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Deion Sanders

Pilar's Trying to EXTORT Me

1/18/2012 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders and wife
Deion Sanders
is firing back at his estranged wife Pilar, claiming her recent accusations -- that he's a narcissistic serial cheater -- are just a "shady" attempt to extort more money from the NFL star.

Deion's attorney, Jody Johnson, tells TMZ -- "The actions of Ms. Sanders and her attorney are nothing more than an attempt to avoid a legally binding contract that she no longer likes, by falsely assassinating the character of Mr. Sanders in an effort to extort additional money from Mr. Sanders."

The contract she's referring to ... the couple's prenup -- which Pilar wants the judge to toss out ... so she can make a grab for the lion's share of Deion's estate.

Pilar claims she was forced to sign the prenup under duress, but Deion says that's BS -- according to his lawyer, "Mr. Sanders committed to a generous financial agreement with his wife when they both voluntarily signed a premarital agreement."

Deion claims it didn't end there either, he also showered her with money and gifts before and during their marriage.

As for Pilar's attacks on Deion's parenting skills -- his lawyer claims, "Anyone who knows Mr. Sanders and observes him on a daily basis knows that he is a committed, ever-present father."

The lawyer adds, "Mr. Sanders will not be intimidated by these shady tactics and remains committed to resolve this matter in a court of law as quickly and amicably as possible."

Pilar's lawyer tells TMZ, Pilar's not the liar -- in fact, "Pilar has taken a lie detector test on the question of fidelity during her marriage to Deion Sanders and PASSED."

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I don't know why these two incredibly pleasant and wonderful people would divorce, they are so perfect for each other. Such a shame :(

1009 days ago


Funny how things change so quickly. Just a week or so ago he was saying Pilar was cool about the whole thing, and now it's like, "that bitch is crazy."

1009 days ago


She is an idiot. She signed an agreement and since he was nice about the situation, now she wants more. If I were Deion I would get every bit of evidence that is available and haul into court and battle her claims. She is obviously another "woman" who thinks she is entitled to a fortune because she spread her legs ( ie. Ms O'Neal, Ms Woods, Ms. Bryant (extortion)). A fair settlement may be in order, but not over the amount appropriate to her worth in the relationship. In this case, $2 million.

1009 days ago


You knew when everything was cool and they were living tgether but separated that that didnt wash. It's gonna get fugly.

1009 days ago


She'll want a mil a year (13?) and a good amount of child support. They always try to break the prenups. What does it say about the men when they're surprised when the prenup is challenged? Were they not awary this has become the norm when they signed on?

1009 days ago


Dude! Freedom ain't free!

1009 days ago



1009 days ago

give me a freakin break    

If you want to take a lie detector, it should be on neutral grounds and appointed by a judge.
A note all you S*** FEMALES: GET JOBS AND SUPPORT YOURSELVES. AND IF YOU SIGN A PRE-NUP, THAT'S IT. LIVE WITH IT. And signing it under duress is not the same as VOLUNTEERING to sign it. S***. That's all she is.

1009 days ago


Yesterday I commented on white trash and today it's all about black trash Pilar.

1009 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Now i ain't saying she's a Gold Digger...

1009 days ago


Pilar is going to waste "time and money" fighting in vain. She signed that prenup in "good faith" and simply doesn't want to abide by its terms. It may take a little more "time and money" but I'm confident Deion Sanders and his attorney will "PREVAIL" in the end. You simply can't make someone give you more than you're "legally" entitled to receive. Whether she "FAILS OR PASSES" a hundred lie detector tests WON'T get her any more "MONEY"!!! This woman needs to "BURY THE HATCHET" and move on with her life for the sake of her children.

1009 days ago


money grubbin hoes always tryin to get xtra...have a dam seat!

1009 days ago


We know Brah..................We know.......

1009 days ago

Mary P    

A lie detector already? Sounds awfully set up. No one asked her to. And the crazy part.. what is the question? Do you believe Deion cheated on you? Yes. Well okay.. where's the proof other than crazy antics?

1009 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

honestly, i would have rather watched her trow a football around a field in stilettos, than him in his crap uniform. i'm just sayin...

1008 days ago
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