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Widow of Flight 93 Hero:

Wahlberg's 9/11 Comments

Were VERY Disrespectful

1/18/2012 10:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg
's claim that he would've been able to single-handedly over-power the 9/11 terrorists and prevent a plane from crashing is completely "disrespectful" ... so says the widow of one of the REAL heroic victims who RUSHED THE COCKPIT on that fateful day.

TMZ spoke with Deena Burnett-Bailey -- whose husband Thomas Burnett phoned her from that fateful flight saying, "I know we're going to die. There's three of us who are going to do something about it."

Burnett-Bailey tells us, "Does Mark Wahlberg have a pilot's license? Then I think hindsight is 20/20 and it's insignificant to say what you would have done if you weren't there. "

She adds, "The plan for Flight 93 was foiled by heroes. For him to speculate that his presence on board could have stopped everything is silly and disrespectful.  Sounds like someone is grandstanding."

We called Wahlberg for comment -- so far, no word back.


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en Todo Momento!!    

believe me, the people who were on that plane, the hijackers, would have beaten your baby to death with a food tray and eaten it. the speculation that it was merely some retard brainless terrorist with no common sense is pretty ignorant. the people who hijacked those planes and operated 9-11 were very murderous masterminds, and marky mark would not have stood even a hint of a chance of 'going after them', let alone surviving that event. point blank for anyone who raised their voice or made any indication of trying to hinder them.

1007 days ago


Flight 93 was shot down by US fighter jets. NO ONE ON BOARD FLIGHT 93 PREVENTED ANYTHING!!!!! DUH!!!!!!

1007 days ago


Back in 2001 phones were put into the back side of most airplane seats. I know Todd Beamer used a similar phone to call a phone operator and spoke to her because his wife did not answer the phone. Todd and the operator said The Lord's Prayer together. When they finished that's when Todd said to the other guys, "Let's roll". The operator heard fighting and then silence.

1007 days ago



1007 days ago

George Johansen    

You are an ******* if the first degree!!!

1007 days ago

Samantha Wilson    

Sounds to me as though he is letting his fictional strength in movies bleed into what is reality.

1007 days ago


Sorry, but it is way past time to get on with life. I am sorry for the widow but that does not stop other people expressing a point of view

1007 days ago


If Mark thinks he is such a situation changer then he like everyone else of his generation should join the military and fight for this country, instead of running his mouth.Their our plenty of young men of his generation who we will never no of who served more than one tour of duty in Iran and Afganistan so he can hide behind a camera and say what a differnce he would have made. The old motto of DEEDS not word's still holds true. Just in case, if your asking yourself what I did for this country, I served in Vietnam for one year in the Air Force. No I did'nt want to go, but freedom isn't free, and I could not disrespect my father & uncles who seved in the armed forces as well as all the hundreds of thousands of men & women who did the same. Mark, I think your comment's were in bad taste. Their is a BIG difference betwen having a gun with blank's in it and the real thing.

1007 days ago


Typical response from a Bostonian,no wonder I hate the Patriots so much.He would have been found in the airplane restroon hiding under the toilet.It takes alot more marbles to save the day than Marky Mark has in his underwear.

1007 days ago


9-11 was one with missiles and explosives. Not Planes

1007 days ago


Over the years, I've grown to respect Mark Wahlberg's work, as well as like him for the decent, down-to-earth person he basically seems to be. However, after his comments, my regard for him has done a one-eighty. I don't think I'll ever look at him the same again. That was one of the most childish, inappropriate, hurtful, demeaning comments anyone could ever make about the subject at hand. He should have known better, and he probably did, but he allowed his sense of self-importance to rule the moment. That's unfortunate.

1007 days ago

Meredith Peters    

I think that anybody with an aggressive personality might have made a difference like the plane in Pennsylvania. It may have not saved the plane, but may have create3d a diversion. We need to think as a group of anti terrorists in a situiation like that rather than be held hostage by our own fears. I love DonnyWalb. He was probably just saying he would be as fierce as possible and not criticizing the people that were there.

1007 days ago


yes he made the comments, not a good idea. for the families that lost people sorry. but i dont think he said anything disrespectful. maybe he feels that a 19 people with BOX CUTTERS shouldnt be a match for a 200 people. just sayin. and for those that are gonna say something smart like "well my family or friens was on that flight" well your welcome cause i served my country after 9-11 and did 2 tours, what did you do?

1007 days ago

Bad Taste    

That dude seems like a ****!

1006 days ago


“Just because you play a tough guy, doesn't mean you are one you lace-curtain, Irish f'ing pu$$y!”
–Mark Wahlberg from The Departed

1006 days ago
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