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Montel Williams

Reinstating DRAFT Could

Stop Bad Military Behavior

1/12/2012 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former talk show host Montel Williams tells TMZ ... "making" U.S. citizens join the military could help PREVENT soldiers from acting like the "bad apples" featured in the urination footage.

Williams -- a retired Naval officer who started with the U.S. Marines -- hooked up with us via satellite this morning and explained that our soldiers in the field, including the guys in the footage, are likely stressed out from carrying such a heavy workload.

"The stresses must be getting to the point that it caused some of this ... why don't we spread out that stress and start making more people put on the uniform and defend this democracy?"

Williams claims only .25% of the U.S. population is serving in the military ... and says, "Maybe it's about time that this country wake up and understand that we can't put the pressure of defending our democracy on less than .25% of this entire population."


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Forcing someone to join the military to me would only increase the bad behavior. Take Vietnam for example. My uncle was drafted and served in Da Nang and Siagon. He has PTSD because of it and it made him into a alcoholic. A lot of guys came back incredibly messed up. Not to mention the drugs and stuff that went on. And to add to that, most of the guys who went to that war were from working class or poor families because the rich ones got deferments and stuff.
This stuff happened in EVERY war. Forcing someone to fight who doesn't want too only makes things worse, not better. Torture is wrong any way you slice it. I think that Montell's MS is messing with his thinking process a little bit on this one.

984 days ago


that wouldn't help anything at all. as of right now we get the best of the best because they volunteer. i wouldn't want our country defended by the people who wouldn't willingly step up. leave the wimps, rich kids, and nerds where they are and let the real men fight.

984 days ago


Yeah because some many vietnam vets acted accordingly when they were drafted. Shut up montel....

984 days ago


I don't necessarily disagree with what they did. Having been on 4 tours to Iraq, I can tell you that one tends to take it personal when someone's trying to kill them. I just don't understand why the morons felt the need to record it, knowing full well that it could get out.

As far as this not happening if citizens were forced to join the military, I think Montel is way off base on that. In fact, if we had a draft, it would probably happen way more often, considering there are enough dirtbags in the Army already, we don't need ones that were forced be here.

984 days ago


Didn'*****ch or read the article. Thanks Montell for volunteering the poor to die for rich peoples greed.

984 days ago


Why is watch ***** out?

984 days ago


Figures. They want all the benefits of a free and safe country but they don't want to sacrifice anything for that freedom or safety. Typical.

984 days ago


Where does the 25% figure come from? It's more like 2-3% who serve in some form in the military, all Branches, isn't it?

And as for 'defending the democracy', I just about spit up my cereal. The US uses its military to prop up dictators, maintain its oil supply, and try to slap other nations into doing what it wants them to do. It hasn't defended democracy since WW2 and it was 3 years late jumping into even that war.

984 days ago


Wars are always going to be there if you want to be free and to keep the wars off your own soil. Once you go to war, freely or by draft, the horrors you experience will remake you. If you;re not there dont judge.

984 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah, right. at this point in 'history' it would probably make it not only worse, but uncontrollable. there is no way reinstating a draft would curb such behavior.

984 days ago


Ever notice how it is always old men screaming something about reinstating the draft. See, old men want to see young men off to die in war, so that they can take their young women. I know this sounds stupid and barbaric but it is true. Old men hook up with way more young women when young men get sent off to war. I think that they should see these old geezers like Montell Williams off to war as well, draft his behind first.

984 days ago

Mary P    

I'm a 28 year old Air Force wife, Army daughter and niece and Navy granddaughter and I think the draft should come back. Two reasons here. First, Montell is correct in that more enlisted ranks would reduce the repeated deployments (which are happening sometimes against the 15 month law), keeping morale up and what not. Obama is a dink for reducing the size of the military while getting into 3 NEW conflicts (where's the news on that) and surging with Afghanistan. This means for those military, more deployments yet to come.

Second, in countries with mandatory service (usually 2 years), the country is better educated, the military has higher morale will less incidents home and abroad per capita, all male (some female depending on the country) get skills and some education in a career field, and the incarceration rates for those who served is lower. Given how American parents think their kids have sunshine out their ass these days and that every kid is "equal" (try having the trash man deliver your baby or perform your heart surgery!) and give out awards for every dang thing - it would be a controlled environment for transition since the parents are so lazy these days and don't want to prepare their kids at ALL for the real world. (Where no one has to work for any reward, everyone gets the best of everything, and everyone is "equal", and the plumber gets the same pay as an oncologist? Yeah, right...)

984 days ago


Sorry Montel I don't agree with you. Leave the draft where it belongs, in the past. I would never want my child,family member or friend in a combat situation with someone who doesn't want to be there. Mistakes cause American lives. I have no doubt these Marines and all who serve in War are under great stress. I don't want these Marines to do ANY jail time. It's easy to sit back and judge from the comfort of your home while you tuck your kids into bed never walking for a minute in their boots!

984 days ago


Or maybe the marines are stressed because those Taliban guys were shooting at them just a few minutes before this picture was taken? It doesn't condone what urinating on them, but if you shoot at someone it tends to get them a little upset.

984 days ago


Montel, really when is the last time you yourself was faced with what our brave Women and Men have been faced with? What tours did you do? I am so very thankful for our service Women and Men but you yourself should really know better!

984 days ago
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