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Beyonce -- Big Security Meeting

Before Blue Ivy's Birth

1/8/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's delivery of baby Blue Ivy was not some haphazardly thrown together ordeal -- it was an elaborate plan involving hospital honchos and a big security force ... TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, the hospital held a meeting leading up to the delivery to discuss a security plan for the birth. We're told the meeting between execs and security was held Friday afternoon and strict security was in place almost immediately, preparing for Beyonce's late night delivery. 

The goal, keeping Beyonce's delivery under wraps, succeeded admirably -- no pictures of Bey or hubby Jay-Z entering or exiting the hospital have emerged ... and she hasn't been seen at all since Thursday.


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As you can see by the lack of comments on here, no one gives a damn that she had a baby.

983 days ago


Its funny how Jay Z and Beyonce are people who seem to like their privacy, yet Beyonce announces to the world thats she preggo's early on in her pregnancy. The whole think is just BS, I dont think she was ever pregnant.

983 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

It does all seem really suspicious like 5 min ago she announced it and was caught wearing a slippery pillow lol

983 days ago


She was never pregnant. Her face and breasts never made the usual changes a pregnant woman has - it is all a farce. Do they really think everyone is that stupid? Someone got paid a LOT to carry a baby for them - why not just be honest? Plastic people.

983 days ago

Miss Greta    

I hope that hospital applies the same security measures to ALL expectant mothers. Just because they're beyonce and jz doesn't mean their baby is any better or more precious than a baby born to non-famous/rich parents.

983 days ago


now we all know shes rotten inside and cant have crack babies

983 days ago


and funny how even in 30 years that girl will be known as THE ADOPTED lmfao !!!!!

983 days ago


Haaa haaa, she wasn't prego, haaa!! You'd think having that kid was like the birth of BABY JESUS~NOT, NOT, NOT!! That kid better PRAY, PRAY, PRAY she doesn't look like ole "j~wee"!! MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX is waaaaaaay too HANDSOME, CUTE, FUN & & & & HANDSOME!! Get RID of that jew boy, richard, what a JACKAL, he thinks he's funny, he is NOT, NOT, NOT!!!!!! Irish gent is adorable!! Stand up ole harvey, oh you are stand up~~~shorty, little, tiny itty bitty, harvey!!!!!!!!

983 days ago


This will become annoying real fast.

983 days ago


What the hell is the big deal? Celebs give birth all the time yet security had to be super tight because Beyonce was having a baby. I beginning to believe security was tight because the baby was delivered by a surrogate and the family don't want anyone to know. I can't believe she/them/whoever named that little girl Blue Ivy. SMH.

983 days ago


If B's pregnancy were legit, there's NO WAY they would have had to go to this extreme to hide themselves. How many other celebrity couples have babies and you NEVER hear crazy stories like this. Hell, look at Mariah. If anyone were diva enough to do this sort of thing, it would've been her, but no - only B and J because they're HIDING THE TRUTH.

983 days ago


Haha, I' just shocked the child wasn't named "Queeny" or some other name that instills some sort of superiority over others. Isn't that what so many rappers, and such, feel the need to do these days? I mean how many times do you hear/see a mom or dad refer to their kid, or significant other in some term of royalty like "My Prince/King or My Queen"?? That never ceases to amaze me.

983 days ago


She Beyonce) didnt have a baby, the surrogate mother did though. I know because i am in "the business". Jan 24th the truth will be revealed. Remeber you heard it here first!


983 days ago


I think this whole act of super security has more to do with their own feelings of superiority over others, more than the surrogate thing. You have these rappers that came from nothing, now reading that they made more money than any other celebs, and it's only a matter of time before they believe they deserve that kind of money because, well... they are better than other people.... Or at least it allows them to feel that way since that means more to them than anything else in the world. Money and power. "Run this town" anyone??

983 days ago


I read somewhere else that some doctors were very upset because of the excessive security. Apparently, they took over an entire floor for this supposed celebrity birth and doctors were unable to check on their patients. Again, this is what I read elsewhere. If true, it really sucks.

983 days ago
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