from seen my child, all hell would break loose.

1018 days ago


I don't care how much they paid, they have no right to impose on parents visiting their newborns in NICU. Disgusting. Please have your offspring at home, you would have had much more privacy and wouldn't have pissed half the country off.

1018 days ago


I think just because your rich or famous doesnt give you the right to disrupt a hospital the way they did. if they wanted privacy they should have built a hospital in their house and had the doctors come to them. I think what they did was disgusting.

1018 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm sure it was more painful for the man, than having to give birth twins, or even a single. get over your pathetic self already. go whine to your boys in the bar already.

1017 days ago


I think the parents of the twins are stupid! REALLY? you let someone who did not work for the hospital keep you from you sick child? I would not have cared if OBAMA was there..NOONE would have been able to keep me from my children..BS!@#

1017 days ago


Couldnt have been me cuz the hospital would have seen that the 1.3million or wahtever the hell is was wasnt enough after all the hell I would of raised and as far a a bodygaurd stopping me frm seeing my sick baby BABY str8 kicking ass and takin names later...fa WHOEVA..BODYGAURDS FAMILY MEMBERS DOCTORS NURSES THE SURROGATE AND BITCHONCE AND JACKASS-Z COULDA GOT IT TOO!! selfish muther******* ugh

1017 days ago


If privacy was what they wanted, have Blue Ivy at the house. Hell if Michael Jackson could afford a doctor to kill him at home. I m sure Bey & jay could afford a doctor bring life in the world at home. One the other hand, if you goin rent a whole wing, empty it!

1016 days ago


I like Beyonce and all BUT, No One would Keep me from My BABY!!! I would Have Drug Those Bastards to the Ground and Gave them a COUNTRY ASS WHOOPING !!!!! You DO NOT Come Between Kids and Their Parents!!!!!!!!!!!

1016 days ago
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