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Jackson Family

Going After Dr. Murray's Money


1/18/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors will no longer seek more than $100 million in restitution from Dr. Conrad Murray at the request of Michael Jackson's family, because as the proverb goes can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

A rep for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office says prosecutors were informed that the Jackson family is giving up on restitution ... so the D.A. withdrew the request.  As a result, the restitution hearing scheduled for Monday has been called off.

Murray -- who's serving a 4 year jail sentence for his role in the death of MJ -- is basically broke ... and now that his medical license has been revoked, it's unclear how he plans to earn money once he's released.

It seems the Jackson family finally decided it wasn't worth the time or the energy to battle for scraps.


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charlies balls    

So they are going to go after AEG. Which is BS. THEY tried to talk him OUT of using Murray. MJ dug in his heels and their hands were tied. You can NOT blame AEG for trying to get a doctor in the UK instead, nor the added dates as they were spaced out to a large degree.

986 days ago


He doesnn't have any money at the moment but when this murdering s***bag is released, he will no doubt sell his lying version of the story to books, films, tv chat shows etc. One day, this murderer could be rich. It sickens me.

986 days ago

Rainbow Heydrich    

Everything about Conrad Murray is sick.

986 days ago


Justice for MJ or money for the Jackson’s? Since restitution from the criminal trial is withdrawn, Murray can sell books, video’s and movies. Murray probably got a big laugh in his jail cell today. KJ and Joseph made a very very bad decision to drop restitution.

Flanagan says CM doesn’t have the money to pay restitution but then says he wants to apply for bail. Where would that money be coming from if he is indigent?

The problem is both KJ and Joseph’s lawsuits against AEG Live are extremely weak. Joseph’s lawsuit is so poorly written by Oxman, it could be thrown out of court. Joseph’s wrongful death suit against CM is also a gamble because Joseph is NOT entitled to sue for wrongful death because he is not a beneficiary. If CM is indigent now, he’s going to remain indigent for the trial in Sept. 2012. KJ doesn’t have any evidence to prove her case.

The attorney’s for Joe and Katherine want to continue with the AEG Live lawsuits for their own personal profit by keeping Joe and Katherine in the courts. The D.A’s in the criminal case would have gotten restitution at no charge (free) to the Jacksons.

986 days ago


Murry isn't going to leave the U.S. either. Remember...he's a sociopath who thinks he did no wrong. With that type of mindset, he doesn't need a medical license again. He'll be making all kinds of money by dragging MJ's name through the dirt for the rest of his life.

986 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Yea, I agree. The timing stinks for the Jacksons. They finally got it thru their thick heads that the Killer Doc (C)(TM) would be able to assert a contributory negligence style argument and bring up all of Micheal's stuff. Awwww

986 days ago


as the proverb goes can't squeeze blood from a turnip.
You can't get blood out of a turnip.....but Murray is going to get out of jail one day. If The Jacksons do not want restitution, was there a deal for murray to drop the appeal? It's the only thing that would make sense to me. Otherwise the Jacksons should have gone full force after Murray. Upon his release Murray could spend the rest of his life paying down that 100 million. Any books, films, interviews, doctumentaries in exchange for payment should go directly to Michael's family....or the estate...........

986 days ago


This F"er will write a tell-all-book, don't give up a movie will be next and this murderer will get paid,who is advising these people?

986 days ago


He is a paid man. He is set for life. This was so before the trial. Why is this so obvious to me and not others ?

986 days ago


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985 days ago


I just hope any money the Jackson family gets out of the AEG law suit goes into a trust for the kids. As it was Michael's responsibility to provide for his kids not the entire Jackson family.

985 days ago


Too bad. That would have given him the chance to counter-sue them for criminal enabling.
He didn't get to be a drugged out cash cow for them all by himself, poor soul.

985 days ago


If Doc Murray writes a book about how he offed that freaky michael jackson, i'll buy two. Death to freaky child molesters.

985 days ago


woooo whooo, reckon how much is left of michael jackson, reckon he is just bones and silicone implants by now?

985 days ago
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