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Beyonce's Baby

Triggers Church Vandalism --

Blue Ivy Is 'SATAN'

1/11/2012 6:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baptist Church sign: Beyonce baby is SatanBeyonce's new baby Blue Ivy Carter is the devil incarnate -- this according to some heartless vandal who defaced the sign in front of a North Carolina church yesterday ... writing, "Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth."

The pastor at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, NC tells TMZ, he discovered the vandalism yesterday after receiving numerous complaints from locals -- and removed it immediately.

The pastor insists, the church had nothing to do with the apocalyptic message ... it was simply the victim in a random act of mischief.

Blue -- Satan? No. Illuminati? ALMOST DEFINITELY.

2:35 PM PT: The pastor did an interview with local news today denying the claims he made to TMZ -- but we assure you 100%, the pastor made the claims in question ... and we continue to stand by our story.


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I'm surprised TMZ is this amateur. That's so obviously a photoshop. Those signs make completely parallel lines from top to bottom, and the bottom line looks like it's veering down.

1014 days ago


Looks like one of those fake sign generators they use to make website images. I doubt anyone went through the trouble to vandalize the actual sign.

1014 days ago


I saw a picture of the original sign. The font is not even the same as the letters they use at the church. So of course it's photoshopped. Who cares if the pastor said it was vandalized or not...anybody would know that's not what he meant. Sheeeesh....

1014 days ago


The pastors comments contradict in CNN,TMZ,Pilot & Fayetteville paper."don't know who Beyonce is"vs"I think I have seen her on TV","the sign is locked & the man w/the only key hasn't been back"vs"I told them to take the old saying down Wed night"(I'm sure there is a spare key)"it was vandelized & I took it down immediatly"vs"it was never there".I pass this church frequently & both sides of the sign, which were never shown, rarely say the same thing.I saw "beyonce had her baby" in passing,but past before reading anything else.The pastor is not well known for being honest.

1013 days ago


I live in the same area where this church is located, and pass by it regularly. I did not see the Beyonce message. The church has been there a long time. Both the church and the pastor have a good reputation in the area. Whether it was photoshopped or actually changed, I can't imagine the church having posted it. They've never posted controversial or disparaging messages before. Why would they start now, and why would they start with Beyonce, of all subjects?! I think it's either a prank, or someone who wants to see their pic go viral. Or possibly someone who wants to discredit this church or religion in general. (BTW - it looks photoshopped to me; the letters seem to be a different font).

1013 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Truth hurts

1012 days ago

The truth shall set you free    

At Thomas - #1 both sides of the sign were shown by the media...The Pilot has the one with the pastor's name on one side, WRAL's picture has the pastor's name on the the other side...both say "Jesus is the reason for the season" #2 CNN has no history of carrying this story. #3 Of course, lies contradict truth...TMZ posted lies. #4 What the pastor said about telling the man to change the sign was said on that Wed. that the photoshopped sign was posted. #5 This pastor lives about 30 miles from the church and is not there everyday, If someome called to tell him the sign said that about Beyonce, he might have assumed vandalism. If he made that statement, that alone shows he, nor anyone from the church posted that fake sign. Anyone with a little brain matter could figure that out.....just saying.

1012 days ago

The truth shall set you free    

Thomas, you are not such a smart cookie..1) Both sides of the sign were photographed...WRAL and The Pilot eash showed different sides and both said "Jesus is the reason for the season. 2) If this pastor is known for his lies, how is it he has pastored over 55 years and one of those churches had him as their pastor for over 40 years. 3) You misrepresented what he said about taking the sign down on Wed. He told the reporter the Christmas season was over, so he told the man to take the sign down. But the fake sign went viral on Wed. 4) The fonts are different on the church sign and the photoshopped and last but not least 5) And I so love this one!!! I saw your post on Facebook on a friend's page when you said you and your husband saw the word "beyonce" but not the rest and asked him what it said. Funny, the post disappeared quickly after he posted the sign had been generated...but not before I and several others saw your name. Yep, we know who you are "Thomas, Cookie" and any other names you may choose to use. And we know you hold a grudge against the church and the pastor. But, guess what? This has brought friends out of the woodwork and you better hope this old fox keeps our secret, so you best back off. Got it?

1012 days ago


To Thomas and Cookie - comments made on people's Facebook pages show a person's name. Is that why you are not commenting on TMZ's FB page? That is okay....the comment you made on a friend's page did not go unnoticed. Oh, I know you deleted it real fast when he said the picture had been photoshopped, but several people saw it and know who you are AND OH MY, IT WAS EVEN COPIED AND PASTED for future reference...We know who you are and that you have a grudge against the church and the pastor.

1012 days ago


@"the truth shall set you free" 1-We have nothing to gain by lying.2-If you're looking for someone holding a grudge, you don't need to go any further than the church he pastored for 40 yrs. 3-Is this a threat? Explain? 4-As far as my FB comments, I delted it to keep my friend out of it.
I'm not ever going to deny NOT seeing it so what good is it that you copy and paste it?

1012 days ago


@SP- I'll tell you too that I don't care what you saw on FB. I deleted it because I wanted to keep that friend out of it. I still say I read "Beyonce had her baby" and awlays will, "for future reference". It doesn't matter what was copied. I wasn't trying to hide it. I'm really tired of people personally attacking me that don't know me or my family. My personal feeling about the pastor has nothing to do with it, reguardless of what anyone thinks. I don't really care. People are too consumed with whole thing. Why can't you just let it go and find something more important to do?

1012 days ago


BTY I don't know WHERE you are getting your info from but we DON'T have a grudge against the church, and DON'T care if you know how we are. We have nothing to hide. You obviously DON'T know us, personaly. You need to stop judging and please just leave me alone. You're personal attacks are not a good testimony.

1012 days ago


Thomas AKA Cookie - sounds like this whole lie is a personal vendetta that you have against the us all a favor and YOU stop! Quit with your "poor me" "everyone is so unchristian" "why are you treating me like this" "i know what i saw" CRAP. I put both pictures together on one page and the font is COMPLETLY different (i forwared to the local newspaper for them to see). Its clearly evident that it was a photoshopped picture!! either have something to do with this, you know WHO made the picture, or you have a personal axe to grind with the Pastor (that you seem to know about)and are using this forum to vent to be SO defensive and INSIST you saw this picture. Now, call me un christian or whatever....God knows that I am~ I love God, and I love the Beulah Hill, Pastor Barbery and the people there~

1011 days ago

The truth shall set you free    

Thomas and Cookie - awww, but I do know you personally and know you have a grudge. But thanks so much for giving me a great idea.

1011 days ago


this is so ******* stupid... why would beyonce's and jay z's be the devil incarnate... ******* ridiculous what people are thinking, your just trippin cos your jelous. **** the media justs makes up a whole heap of ****..

1011 days ago
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