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Lindsay Lohan

Cutting It Close

with Probation

1/16/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan goes before  Judge Stephanie Sautner tomorrow for her second probation progress report and she will once again pass with flying colors ... but this time it came down to the wire ... sources tell TMZ.

As the judge dictated back in November, Lindsay was required to complete 12 morgue visits and 4 psychotherapy sessions by Tuesday's court hearing. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she's done just that ... but she completed the last 2 morgue visits on Friday and Saturday. 

According to our sources, Lindsay has been a model morgue employee.  Translation -- She gets the job done with no drama and she's friendly with the staff.

After tomorrow's hearing  Lindsay will be at the halfway mark of her probation. She has another hearing February 15, where she'll have to show proof she completed another 12 morgue visits and 4 therapy classes. And on March 29 -- her final hearing -- she must show she's completed the remaining 17 morgue visits and 6 therapy classes. 

Should Lindsay slip up at any point, she gets 270 days behind bars.

We'll be in court tomorrow.



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AGENT smith    

If Lindsay has a problem, it isn't having a few drinks once in a while. I am concerned with her prescription drug use, doctors prescribe so called mild mood stabilizers like Zanax, Prozac, Valium and the sleeping aid Ambian and the patients quickly become hooked on these highly addictive narcotics and need increasing larger doses. Zanax slows down the electrical impulses in your brain, and is hardly a mild drug. I don't take any prescriptions and most people shouldn't either. If your cholesterol is high change your diet and exercise.....

1014 days ago


After tomorrow she is half way there. Cutting it close in the period involving the holiday season is understandable.

1013 days ago


Regardless of the rather dim prospects for her career, she has managed to stay on the judge's strict schedule this time. Still is being immature enough to cut it very close when she should be finishing with many days to spare. The rest of her behavior is irrelevant to the court. But she really has to finish this community service sentence in order to have any chance of finally getting out of the legal system. She still will need to avoid DUIs and stealing and other lawbreaking for a couple more years, but it will allow her to take work outside the US which is the most likely direction she will need to pursue. If she keeps up the drinking and drugging, though, her options will be increasingly limited. But the first step is to finish her CS, and she's half-way there, thanks to the judge's willingness to take a tough parental stance. If the judge treated her as a normal adult, she would still be drifting and doing everything but the CS. Lindsay really needs a keeper.

1013 days ago

Joan K    

I give it another year and I bet she is going to screw up or completly go away because there is nothing anyone wants her for anymore. Bye Lindsay

1013 days ago


I see FU has a new 'toy' to toy with.

1013 days ago

big bamboo    

last time it was law enforcement that said she did way over the 12 ordered days.( like the police have nothing better to do). this time it is just sources..
interesting tomorrow

1013 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

@ Red Cloud do yourself a favor and before you place a comment on here, use a iPad or any tablet that you can blow up pictures. I have one and I did blow the picture up and there was white powder in her noise. We call that COCAINE

1013 days ago


Talk about much ado about nothing. She finished the bloody CS. I don't care if she did it with a week to spare or ten minutes, the important thing is she did it for the month. Good on her. Two more months to go. Maybe she can stay out of trouble for a while afterwards. If that's the best that can be wished for her, then good on her again and I hope she stays the bloody hell out of trouble.

1013 days ago

big bamboo    

Now Nicole is over at the kate thread talking about florida cost, to keep her in jail...
Nicole loves her criminals like a fat kid loves cake

1013 days ago


You mentioned the CB pictures and pointed out the hands. What you didn't comment on and I have to something out is THOSE FVCKIN SAGGING BOOBS. Does this trick not own a bra? I'm embarrassed for her. Geez Louise

1013 days ago


Sorru Madisyn , got ditracted by the coke bogger in her nose and the nose itself...either it growing longer or her cartilige inside is collapsing it and making it look like it is....

1013 days ago


"Nicole loves her criminals like a fat kid loves cake".


1013 days ago


Take a look at this page.

1013 days ago

big bamboo    

Nicole is on the "make a wish" foundation for deathrow inmates..she has married about 12 of them..
and if you beat a crime she waits outside the court house to cheer you on.
sociopath dating>com...inmate seach for the love of your life...are you in a dead end relationship..Nicole was until she discovered this website..who bring criminals and love together..

1013 days ago

big bamboo    

Angelina Pivarnick

Angelique Morgan

Cami Parker

Cheryl Caruso

Crystal Harris

Danielle Staub

Dennis Hof

Dina Lohan

Kate Major

RaMona Rizzo

Michaele Salahi

Morgan Osman

Nadya Suleman

dennis Hoff ownes the bunny ranch in nevada..
sounds like a porn company

1013 days ago
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