TMZ Live Paula Deen Big Bowl of Diabetic Hypocrisy?

1/17/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Paula Deen -- Big Ole Bowl of Diabetic Hypocrisy

Paula Deen's diabetes diagnosis has us thinking she's whipping up a two-faced pie -- pushing recipes like chocolate cheese fudge AND promoting anti-diabetes meds? Seems like she's getting America coming and going!

Plus, the Italian cruise captain who abandoned ship -- a survivor's family lashes out at his cowardly departure. And the latest Beyonce whitewash has everyone ticked off ... for many different reasons.

(0:00) The Italian cruise ship that sank -- how did no one realize its captain was a massive coward?
(13:10) Claire Rincon -- mother of a cruise survivor -- is on the phone ... she says her daughter still has friends missing.
(14:00) Did Claire's daughter Rosalyn see warning signs that the captain was capable of such a deadly mistake?
(18:20) Harvey predicts that a ton of crazy info is about to come out about the captain.
(21:10) Raquel is ticked off about Beyonce's new light-skinned album cover ... but Anna argues that it's the same thing as light-skinned people going to the tanning bed.
(27:30) Beyonce's changing skin color -- rooted in self-hatred?
(33:20) Shocking -- Lindsay Lohan is still on the right track.
(36:02) Paula Deen reveals she's diabetic after years of cooking the unhealthiest food on Earth ... and now she's pushing diabetes medicine!
(38:40) Case in point -- Paula's doughnut sandwich.