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Paris Jackson

Following in MJ's Dance Steps

1/14/2012 9:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0113_paris_mj_Splash_GettyParis Jackson really is a chip off the old King of Pop.

In the middle of playing high school softball the 13-year-old outfielder broke out one of her late dad Michael Jackson's famous dance steps.

She's got the moves like Jackson.


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If Paris is a good girl, she will devote her life in helping sex abused child victims once she turns 18. She does not have to give away her million dollars fortune. All she has to do is to work as an advocate, volunteer her time educating about the dangerous of pedophiles among us.

1011 days ago


She's playing the camera, just like granny taught her. Gotta keep the money rolling in.

1011 days ago


How can his so call Kids look like MJ.Mj doesn't look like MJ.MJ was born a darkskinned boy with a wide nose and skimpy hair.He had his skin bleached,A nose job and all kind of plastic surgeries.He also wear wigs.You can change Your look however You can't change Your DNA.

1011 days ago


that doesn't look like paris jackson.

1011 days ago


MiMi: 7 hours ago

33. OhWell: 33 minutes ago
Stupid Story
Nobody Gives
A Crappo About
Creepy Little

Or The Wacko Brats.

Funny you should say that since you obviously took time to read it and post here under various nics.

As usual.......
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Oh well: 3 hours ago
You dude is a complete idiot Likes 2 Dislikes 1


Ain't that the truth, and there are million others like her.
MJ's Estate Gambled and win.

1011 days ago


TMZ stop STALKING children! For those who still do not understand genetics. Paris is mixed black/white Debbie(her biological mother)is white and Michael Jackson(her biological father) was black.

1011 days ago


She's got the moves like Jackson.

Of course she does because she IS a Jackson!

1011 days ago


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1011 days ago


To all the idiots commenting, have none of you ever seen a biracial person before? How they look varies greatly. Paris obviously look more like her mother, but she still is definitely Michael's. And by the way, is no one else disturbed that she's at softball practice and there are grown men taking pictures of her? This goes against MJ's wishes completely! Please respect their privacy and respect that no matter what you think, they are and always will be Michael Jackson's kids.

1011 days ago


there is as much jackson in that girl as there is kardashian in khloe

1011 days ago


There's as much of Micheal's DNA in her genetics as there is in Hillary Clinton's. Of course you never know - maybe there is a ***** in Hillary's woodpile with her voluptuous booty.

1011 days ago


Ever wonder why Michael had to go get kids from some other woman and man and then adopt. I'm sure some skanky ho would have shacked up with him. She'd have a kid if it would provide for her the rest of her life.

But Michael couldn't get it up for women, only for little boys, like Macauly Caulkin and Corey Feldman. It's pretty disgusting that a known pedophile and child molester can still adopt kids. He'd be pissed if anyone did to his adopted kids what he has done to so many little boys. After all, when accused of sexually molesting a child, you don't settle to get it over with unless you are guilty. You fight absolutely everything and take no chance on tarnishing your record. Pedophile to the end and I'm glad he's gone and rotting in hell.

1011 days ago
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