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U.S. Marines

To Investigate Video of

Soldiers Urinating on Corpses

1/11/2012 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

U.S. Marine Soldiers Urinating on Dead Bodies

The United States Marine Corps is launching an investigation into a video which appears to show Marines in full combat gear urinating on several dead bodies ... TMZ has learned.

In the extremely graphic video, which appeared on various websites this morning, at least 4 male Marines expose their genitals and urinate on the bodies.

The mystery person who posted the video included a caption that reads, "scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans."

Now, Captain Kendra N. Hardesty -- a Media Officer for the USMC -- tells us, "While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps."

She adds, "This matter will be fully investigated and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions."

In the video, one of the urinating men can be heard saying, "Have a great day, buddy."

Another guy jokes about the situation ... saying, "Golden like a shower."


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the guys that taped the video and posted it for the world to see should take the blame he s way more disgusting at least these guys have a excuse of fighting the good fight we aren't the one living in their boots !

1018 days ago


Shoot them in the head make a hole pee in their skull instead of a bowl. Love that!! They are worthless terrorists who would not hesitate to take your life or your loved ones life.

1018 days ago

US Citizen    

Did anyone actually see any urine? Just asking...

1018 days ago


Nice. Look at you americans. Cuting out the Penis because its "immoral" but having your troops commiting warcrimes (again and again² and again³).. now thats pretty hipocryt.. well what to expect from ppl that come from the land that startet the most (if not all, your cia messed up lots of countrys including iran, nowadays iran is a direct product OF YOUR POLITICS and your replacing of the democratic elected president of iran with an extremist ajatholla) Wars in the last 200 years! invadet the most countrys! still occupys round about 130 of them.

hope you guys are proud to be known as the new nazis...

1018 days ago


to bad nobody had to crap

1018 days ago


oAllah is a pyg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1018 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

Seems most people have forgotten about 9/11 already! What about the Taliban or Iraqi troops beheading people, American citizens, on TV? Ever wonder what happened to those bodies afterwards? I'm sure this is NOTHING compared to the type of treatment our dead soldiers recieved from these barbarians!

1018 days ago


If you only been over seas, you would know what these guys are going through. Although I do not agree with what they did, I can see why they felt like it was right for them to treat them like s*** that they are. If one of those members killed my husband, I would more than just piss on them. The Marine Core has specific values to live by and now they are going to reprimanded when Im sure every marine wants to do exactly what they did BUT NOT VIDEO TAPE IT.

1018 days ago



1018 days ago


LOL TMZ your censoreship is wack! well maybe because you love those true american heros and their pee of war... seems you got alot from the Stürmer

1018 days ago


think about recruit 18 year olds that have either no other way to pay for college or just need a way out. Train them to be killing machines (marines especially) one of the top fighters in the country...these guys get shot at everyday, bombs planted to take their lives while driving delivering supplies to various locations all while being prepared to die or sorry but if i had to take fire everyday, kill almost weekly to protect my brothers in combat, im pretty sure id be a cold blooded muthaeffer out there on the battlefield with no remorse for someone who just tried to take my life. these kids may have gone over the top in recording it and posting it...but like i said..PTSD when these guys come back to the US for sure...May god bless these guys and what theyve done for our country, sacrificing their lives and mental state for becoming jarheads and defending out country.
im just a guy from the hood who appreciates people with enough balls to get out there instead of sit behind a desk and worry about how they can FCK someone else for more money...that is what truely makes me sick..
..sorry for ranting..good day

1018 days ago


to all the canucks commenting yes this disgusting and they will get caught and pay for this but until the world calls you first for help you can keep your comments to yourself i love America ! WE HELP EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD and this is just a couple of people that did this wrong as it was but don't slam the us of a for everything wrong with your country

1018 days ago


I see nothing wrong with what they did.

1018 days ago


that's why you americans are hated by other countries ... like mine ...

1018 days ago


I agree with Mike who 21 hours ago said:

Big deal, the dead guys were trying to kill the Marines 10min earlier, piss on 'em.

1018 days ago
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