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NHL Star Taylor Hall

GNARLIEST Hockey Injury Ever

Revealed in Photo

1/19/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Hall head scarNHL superstar Taylor Hall is lucky to be alive after an ice skate ripped his skull open -- and his team just tweeted the first photo of the nasty ... NASTY aftermath.

The Edmonton Oilers star forward suffered a Frankenstein-like gash Tuesday night when he fell during warmups, and collided with a teammate who couldn't avoid slamming his skate on Hall's head. He needed 30 stitches to stop the bleeding!

Hall -- who's been out of the lineup since the injury -- was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. NHL players are required to wear helmets during games, but not warmups.

The Oilers are now advising their players to wear helmets -- while other teams are making it mandatory.


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Oh TMZ you really know nothing if you think he's "lucky" to be alive after this it was cut on his forehead. Not like hockey players play with hatchet on the feet it was never going to cut threw his skull. If you wanna a gnarly cut check Borje Salmings cut to the face it required 250 stitches not mere 30 stitches.

1006 days ago


This is sad...but gnarliest ever?...no... I live in Montreal, so hockey is my religion...Gnarliest injury ever is Clint Malarchuck...look it up... I saw it on live TV....turned my stomach...and i'm used to seeing hockey injuries..

1006 days ago


Get well Taylor, I know that couldn't have, and probably still doesn't feel good. God Bless. Take your medicine buddy:)

1006 days ago


Wicked gash alright. Gnarliest injury?? Nope. I cannot remember the guy's name or team, but he got sliced across the left side of his neck, severing his jugular. In seconds there was a 2 foot wide puddle of blood on the ice. They saved him, barely. It was a very close call. Head lacerations always look worse than they really are because of the vascular density of the scalp. I used to be an EMT and have seen some nasty head wounds.

1006 days ago


Hey, what happened, when the brothas from the hood had a mini-brawl on the basketball court all the white trash posters were having a field day... but when those crazy white boy hockey players go it, it's called, "Hockey"

1006 days ago


****ING IDOIT come on man WHY his teammate probably feels so bad get better taylor !

1006 days ago


It didn't rip his skull open. It lacerated his scalp, which will always bleed like crazy and look spectacular.

1006 days ago


Nasty, but not nastiest ever. Fingers have been severed before. Also, check out some old pictures of hockey goalies before face masks were required (yes, at one time the didn't wear helmets or masks!).

1006 days ago


Oh and one last thing TMZ - while Hall displayed immense talent in the OHL with the Windsor Spitfires his 42 points last season hardly give his "Superstar" status. He may grow into those skates but many thought Alexander Daigle would too

1006 days ago


That's so messed up. That guy appears he could have stopped but chose to step up and land his skate on his head.

1006 days ago

robert the cat    

Jack Jablonski, a 16 year old high school hockey player and honor student from Minnesota was paralyzed during a game on Jan 30th. That is way gnarlier than a big cut. GET WELL JACK!

1006 days ago


"Gnarliest"? No way. Anyone remember when Borje Salming had his face cut open, from above his eyebrow, down to his mouth? Yeah.

1005 days ago

Joe in Missouri    

"NHL superstar Taylor Hall is lucky to be alive after...."

Was this journalist stupid or is this just yellow sensationalist journalism? Looks to me like an ugly looking BUT superficial cut that comes no where near a freaking artery.

Journalist are not know for their intelligence but they are known for furthering the interests of the state. Perhaps the subliminal message here is that you need to wear your seat belts and helmets boys and girls when big brother tells you to or this could happen to you!

1005 days ago

King Beef    

Yay.. Sports news that isn't about Tebow, rapists, felons or dead-beat dads.

1005 days ago


omg, TMZ covering a real sport?

1005 days ago
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