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Beyonce Baby Drama

Hospital DENIES Closing Maternity Floor

1/9/2012 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay-Z did NOT pay $1.3 million so the Destiny's Child singer could give birth to Blue Ivy in a sealed off private floor ... this according to the hospital.

A rep for Lenox Hill Hospital just released a statement, claiming, "The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true."

The rep adds, "The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations."

According to the rep, "The family does have its own security detail on site. However, the hospital has been and continues to be in control of managing all security at the facility. We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days."

TMZ broke the story ... moms at Lenox Hill are considering filing a lawsuit against the hospital, claiming they were treated like 2nd class citizens when Beyonce rolled in this weekend.


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LAIRS!!! I heard on the radio today of a mother that was kept from her premie baby that was in the NicU because of this stupid celebrity. would be freaking pissed! The mohter said camara's were turned off. Giving birth to your chikld is a special day. And Because Beyonce was haivng hers, everyone else's day had to suck, I bet you everyone else having babies that day got pushed around and not the proper attention and care! So sick of hearing about this stupid person anyways, but now we are gtonna have it all in our faces cuz she is a mommy now! Like she is some goddess or something guess what she isn't! Her music is annoying and so is her husbands!

979 days ago


Something was being covered, who or what, no-one knows except the Hospital.

978 days ago

Shondra Foster    

If they want to spend their money that way that's cool. Have at it I'm not hating. What I do have a problem with is the fact that other parents could not access the NICU because of this! So who do you blame in this instance? The hospital? It seems that they prepared a suite big enough and far away from others so that should not have been an issue. Jay-Z and Beyonce? It is my understanding that their personal security stopped the new parents from entering the floor to access the NICU. Once again the Hospital? Why would you build a "celebrity" suite on the same floor near the NICU knowing the security issues would clash. Also if they were so concerned about security why would you have the security cameras shut off not only endangering your family but the other families on that floor as well! I had my son last July here in Jacksonville Fl and the security was really tight . I'm sure if someone was there for a newborn child star gazing was the LAST thing on their mind! IJS

978 days ago


I don't know what happened at this hospital but if it is in fact true. Just let me say that I am a VERY big fan of Ms Knowles and Jay-Z, but if they wanted this kind of privacy for the birth of their child then they should have made preparations for the child to be born at home. They should have paid for the finest birthing team. Super star status does not mean your life or that of your child is anymore important than the lives of the other families that were there giving birth. Ms Knowles pain was no greater than mine or any other mothers just as her blessing was no greater. I am thinking that money was the driving factor behind the unfair treatment of the other families and if this is in fact the case, and the hospital went along with this, then heads should surely roll!! If it was in my hands to make it happen it would ASAP. Someone needs to be held accountable for this atrocity. A prayer to ALL the new /not so new moms, dads, and their little ones.

974 days ago


so is the gossip all true and is beyonce picture of her baby blue ivy carter in the hospital real

974 days ago


My niece works at Lenox hospital. She saied she was released from work 2 days BEFORE Beyonce went to the hospital with a comment that they have to make some temporary staff adjustements.......... how could they know Beyonce was gonna come that exact day? And I've seen Beyonce in different interviews saying different things about how she want to give birth, when, where aso. I mean, of COURSE this is fishy, EVERYTHING with celebrities are. And I think it's unfair for the baby not being able to decide it's own faith... All this is why I'd rather get rich then famous.

973 days ago


If its not her child then thats her business not yours

966 days ago
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