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Paula Deen

Big Bowl of Diabetic Hypocrisy?

1/17/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Paula Deen's diabetes diagnosis has us thinking she's whipping up a two-faced pie -- pushing recipes like chocolate cheese fudge AND promoting anti-diabetes meds? Seems like she's getting America coming and going!

Plus, the Italian cruise captain who abandoned ship -- a survivor's family lashes out at his cowardly departure. And the latest Beyonce whitewash has everyone ticked off ... for many different reasons.


(0:00) The Italian cruise ship that sank -- how did no one realize its captain was a massive coward?
(13:10) Claire Rincon -- mother of a cruise survivor -- is on the phone ... she says her daughter still has friends missing.
(14:00) Did Claire's daughter Rosalyn see warning signs that the captain was capable of such a deadly mistake?
(18:20) Harvey predicts that a ton of crazy info is about to come out about the captain.
(21:10) Raquel is ticked off about Beyonce's new light-skinned album cover ... but Anna argues that it's the same thing as light-skinned people going to the tanning bed.
(27:30) Beyonce's changing skin color -- rooted in self-hatred?
(33:20) Shocking -- Lindsay Lohan is still on the right track.
(36:02) Paula Deen reveals she's diabetic after years of cooking the unhealthiest food on Earth ... and now she's pushing diabetes medicine!
(38:40) Case in point -- Paula's doughnut sandwich.


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What would I have done if I were that captain? Not gone too close to the rocks to start with. This captain will never captain another ship. He did the exact opposite of what a captain should do and what he did may be criminal. I hope he answers to answer officially for his incompetence and cowardness.

1012 days ago


OUT OF MY WAY!! Woman & children LAST!

1012 days ago


Hey TMZ - eating butter can help prevent and reverse obesity, diabetes and a whole host of other degenerative diseases. Get your facts straight.

1012 days ago


He did a "George Costanza". remember the children's party episode with the fire. lol

1012 days ago


Schettino isn't just a coward. He's coward of the century.

1012 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

I wouldn't have taken a job that made me responsible for the lives of 4,000 passengers!!!

This man is the epitome of a coward.

He was the captain of that ship - he was responsible for the lives of those people and he failed to uphold that responsibility. Covarde!

1012 days ago


Death penalty!

1012 days ago


I'll bet there are alot of people out there that have changed their minds about going on cruises after this. The Cruise Industry just took a big hit. I have been on several in my life. Never again. He ruined alot of dreams, and lost some souls with this stunt. He knew better. Then to beat all, he's a coward.

1012 days ago


It's the captains responsibility to make sure his passengers are safe before leaving the ship. The accident was his fault so his first thought should have been to help his passengers before saving his own skin. I predict he ends up committing suicide because he is labeled a coward worldwide.

1012 days ago


To: Harvey/ Charles/ TMZ Staff

Re: Tiger's ex-wife Elin N/ Michael Jordan's new fiancee Yvette/ National Enquirer story

Is it true (1) Elin is trying to warn Michael Jordan's fiancee (who she's friends with) NOT to get married to him b/c he's a player? (2) Elin STILL blames MJ for somehow "corrupting" Tiger & getting him to cheat on her.
Both the National Enquirer print edition Jan.23,2012 along w/ the gossip site celebitchy (yesterday) claim that is what an "inside source" close to Elin is saying.
(3)TMZ why haven't you guys posted any new pics of Elin w/ the playboy boyfriend Jaime that she's STILL with even after finding out him & Rachel?

1012 days ago


I had a lot to say about Beyonce's bleaching. She's not alone.
Full review here:

1012 days ago


The Captain should NOT have gone close to the shore in the first place. He should not have put the lives of the passengers at risk to please his head waiter so they could wave to the waiter's family at the shore.

That was the Captain's first mistake!!! NEVER put the passengers at risk, and certainly never abandon ship.

1012 days ago

Big D    

He is a disgrace. He needs to face charges, it's the same thing if a commanding officer in the military would run when under fire. Not acceptable, he needs to do jail for, for being a sissy boy.

1012 days ago


I see that this captain has been sent home for
"house arrest" instead of keeping him in jail.
Absurd! He recklessly acted in a manner to cause many
deaths, the cowardly ran away. Of all the cases
where I have heard someone was released to 'house arrest"
this is the most disturbing, undeserving, unfair, disgusting
case ever. I hope he slips on his bathroom tile
cracks his head open.

1012 days ago


Got to wonder about all the other captains. Seems they think they are able to do as they please. Was on a Royal Oasis of the sea last year and decided to stay on the ship during a stop and the captain was riding a full blown electric Harley around the outside decks and having workers clearing chairs. At first I thought nothing of it but now....

1012 days ago
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