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'Storage Wars' Star


... or I'm Off the Show!!

1/9/2012 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Storage Wars" star Dave Hester -- the "YUUUP" guy -- tells TMZ he's ready and willing to walk away from the biggest A&E reality show ever ... if the network doesn't up their "unjust" contract offer.

Hester was out in L.A. this weekend ... sporting a hat with his signature catchphrase on it ... when he told our photog he hasn't locked up a deal to return to the show next season.

The reality star explained, "Right now I'm in negotiations with A&E and I would just hope they would get away from their unjust contract negotiations ... the ball is really in their court."

He adds, "I don't know what their plans are ... but I would like to be on the show. Maybe 'Storage Wars' without Dave Hester??"

And to make matters worse ... Hester says he wasn't even invited to A&E's Christmas party.

A rep for A&E had no comment.


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Fat Mike    

Yes, he's more annoying than a Kardashian scratching her nails down a blackboard, but maybe that contributes to the success of the show.
If it is their most succesful show ever, then I'd be holding out for more too. He should check up see what their other "stars" like the Simmons Family are being paid. He may not have their profile but is more succesful at reality TV.

982 days ago


enough already with this "reality,,jobs" show we need to watch everyone who runs a pawn shop or logging company or tattoo shop in the country or whatever ham it up for the camera all day everyday ? go the F&*K away & gimme Ren & Stimpy.

982 days ago


Good riddance - give this Greedy Bast-tard his walking papers! Stupid greedy moron. He should be glad to earn a buck!

982 days ago


He did nothing but irritate me. Bye Bye Dave Hester YUUPPPP!!!

982 days ago


Who cares? He's a body opening and the show is 100% fake anyway.

982 days ago


Thank God - he is THE BIGGEST d-bag....I agree with Grouchy Smurf - Barry's the only one that needs to stay on the show - you can't get entertainment better than him and his chicken car....the rest have ridiculous egos for nothing and it's getting tired......

982 days ago


Barry makes the show anyway. Dave is such a prick. I mean, first off... the whole YUUUUUUP thing is annoying as hell. it's like nails down the chalkboard. Then to go and patten it like he's the **** who can just "own" a word he didn't even make up... what an ass. I even liked Rico Suave when he made a 2 show appearance, more than Dave. that being said BARRY MUST STAY or that would be the end of the show.

982 days ago


i love brandi's huge chest. that's all.

982 days ago


Get RID of this guy!! I can't stand him. Don't bend, A&E!!

982 days ago


for those who say the show is fake... this is actually one of the few shows that really isn't. For example: those tow shows are all actors and the events are all scripted. This show... if you look at the main people... these are their jobs. They really do own shops in which they sell the items they get from the lockers. This was their career prior to the show. Except for Barry who use to work in produce. (Mistakenly believed to be a producer, he actually worked with food products.) However, he really is a collector, and a friend of his associated with the show told him to do the show cause he could find some interesting stuff, so he decided to do it. This isn't his career. Barry also mentioned in an interview, the other cast members are familiar with each other as competitors before the show was created, and have almost come to blows when the cameras were off. Barry is the only one who doesn't take it seriously since this isn't his career, just a retirement hobby.

982 days ago


It's a mildly entertaining show if there's nothing else on. I agree that this guy is annoying (actually they ALL are at times), but you need antagonists to keep the drama or you've got no conflict and the cast would be boring. Sometimes I leave my husband a voice message of "YUUUUUP" just to bug him.

982 days ago


To 41, you're the drooling idiot. They do put lockers up for action all the time. But do you really think people leave thousands of dollars worth of stuff in a locker they owe three hundred dollars on? The only way that happens is if the person dies or goes to jail and nobody knows about the locker. It does not happen as often as the show wants you to believe. On top of that, the people who rent out the lockers go through them before they put them up for auction. They have to make sure there is not any stolen goods, drugs, or anything else illegal in them. On top of that, the show has been caught "seeding" the lockers. And if it was like it is on the show there would be far more people buying that garbage. Now go wipe the drool off your face, idiot.

982 days ago


I can't stand him when he's counting out his dollars on that junk he paid way too much for. I don't know who's buying crap from him, but he is overpricing that junk by 400% if not more. I guarantee that junk sits in his store - or he auctions it off for a mere 15% of the purchase price - still not the "that's a $100 bill right there, couple hundred over there (without even looking at it)I just made my money back plus another $5k.....yea right.....idiot.

982 days ago


I love the show, but I could love it absolutely even more. Dave started out not too bad, but as seasons went on; his head swelled bigger and bigger. I don't like to talk bad about people, but Dave has just gotten out of hand. he's loud,obnoxious,irritating, and the biggest pompous a** of a horse on Television. A show can get good and even great rating and they don't have to have a person on there week after week sticking the thumb screws to every person on the
show. With the economy as bad as it is; who wants to turn on the TV and see someone flashing fist full of money in our faces and bragging about how much they have and how stupid everyone else are. Sorry A&E but if Mr. Hester stays my family of 83 members have agreed not to watch Storage Wars any longer.

982 days ago


Who cares...Dave is the most obnoxious annoying person EVER on TV. I hope he leaves the show, it will make it 100 times better!! TEAM BERRY

982 days ago
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