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Robert Kardashian

Speaks from Grave --

I'm Khloe's Dad

1/12/2012 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Kardashian swore that Khloe IS his biological daughter ... torpedoing claims by his ex-wives that Khloe was fathered by another man.

When Robert was seeking to have his 2nd marriage annulled from Jan Ashley in 1999, he submitted a declaration to the judge stating that the marriage did not work because Jan wanted to have his child ... but he did not.

In the declaration, Robert says, "I decided that since I already had four biological children, I did not wish to have any more."

Jan just told a tabloid that Robert had privately confessed to her he was NOT Khloe's biological dad -- but that seems to fly in the face of Robert's own declaration.


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Robert Kardashian defended double-murderer OJ Simpson and helped put him back on the street. Are we supposed to believe that just because he put it in a legal "declaration" we are supposed to believe him??? Please.........

978 days ago


Oh great, so there's an illegitimate biological Kardashian kid out there somewhere in addition to all the rest of them.

978 days ago


I'm beginning to think this is more "smoke and mirrors" to take the heat off of Kim's disgrace and get more attention on the rest of them. Will they never go away?

978 days ago


That's a HUGE BITCH!

978 days ago


It couldn't be easier: get a paternity test. Its not like they can't afford it. And if the wookie turns out to not be his, it'd make a lot of sense since she looks so different from her siblings. I mean, when it comes down to it, does it matter? He chose to be her father, paternity or not.

978 days ago


Even the ex's said Robert decided not to question Khloe's paternity, so of course he would call her one of his 4 biological children whether she actually is or not. This proves nothing.

978 days ago


Just do the DNA test.

978 days ago


put it this way...he thought the bitch bastard was his cause kris probab,y told him that fat cow was his....why dont the fat whore take a dna test.....she knows shes her whore mothers child from another idiot that decided to screw kris!

978 days ago


has kimmie returned all of those wedding gifts yet?

978 days ago


No one in that family has as big a melon head as Khloe. The Kardashian lie to everyone including themselves. Chris Jenner was sleeping with so many guys she probable doesn't know who the father is. The Kardashians are famous for being whores period.

978 days ago

Fat Mike    

So what? I heard that Fat Mike is also illegitimate. It's rumored that his real father is Dan O'Connor.

978 days ago


Many men claim a child as theirs because they are decent and care more about the child than the cheatin' wife (Kris)-he didn't want a scandal or for Khloe to feel different than her sisters. I'm sure Momma didn't want everyone to know she was sleeping around. Khloe, it would be great if Robert Kardashian was your dad and Kris Kardashian wasn't your mom. you would do well to disassociate yourself from those losers and figure out who your daddy is for purposes of medical history, especially if you plan to reproduce. It's better to have the facts and its better to live with the uncomfortable truth than to live a comfortable lie.

978 days ago

Diana Williams    

First who cares but the do***ent used by TMZ does not specifically say he is HER father. Try again. I always wondered why the other three kids looked so similar and poor Khloe was the odd man out. Hmmmmmmm!!

978 days ago


This argument works equally well BOTH ways. He made that statement BECAUSE he wanted out of that mistake of a marriage. We're men, we'll say ANYTHING to get out of a mistake.

978 days ago


they have the same exact nose

978 days ago
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