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Beyonce's Hospital Suite

It Can be Yours ...

For Only $$$$

1/13/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce hospital suiteThe lavish hospital executive suite where Beyonce gave birth is a lot cheaper than you think ... at least it's a lot cheaper than we thought.

An official at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC tells TMZ ... there are 7 suites in the VIP section where Beyonce gave birth. Each executive suite costs between $700 and $800 a night. 

We're told the suites have "reconfigurable designs." Translation -- the dividing walls are movable so the VIPs can expand into more than one suite. 

In Beyonce's case, the official wouldn't be specific, but we're told she had at least 4 suites -- which could explain the 4 flat-screen TVs. So Beyonce probably paid $3,200 a night -- she can afford it.

We're told any patient can use the rooms, provided it satisfies the needs and treatment of the patient.

The official indicated there has been intense interest in the suites, repeatedly telling us patients can book them subject to availability.


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I don't live in a major city and we have Labor and Delivery suites in hospitals here that are way nicer than these. I don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of this.

1016 days ago


"The official indicated there has been intense interest in the suites"

I think tmz is getting paid to plug this and advertise this for that hospital. Why else would they be showing this over and over. Come on tmz its not that nice. It looks like a Freaking hospital. Id rather be at home then sitting in that room any day.

1016 days ago


I don't think the insurance co. will pay for it.

1016 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

Those "suites" are going to become a full fledged tourist attraction. Every patient admitted to LHH is going to request "The Beyonce Suites".

1016 days ago

King of TMZ    

TMZ censored/Removed my comment on a previous beyonce story where I said:
"Black people who are Illuminatis are idiots.
It's like saying a Nazi Jew lol"

Not sure if was because I called a selective portion of blacks or Illuminatis stupid or because I mentioned the OMJew word in the same sentence as Nazi lol

Where is freedom of expression???

Grow up! Acts like these only make one want to splash such "exclusive" words even more... :P

1016 days ago


The entire hospital should be cleaned, sanitized, and completely disinfected of all that thug juice.
Actually they should just burn the place down. JayZ (puzzyboy) can buy a new one.

She makes me almost as sick as the Kardashian pigs, almost.

1016 days ago


YOU ARE KIDDING ME! You mean that price does not include a "dancing water fountain" out front the window of the suite?

That is the price that some Vegas suites charge. I think you can get a Bellagio Fountain Suite for around that price range.

Beyonce you got jipped, was their private parking? a 24 hour concierge? steam shower? jacuzzi tub? 24 hour room service by a private chef? No dancing water fountain to your musical tunes out front?

Darn it, what was the hospital thinking, price gouging without the finest things of life in a paternity suite.

All the while other birthing mothers had to be in a tiny confined room, with a 19 inch TV (older style tube TV), eating jello and re-heated meatloaf?

(sigh) what is this world coming to.

1016 days ago


I got a bill at my hospital er $1,000 for a sinus infection.

1016 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Give it a rest already. The way you guys go on, you'd think Jesus was back.

1016 days ago


who cares!

1016 days ago


She didn't give birth doh!

1016 days ago


who gives a rats ass

1016 days ago


Dear Beyonce, Jay-z,
We get it! your baby is the most significant baby that has ever been (or will ever be) born. sigh...
The General Public.

Dear Tmz,
enough about this baby and its parents already!

1016 days ago


Are the dirty linens for sale? I would be interested in a birthing sheet or a left over nursing towel.

1016 days ago


I am confused. So these aren't Beyonce's actual suite pictures....these are just pictures that show what the typical suite looks like? Cuz this sure looks a lot smaller than 4 suites combined would look. And I thought I read that she was up there renovating and remodeling and creating her own lavish set up. Was that all just a bunch of BS too? You never know what to believe anymore.

1016 days ago
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