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U.S. Marines

To Investigate Video of

Soldiers Urinating on Corpses

1/11/2012 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

U.S. Marine Soldiers Urinating on Dead Bodies

The United States Marine Corps is launching an investigation into a video which appears to show Marines in full combat gear urinating on several dead bodies ... TMZ has learned.

In the extremely graphic video, which appeared on various websites this morning, at least 4 male Marines expose their genitals and urinate on the bodies.

The mystery person who posted the video included a caption that reads, "scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans."

Now, Captain Kendra N. Hardesty -- a Media Officer for the USMC -- tells us, "While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps."

She adds, "This matter will be fully investigated and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions."

In the video, one of the urinating men can be heard saying, "Have a great day, buddy."

Another guy jokes about the situation ... saying, "Golden like a shower."


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So Cal Guy    

Definitely not the proper thing to do...However I could understand what drove them to do this. If one of those "insurgents" was just shooting at me with an AK or maybe even killed one of my friends they had it well deserved. EMOTIONS makes us do things we aren't proud of...THIS GUYS ARE ******* STUPID FOR FILMING IT. DUMB *****

961 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

Oh man...I was SO hoping after a "last shake", one of those Marines would have given them a GOOD SWIFT KICK TOO!

961 days ago


really? You're going to blur the penis' and not the dead bloody corpses?! Priorities people; every 2nd person in the world has a penis and even more have seen one (on more than one occasion). Thankfully, I can not say the same for corpses.

961 days ago


i thought this was a celebrity gossip site. why am I looking at soldiers pissing on corpses?

961 days ago

Teddy Parker    

The Few, and The Proud...

961 days ago


People keep referring to the deceased as 'the enemy'. Keep in mind we have killed over 150k+ CIVILIANS in iraq, those people on the ground are wearing sandals, and shorts.. They look like people who are just living, and thats the enemy? A twisted, unfair war we have going on here.. Anyone who could defend this video lacks a soul.

961 days ago

jim bob    

love it hahaha piss on them all

961 days ago


Your right bad idea, They should have placed them on their knees, started firing their guns in the air and start yelling Allah then cut their heads off while the poor victims cried for mercy......

961 days ago


I cannot believe that they are trying to gain sympathy for the soldiers based on the fact that that is what they are "taught" to hate and kill the enemy. So does that in turn mean that the Holocaust wasn't so bad because Hitler told Germans to hate jews?

961 days ago


What's wrong with pissing on the dead body of a brutal enemy? It's war. Soldiers are trained to kill or be killed. A dead body is not going to be feeling any emotional trauma from being pissed on. What Bin Laden and his Taliban benefactors did to America on 09/11 was War worse.

961 days ago


We infidels don't drag the enemy bodies through the streets, we don't stick objects up their asses, no, we tinkle-clean them prior to burial.
BRAVO soldiers!!!!

961 days ago


To put it into perspective, these dead Taliban's roadside bombs have ripped apart the bodies of thousands of our soldiers, and these guys have had to witness the resulting carnage.

Having said that, I do wish these four clowns had more sense.

961 days ago


Ahhhh NOTHING like that good ole fashioned trailer park upbringing!! WELL DONE AMERICA!

961 days ago


These guys get shot at all day, IED's all over the roads, their buddies have died in their arms while blown into pieces, they have had to talk to the families of their buddies who have died for no reason, and you guys talk crap about the soldiers? You guys are as disgraceful as these Muslim jerk weeds who wake up every day of their live*****ing us and thinking up creative ways to kill every person who doesn't think like they do. These people would kill every one of us for where we live. Or because you believe in Jesus. Or worse, you don't believe in anything, so you must die. Or if your gay, they hang you. Or if your their daughter and your raped, they kill you so you don't bring shame on the family. These guys are under so much stress, and you expect them to act like what? Not like killers? Or defenders of YOUR freedom from these MUSLIM PILES OF CRAP??? These guys were shooting at these soldiers. They died and got peed on. Your worried about them peeing on them? YOUR ALL RETARDS!!! Not only that, 55,000 people have been MURDERED in Mexico, but are any of you saying crap about that? Why don't you guys thank these guys for giving up their lives, BECAUSE YOU DIDN"T, and give them some slack!!! They should have poured pigs blood all over the corpses so they couldn't go to heaven. I for one am tired of people forgetting that these crap for brains goat herders brought the fight to us WHEN THEY attacked on 9-11. You expect our guys to look past others cultures and do good things when the Muslims are the ones who can't let anyone live in peace. Religion of peace, my ass!!

961 days ago

Richard Cortrecht    

The press making another liberal stink. Grab a rifle and see what it is like. The guys on the ground would kill you in a heartbeat if they had the chance. Now they don't.

961 days ago
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