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Chris Brown

I DRANK, But I Won't Drive!

1/13/2012 9:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown pulled a Kiefer Sutherland last night -- in a good way -- hooking himself up with a designated driver after a night of boozing in L.A.

Brown was leaving Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when we brought up his kick-ass Lamborghini -- and he replied, "Thanks man ... I'm not driving it tonight, I had some drinks. I'm doing it responsibly."

Breezy wasn't kidding around -- dude got into the back of a waiting ride and was whisked away without incident.

Celebrity DUIs are so 2011.


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everyone that is on here hating needs to shut the hell up and stop talking sh#$t cause hes obviously important to you that you even bother to read and see articles on him.. soo yeah you "HATERS" keep hating cause that just makes Chris Brown do BETTER and BETTER!!! TEAM BREEZY BIIIIIIITTTTCCCHHHHEEESSSS!!!!!!

977 days ago


so he WASN'T drunk when he was parking in handicapped zones REALLY.........EFFIN'

977 days ago

Joan K    

Okay I guess you aren't considered a woman beater if you only beat up one woman, and you shouldn't be considered violent because you only broke out some windows at a Morning News show. To his "FANS", does the truth hurt? He is an A hole, plain and simple.

977 days ago


We care

977 days ago


Aw, what a prince among men!

977 days ago


Even after 5yrs ppl will ask him about the ONE FIGHT HE HAD NINE YEARS AGO....the same RACIST WHITE MEDIA and COMMENTERS and always following behind what whitey tells then to do, BLACK MEDIA constantly ask WIFE BEATERS:
Eminem about beating wife Kim?
Popular gay pop star, Adam Lambert about beating boyfriend Sauli Koskinen?
Popular Country star Rodney Atkins about eating wife Tammy?
Sean Penn about beating Madonna & Robin Wright-Penn?
Alec Baldwin about beating Kim Basinger?
Dan Baldwin beating & hospitalizing pregnant wife Joanna?
Slyvester Stallone about beating Bridget Nelson?
Charlie Sheen about beating Denise Richards, Brooke Muller and shoting Kelly Preston?
Ozzy Osbourne about beating Sharon?
Jackson Browne about beating and throwing Dayrl Hanna out of a moving Taxi?
NO, THE SAME MOTHERF***ERS SEEM TO GET OVER THE GROWN MEN WHO ACTUALLY ABUSED WOMEN. So I think they will get over Chris Brown having a mutral fight with that slut Rihanna Fenty! But hey, I could be wrong!

977 days ago


I swear Chris Brown haters just come on this site look him up and leave negative comments its just ridiculous...Why do you read and watch stuff about Chris Brown if you don't like him get over yourselves and STOP hating.

976 days ago


Still a woman beater. How do people still support this curse to humanity?

976 days ago


If you're hating on chris brown and took the time out to comment on this article, kill yourself ! If you don't have anything positive to say, its best to just stfu . Thank you

976 days ago


I Love u Chris. Im so proud of you. Forget these haters.

976 days ago


A draft? Really? That was the most random question I've heard in the 15 days of 2012.

976 days ago


I like how the red-necks get off on saying" ohh hes a d-bag wahhhhhhh wahhhhhh!" Go **** your sisters and make more red-neck s***...... anyway on a better note... Way to go chris brezzy! dont let the s*** of my racist put you down!!!! P.S. It's not the race card if racist things are being said. Have a good day!

976 days ago


Chris Brown is an angry little girl who needs to sit her childish butt at home. No one cares, he is a has been who skrewed hiself out of a career by being a brat

974 days ago


Funny how the Chris Brown haters keep bringing up what happened in 2009, you people are really bitter and need to get a life! Why continue to follow dude if you hate him that much, you people are really pathetic, wonder if you follow, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, and yes I can go on, the way you follow him? I do believe race does play a big part in it!

974 days ago


Why would an interview ask "What coloration" or "Do you think there should be a draft" and drop Montel William's name?" The interviewer seemed more like a groupie than a professional journalist or camera person,seriously, referencing Chris Brown's car that wasn't on the scene!

Lastly, I liked the answer's that were given by Chris Brown even in his impaired state when asked about a draft. "What draft?" A: The military draft. CB:"I'm not into politics, I love everybody."

CB's response to the draft was cut short, but was the most significant answer to the interview.

In my opinion, the cameraman should seek another profession if "asking he thinks that the highpoint of an interview is asking political questions to someone who's drunk."

972 days ago
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