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Muslim Groups Furious

Over Footage of Marines

Urinating on Corpses

1/12/2012 6:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Muslim organizations across the United States tell TMZ they are outraged by the disturbing footage which appears to show Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.

"We are appalled by the video" ... a rep for the Muslim Public Affair Council tells us ... adding, "We ask Secretary of Defense Leon Penetta to reprimand these soldiers. These soldiers don’t stand for what our nation and our army and armed forces fight for on a daily basis."

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had a similar opinion -- saying, "We condemn this apparent desecration of the dead as a violation of our nation’s military regulations and of international laws of war prohibiting such disgusting and immoral actions."

CAIR adds, "If verified as authentic, the video shows behavior that is totally unbecoming of American military personnel and that could ultimately endanger other soldiers and civilians."

TMZ broke the story ... the U.S. Marine Corps is conducting an investigation into the footage to find out when the video was shot, where it was shot and if the men are indeed U.S. Marines.


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TMZzzzzz why don't you put a few pictures out there of what they do to our guys. Don't you want to keep things on an even keel? You would be shocked at what they do to our guys, but why isn't Tmz screaming their bloody fool heads off over that? Be fair or don't go there!

954 days ago


Our friggin' government squalls like a baby if some of our GI's pee on already DEAD taliban, but hardly squeek when those dirty SOB's chop the heads off our people on LIVE TV! That's BS!

954 days ago


We are appalled about 9/11 & the tons of Americans that lost their lives that day, along with troops during the war. You are offended by them getting pissed on when they have done worst, including suicide bombings, cutting heads off, torture & the list goes on. Until you have served in the military or is a family member you have no idea what life is like when the troops were in Iraq or the ones in Afghan now. This may look bad on the Marines if this video is authentic but at the end of the day they would have and already have done worst to our country & troops. It's easy to hide behind your comp screen & talk **** all day but exactly how many of you do anything to make your country better or even support the troops by sending care pkgs, letters, words of encouragement... Not many, most ppl only care when something tragic happens then the troops are important. Support the troops 100% & Tmz take this down and stop making it bigger than what it is cuz Harvey can sit on tv all day and say whatever but what would he have done if you know those ******** had killed one of your comrades or had intentions to do so... wait he would say bcuz he is a lawyer let the precious whack judicial system we have handle it, yeah right!Oh and why dnt you take TMZ on the road to Afgan & see & report the **** they do to the troops... Has TMZ ever found one of the 9/11 or first responders family & interviewed them or offered some kind of help, dnt think so. Do you know any of them by name at least, dnt think so. So why do you care so much about these Talibans?????

954 days ago

Real American    

Leave USA & go back to your crap country and practice Muslim.. Nobody wants you in America and take your muslim president with you.....

954 days ago


Surprising they express more outrage over this than all of 9/11

954 days ago


Which nation are these Muslims talking about??? The United States or the nation of Islam that condones violence as standard practice and of course Sharia Law!!

If they are talking about the US, than you know what, what is good for the goose is good for the gander! They video tape beheading innocent civilian truckers just doing a job in a horrific area so they can make money to support their family 6 thousand miles away! So why can't we do this back??

I don't hate Muslim people, but I do hate hypocrites! And that's what Muslim people hide behind. Hypocricy! Just like Republicans.

954 days ago

Troy Mclure    

Good, there is nothing wrong with pissing on the bodies of our enemies, mulism or not. We should not stop there, we should all be pissing on cair too. If cair does not like it, they can go back to the piece of **** third world country they came from.

954 days ago


Muslim s***

954 days ago


of course they are.

954 days ago


Amazing, only in America. TMZ,you've managed to censor the genitalias of the U.S soldiers, but NOT the corpses of the taliban soldiers? Just when I thought disrespect towards your enemy couldnt be topped more than the actions in this video, you actually manage to outdo it. Congratulations.

954 days ago


So tired of these people complaining. Yes what the Marines did was uncalled for. But maybe they are tired of getting bombed, blown up, de-capitated, tortured etc. I don't see the Muslims complaining when an American is killed and dragged in their streets. They cheer and party! Practice what you preach. As a Marine wife I understand the frustration these guys are going through. Enough is enough! I sometimes wish we did half the ****** these people do to us so they know we are not a country to mess around with. But WE HAVE MORALS!!! What them retaliate now.. GET OVER IT!!

954 days ago


Strictly speaking - they aren't pissing on Muslims - per-se. They are pissing on Taliban fighters.
As an American, I wouldn't be pissed if some extremist/white supremacist a**hole who was killing Muslims for no reason was killed & pissed on by them. He'd deserve it!
Taliban mass murdered Americans on 9/11. THAT is what the soliders are pissed about & why they're pissing on the TALIBAN (regardless of their religion!)

954 days ago



954 days ago


Were the muslims outraged when dead American soldiers were hung from briges in Iraq?

954 days ago


these marines are damn accurate. i dont see the corpse getting wet nor is the ground around them wet as well. and if they did urinate on the terrorists, what the big deal. these animal have done far worst to our soldiers. does cubin neck tie sound familiar. i've been told some of them where alive when this was done. so urinating is by far harmless. anger and threats should be given towards tmz for showing this nonsence.

954 days ago
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