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Lindsay Lohan

The Girl with a New Wrist Tattoo

1/8/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wrist tattoo, live without regrets
Lindsay Lohan is a fan of tattooing words on her body -- because just a few months after she got a Billy Joel song lyric tattooed on her rib cage ... she got a much smaller saying on her left wrist.

According to our sources, LiLo hit up a tattoo parlor on Friday night to get the work done. The impetus for the new ink, we're told, was Lindsay's feeling that she's at a great point in her life ... and she wanted to do something she'd always remember. 

Our sources say Lindsay is excited for March 29 to come, because that's the day she will be done with her court-ordered community service.

Perhaps from then on, she won't do anything anyone would regret.



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Hey Julia, it went great with the exception of a little drama from my ex husband. but all is great!
As for the script I was just curious because i've seen people do this before in the tattoo parlor I used to work at. I've even seen one particular man tattoo his son's first words on his wrist. People get tattoos for different reasons. I am not saying that her choice of words was a good one, just thought it was possible as to why it looks so funky.
As for the people saying tattoos are trashy, tattoos are sooo two years ago, I will remind you of this. Tattoos have been around for as long as humans have been able to read and write. It's a testament of one's culture. Go and read up on the history of tattoos and you can see it for yourself. It's people getting ridiculous tattoos that give them a bad name. I personally have 7 tattoos all with their own meanings. Some people write stories, or takes pictures to remember particular events in their lives. Others tattoo their skin. It's nothing new, nor will it ever disappear. it's not any different than changing your hair color, getting colored contacts or piercing your ears.

986 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

In college, I had a friend who had her name tattooed on her breast. I asked her why and she said, it was in case she ever got so drunk she couldnt remember her name, people could just read it. I said, but your shirt would have to be off! She realized she hadn't thought that one through very well. Wonder were lindsay tatted her name on herself for just such an occasion?

986 days ago


gc, I've heard nothing about the new business manager. Did Dina find or appoint that person? Who knows? Maybe, she's involved in Lindsay's career. As much as I've said she's not Lindsay's manager, which she officially is not, her meddling with Fiore in Gotti and now with Hefner shows she'll even involve herself with not only newbies, but with the established players too. Slag much??

986 days ago


In some cultures, you weren't considered a warrior or a man until you received your first tattoo. A woman wasn't considered marriage material until her face was completely covered in tribal tattoos that were done by the matriarch of her village. It's all a matter of culture.

986 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Seriously, Lindsay looks very spankable in that picture and I'm very attracted to her lips and of course her new teeth. I realize that it's fun to H8 on celebrities when you think so poorly of yourself, so carry on wackos.

986 days ago


jeebus shut tup about culure. u know as well as i do she has no culure in her bone. shes just trying to stay relevant. comon this pig needs to go. the tats show is on her left hand but the pics shows her right hand being tatted...

986 days ago


LOVE the new avatar Rogue! You must really, really like me!

986 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Well, since someone else slapped down ketjo, and since I feel bad picking on her because she's my moms age, I will consider her off limits until she really messes up again.

986 days ago


I dont think thats the new tatoo i think she is getting the star tat covered up which is on right hand. I for one im happy if she gets the star covered because she did it while she went out with ugly Sam Ronson.I wish Lindsay the best.

986 days ago

Bee Ha    

Such a nice girl with good boobs. But this is a ugly tattoo, ugly ugly

986 days ago

AGENT smith    

The Giants and Lindsay are WINNERS!!!!!!

986 days ago

AGENT smith    

Madison you keep talking about check marks, green and red, you must be dumber than I thought, do you really see green and red check marks on here. They arer thumbs up and thumbs down you moron. Get a job and lose fifty pounds and maybe you'll meet some homeless guy....

986 days ago

big bamboo    

New thread

986 days ago


Imagine the immense irony as she's having this tattoo removed in 10 years.

986 days ago


Rogie, you do know I'm a native Californian, right?

986 days ago
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