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'Storage Wars' Star


... or I'm Off the Show!!

1/9/2012 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Storage Wars" star Dave Hester -- the "YUUUP" guy -- tells TMZ he's ready and willing to walk away from the biggest A&E reality show ever ... if the network doesn't up their "unjust" contract offer.

Hester was out in L.A. this weekend ... sporting a hat with his signature catchphrase on it ... when he told our photog he hasn't locked up a deal to return to the show next season.

The reality star explained, "Right now I'm in negotiations with A&E and I would just hope they would get away from their unjust contract negotiations ... the ball is really in their court."

He adds, "I don't know what their plans are ... but I would like to be on the show. Maybe 'Storage Wars' without Dave Hester??"

And to make matters worse ... Hester says he wasn't even invited to A&E's Christmas party.

A rep for A&E had no comment.


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Is Dave greedy? Yuuuup!

1017 days ago

J B    

Good buy--- Mr. Hester --- GOOD RIDDANCE! This show is terrific and will be much, much, much better withOUT you! I've been threatening to qui*****ching, but love the rest of the cast so much, it's hard to pull away. Regardless if the show is staged or not, it's entertaining and the rest of the cast members are great. Please, please, please --- take Hester off this show. Hester...have a nice life!

1017 days ago


Barry is the real star of the show. He has the best one liners EVER (the one about dipping his cigar in brandy, etc.). Additionally, he brings in the funniest people on the show (his mom, the psychics, the midget fellow on crutches and night vision binoclaur, etc.). This show can't lose him for sure.

1017 days ago


Fire the bum and fill his spot with another junk store redneck. Yet another fake reality show for millennial morons. They bid on down and outer's abandoned trash bins as if they're filled with gold and not garbage. Most of the storage locations are in SoCal's Orange County which is a synonym for low rent white trash taste. So this show is a nickle 'n dime cartoon for mindless couch potato robots.

1017 days ago


A&E, please let this stuck-up piece of dung walk. I can't stand the guy and fast forward through any scenes he's in. Brandi is the one you want to be sure to keep. She's hot. And the collector guy too. He's funny. Everyone else can be replaced.


1017 days ago


What a greedy POS! He should be kissing A&E's a$$ he's getting paid at all. The guy makes a living at buying crap! He has no marketable skills whatsoever. These reality pukes amaze me at how entitled they get after their 15 minutes of fame.

1017 days ago


Like this guy is a star? In what generation suck TV universe? You can fill this show with skid row junk store bidders and brain dead reality show fan sheep will still keep watching.

1017 days ago


I'm sure A&E is cleaning up the big bucks with this crappy junk auction show. What talent does it take to buy and sell trash for a living? I say pay them all minimum wage or welfare. LOL!

1017 days ago


YUUUP!, get his ass off the show! cant stand that jackoff, it would be a much more enjoyable show without him!

1017 days ago


Pigs get fed- Hogs get slaughtered.

1017 days ago


Punt him, he's the worse one on there. Barry is the coolest. Keep him, get rid of the grinch.

1017 days ago


I vote let Dave go, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

1017 days ago


He OBVIOUSLY didn't think the contract was "unjust" when he first signed it... or bought a crapload of stupid Yuuup hats.

1017 days ago


Ok Haters, lets be serious:
This show has type-cast these 'characters', they've even given them all a label: Darrell is the Gambler, Barry is the Collector, B&J are the Rookies, and Dave is the Mogul. Then the producers encourage them to live up to their titles. I'm sure most of the attitude that these people display is genuine, but lets face it, Dave is supposed to be the arrogant bad guy, and if he doesn't fill that role than someone else will. Personally, I think Darrell's a frickin lazy, full of crap windbag, and Jarod's just a few beers away from another mug shot. After watching Dave kiss his new puppies, I'm inclined to think his 'bad guy' role is all for show.

1017 days ago


That is what happens when you treat everyone like a commodity, Dave. How much do you THINK you are worth to be filmed doing what you claim to already be the "master" at?

People treat you as you treat them, and at least on the show you treat everyone like a loser. I wonder why they are treating YOU so "unjustly". How much do you really think your imminent presence is worth anyhow?

1017 days ago
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