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Al Green

Obama 'NAILED' My Song

1/20/2012 10:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Al Green
Al Green just told TMZ ... he thinks President Barack Obama's version of "Let's Stay Together" was "terrific" and, "He nailed it."

Green, of course, is referring to Obama singing part of the first verse of the song last night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Green said, "I was thrilled that the President even mentioned my name, and if the President can get the economy going again and get everything going that he wants to, then we'll all be together."
Politics aside, Obama's singing is pretty awesome.


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the truth    

If you ever wondered if racism still exist, YES racism still exist today. What a shame to read some of these blatantly racist comments in 2012! To dislike someone's view is one thing, to slander and use racial stereotypes is disgusting and cowardly. Easy to talk like that when you can't be identified and online.

974 days ago


They pick on all the presidents but this guy is a joke. He thinks he can do no wrong and the truth is he can do no right and neither can his wife. All minorities in this county have been picked at one time or another, AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE AND IN OTHER COUNTRIES. I HAVE BEEN AND IM NOT WHINING.

974 days ago


He should start learning the lyrics to John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane"

November can't come soon enough!

974 days ago

St James III    

Look at all the mad People on here. LOL!!!! I don't care what anyone says.....he sounded good. Obama is like a overhyped movie though.....the movie can actually be good but got overhyped so much that people slam it. Then years and years later people know...that movie wasn't really that bad. LOL!!!!

974 days ago


A lot of act as if things would be so much better had the other side won the Presidency. It doesn't matter who you vote in because they all will make promises, then once in office, they all say the same thing. We can't do that. Until both parties can agree with each other on how to bring this country back to greatness, and we all know that ain't gonna happen, we will have to live with an incompetent government who really could care less about the poor, the elderly and the horrid unemployment and medical care conditions of the United States citizens. I thought I would never say anything bad about this country when I was younger, but I can clearly see that the government cares only about one thing. What's in it for them.

974 days ago

Porsche Bill    

So why don't one of you run for president? Or, even just grab a microphone and sing a line from an Al Green song?

We're waiting,,,

974 days ago


Some of you Obama haters should just get over it while your ahead, Obama will be reelected by a landslide and there's nothing you can do about it, JUST listen to Obama's crowd every time he makes an appearance compared to Romney's, It's not even close buhuhahahahahaha!!!

974 days ago


I thought he really did a good job of singing that. Its interesting how all these conservative haters like to visit such a liberal site--that's because conservatives don't have any of their own entertainment because they don't know how to do anything but hurt.

974 days ago


Haha, all the way to the polls. You can continue to blast our President, but the economy is recovery, wars are ending but bigots will be. Can't wait till he debates these GOP clowns and facts about our progress as a nation comes to light.

974 days ago


Wish he would do everyone a favor and sing instead of continuing to spend money we as american do not have, he is ruining the world!! Period.

974 days ago

My 2 Cents    

He sounded pretty darn good....NOW BACK TO WORK :)

974 days ago


I think the president should focus on the economy and all the other problems he has caused!!!

974 days ago


LOL he does the Bill Clinton lip biting thing @0:14 LOL!

974 days ago


Wow a lot racist white people on tmz btw Obama is half white and half black do not forget that I know you might be pissed off red about it but last time I checked 7/10 white woman are waiting in line to be bang by a black men so what is this I thought we love each other now maybe I'm wrong..! and I'm still waiting to see the white woman for Obama page group on facebook cuz you girls are not backing him enough...!! anyways I love him a lot he is the best president you'll ever have.! Obama 2012 nuff said.!

974 days ago


My husband has less taxes coming out of his paycheck; therefore, more take home pay. Didn't President Obama do that? I am sure that most of the people posting negative comments about President Obama are getting less taxes taken out as well. BTW, great singing!

974 days ago
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