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LeAnn Rimes

Bikini Bottoms Out in Hawaii

1/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

skinny LeAnn Rimes in a bikiniEddie Cibrian enjoyed a bootyful weekend in Hawaii watching his wife LeAnn Rimes play bocce ball in an itty bitty thong bikini.

Doesn't matter what the score was because LeAnn always wins ... in the end.


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Big D    

What's with her lately, she lost a lot a weight and now she thinks she is hot. Sure she has a good body, but her face OMG! Yuck!!!! Good Body, Big Money, Butter Face. I'd hit it.

1026 days ago


What a hoe, geez does she dress that way in front of his kids too? She sure doesn't seem to mind showing it all in front of those guys.. ******* skinny ass lucking dude with a many face and nasty personality..

1026 days ago


Skanks old thang

1026 days ago


Who runs around playing bocce with a bunch of overfed, undesirable men or any other group of men for that matter not even trying to cover up just a smidgen. This is not the beach or the pool. She needs way too much attention!!!

1026 days ago


didn't she used to be a singer?

1026 days ago


OH my it looks as if someone let their little boy play in momma's bikini drawer again.

1026 days ago


That's it, LeAnn. Just keep on compensating. "Hey, I'm a dispicable person for breaking up a family but now I look good in a thong bikini! That makes me feel better! Everyone look at meeeee! I need validation for just a little while longer before I'm put on suicide watch!"

1026 days ago


something mentally wrong with this chick

1026 days ago


Please stop following her...maybe she'll stop wearing a bikini and cover up her body. She just doesn't look good in one, so please stop encouraging her to wear one.

1026 days ago


How pathelically sad this girl is! Basically naked in front o*****roup of men, clearly no self esteem or self respect. Cover up and get back to work at what you know what to do, sing ... that husband of yours is not worth it ... using you as an ATM.

1026 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Just not attractive ~ bony and pasty. She clearly has insecurity issues if she feels she has to walk about naked while everyone in her midst is clothed. Definite "look at my a$$ while I bend over" issues... too bad, she has talent, she does not need to make such a display.

1026 days ago


All is well until you turn around and see the face.

1026 days ago


Im blown away by the comments on here and have to admit I was onece a part of this.I am deeply ashamed.If my past was to be put up by a magnifying glass,LeeAnn would seem like an angel.Most if not all of the comment here are by probably mostly middleaged women like myself that could only wish we looked ha;f as good as LeeAnn in a bikini,had 1/2 her money as well as a hot husband.Why does she bother you all so much?Jealousy,plain n simple,thats right you are all flippin jealous and I dont blame you,Im jealous too.I wish I had money and wasd in hawaii.By the way,shes there for a concert,whatta life she has.There are a few rerssons why I wouldnt wanna trade places with her.#1 being my kids and 2 all you jealous people that take great joy in ripping her apart for something that happened a few yrs ago.Get over it.It's nobodys business,certainly not yours.Yes,poor Brandi, was put thru the ringer,she has plenty of suport including mine,but I just gotta ask are you women a buncha nuns?Is your own backyard so clean you can ceaselessly judge this woman.She has admitted she could have done things differently,obviously this man totally adores her,God bless them both.

1026 days ago


This chanteuse used to be known for her voice. Take a look at comments on here: either complaints about her personality and bikini or a few men who wish to boink her. Nothing about her singing or talent.

1026 days ago

Enough Already    

I'm all for "if you got, flaunt it", but there is the classy way of doing so and the trashy way of doing so. LeAnne's gesture just prove that she is so full of herself, just by the way she poses in her pictures and walking around in her suit. We get that you like your body and you think you're hot, but come on....cover up now again, would ya? You're not a teenie bopper anymore. Act your age.

1026 days ago
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