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'Pawn Stars' Cast

FURIOUS Over 'Cajun' Spin-off

1/11/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pawn Stars and Cajun Pawn Stars
The debut of the new "Cajun Pawn Stars" was a huge hit with the History Channel ... but TMZ has learned the guys at the original "Pawn Stars" show are PISSED because they had no idea it was being made.

Sources close to Left Field Pictures -- the production company behind "Pawn Stars" -- tell us the Vegas crew feels "blindsided" ... because they only learned about the show a few weeks ago ... when the network made the official announcement.

We're told Chumlee, Rick, Corey and the Old Man insist they were promised by the network that no "Pawn Stars" spin-off shows would be made of any kind ... and now feel like they were betrayed.  

Sources say the guys are "really hurt" by the whole thing and feel like the new show is a "total knock-off" -- but their beef is with the network ... and NOT with the cast of the new show.

Pretty shocking behavior by the network -- considering "Pawn Stars" is the number one show on History and one of the highest rated shows on cable.

No official comment from the "Pawn Stars." Ditto for the History Channel.


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Hey guys thats life. DEAL WITH IT! Its your job to be on your show not run the company. Worry about what YOURE doing.

1018 days ago


How furious can they be if it was so important they should have had that stipulated in there contracts.

1018 days ago


Don't worry guys, I tried to watch the Cajun show and couldn't stand it. No one can replace you! That hardcore pawn is the worst also.
I have a buddy that specializes in these things, I'll give him a call!

1018 days ago

Cool Papa    

Why do you guys keep calling him "Chum Lee"? It's Chumlee, like Tennessee Tuxedo's stupid, slothful friend.

1018 days ago


They have a right to be PO'd. They're getting insane ratings and deserve more respect. Frankly, they should maybe try to go to another cable network and get paid more money.

1018 days ago


That Corey, is one of the dumbest guys on TV, he is telling his dad that old glass runs down the side o*****lass.

He complains about the interior of an old car not being vinyl, has not a clue that was the way the car came from the factory.

Chum Lee, is way smarter then Corey. I bet Corey, didn’t finish High School.

1018 days ago


TV viewer FURIOUS that such shows are allowed on television, and that sites like TMZ are allowed to report on them. The great unwashed masses should not be fed.

1018 days ago


I tried to watch it also, what a complete knock off, it was crap I couldn't stand it I mean the show was the same as Pawn stars just with different people.

1018 days ago


When a network has a hit they keep swinging. Look at CBS with all the CSI & NCIS spinoffs, Look at NBC with all the Law & Order spinoffs. If Pawn Stars wanted exclusivity they should have got it in writing. ps> I'm a Pawn Star Fan.

1018 days ago


Oh get over it, Storage Wars also started a new spin off to their show too, one in Texas. Real Housewives has multiple spin offs.

Get over yourselves, ditch the ego, spin offs happen to popular shows, networks have to do what they have to do to keep the viewers and ratings up and if this is their most popular gravy train show, then they have the right to do a spin off.

Seriously, look at Bravo and the Real Housewives shows, MTV and all of their reality shows, and Storage Wars and it's new spin off.

Ditch the egos guys.

1018 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Get over it. The channel made you bunch of nobodies famous and rich by bringing in tons of tourist customers just to see your shop and buy something from it. Cry me a river.

It's a decent show but the show is obviously staged during a lot of parts... mostly the dumb banter between the employees when they're trying to be funny. That's all clearly written and badly acted. If they just cut that dumb nonsense out it would be a better show. I know a lot of the actual "pawn" segments are reenacted too but they're not nearly as bad as the "funny" segments.

1018 days ago


are they so NAIVE and/or stupid not to think this would not happen??? everytime a *new show* does well there are ALWAYS countless copy-cat-shows to follow, i.e. housewives, storage/auction, food shows, fashion, singing, re-hab home shows... i could go on FOREVER <<<>>> don't be so greeeedy RICK ... there's enough $$$ to go around*~

1018 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Who told you idiots that life (or even the entertainment business) was fair?!!

Get over it and stop crying like a bunch of little p*ssies!

1018 days ago


Agreed. Get Over It. Everyone is replaceable - especially in Hollywood. Entertainment industry is notorious for always looking for something young, something new, something fresh...just like Pawn Stars...they threw some **** at the wall and it Stuck! Be happy guys that you lasted this long and are now international stars! Just for owning a pawn shop! Wow!

1018 days ago


I think you have it all wrong... they are upset with their NETWORK airing a new show that is in direct competiton with their show. Of course there are copycat shows such as hardcore pawn, which i can't stand btw, but it was on a different NETWORK. Personally, I am offended for them as well and think they should consider shopping their show to a Different network when their ocntract runs out and then be in competition with the History channel for viewers. I'd watch them anytime over Cajun pawn...a total rip off and betrayed by the network that is making a ton of money off of them...

1018 days ago
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