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Robert Kardashian

Speaks from Grave --

I'm Khloe's Dad

1/12/2012 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Kardashian swore that Khloe IS his biological daughter ... torpedoing claims by his ex-wives that Khloe was fathered by another man.

When Robert was seeking to have his 2nd marriage annulled from Jan Ashley in 1999, he submitted a declaration to the judge stating that the marriage did not work because Jan wanted to have his child ... but he did not.

In the declaration, Robert says, "I decided that since I already had four biological children, I did not wish to have any more."

Jan just told a tabloid that Robert had privately confessed to her he was NOT Khloe's biological dad -- but that seems to fly in the face of Robert's own declaration.


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Khole looks just like her Daddy. The other two look like a better updated smoother Mother Kris.
I think Khloe definately is the natural beauty in looks and body and cant wait until she has her babies and my prayers are with her. Can I be a a real grandma? Mother Kris is so distant from Mason, its wierd how she is with him.
So Khloe keep your chin up my natural beauty and tell you mom to get her "oh I am sorry look off her face, its like she wants to put on that the story is true to keep you guys in the kichen eting pizza.

980 days ago


I agree, anybody can say any damn thing but the proof is int the genes.. take a DNA test trashy family and prove everybody wrong.. prove that elmer fudd is not the father..she looks like Bruce Jenners oldest daughter kendall.. they look like twins... go to maury and run off the stage balled up in a ball crying Kris Jenner!

980 days ago


His declaration means NOTHING. He was trying to win an annulment on the grounds that he had enough kids and didn't want more. It made his case stronger to have 4 children instead of 3. Also, at the time, it hadn't been proven if Khloe was or wasn't his and obviously he wasn't interested in finding out who her father is.

980 days ago


I think TMZ is risking putting itself into a level of obscurity by running kardashian stories that only other kardashians give a crap about.

980 days ago


Let the search begin for the "other" child, because the 4th one ain't Khloe!!

980 days ago


Could see him saying that for a couple of different reasons. First, it was claimed even though he knew she was not his, he loved her like his own, and second, he was an attorney, maybe it would have embarrassed him having the revelation brought to light.
Kind of like how embarrassed he would have been had be been alive to witness his daughter Kim getting P!SSED ON IN A SEX TAPE.

980 days ago


I do not care for these people in the least but this is just evil and mean. You don't publicly question a child's paternity like this. That is a deeply personal matter that should be handled within a family. Now this woman will always have a cloud over her head. These exes are really screwed in the head for doing this.

980 days ago


This does not prove anything, without a DNA test noone will ever believe she is really a kardashian. This really shows how stupid the kardashians really are. It pisses me off that Zangeif looking bitch is in DFW now.

980 days ago


TMZ, would you please get off the Kardashian's monster ****?!? You lost all credibility when reporting on the Kardashians because you are always promoting their propaganda and coming to their defense. That is not your job! someone please call Maury so we can sort this **** out.

980 days ago


Anything to spin around their rotten reputation. Reports have Sears likely putting the Kardashian Kollection on the Klearence racks the sales are so bad, poorly made and screams of copyright infridgments. No surprise there.

She does not look like them. She's a big girl pushed in face and like 5 inches taller. DNA will take care of everything.

980 days ago


Oh, please. What else was he gonna say in the declaration? "I already have two biological children and am supporting a third child that is the product of an affair my ex-wife had?" Come on, TMZ. Your people are smarter than this. Perhaps if you stopped suckling at the teet of Kris Kardashian you'd be able to get the real story.

980 days ago


TMZ, instead of sticking up to these whores and always back tracking, why don't you locate that pool boy who had the affair with Kris Jenner?!? go find him and show us a damn picture instead.. isn't weird that he is so quiet and didn't try to sell his story about the affair?!? you know he got paid and signed a confidentiality agreement, otherwise it's weird how this guy is nowhere to be found! do your damn job TMZ and stop being Kardashian central!

980 days ago


Even if he didn't screw around and father a child out of wedlock, he still sounds like a d-bag...divorcing your wife because she wants a child, but you already had some so you don't? He's a crap-head either for whether that one Kardashian tramp is his real kid, who cares?

980 days ago


More Fake Ginned-Up Kardashian Drama.

Who cares if that disgusting fat pig, Khloe Kardashian, is a true Kardashian or not.

980 days ago


Didn't Khloe herself do a whole episode about this on that stupid show?

980 days ago
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