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Boycott Kim K Website

Run By Convicted Con Man

1/20/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
The man behind is a convicted felon with a history of conning people -- and ... SURPRISE!!! ... there are serious questions over whether he's grossly exaggerated the number of people who have signed the petition to rid the world of all things Kardashian.

Frank Basti -- the man behind the movement -- is freshly off parole for a mail fraud conviction.  Basti was nailed for sending notices to 5,000 California car dealerships, telling each of them they owed lots of money to the DMV and this was their final chance to pay ... or else. 

Basti served federal prison time and was on parole until last July. Several months later Basti launched the Kardashian website.

Basti claims roughly 650,000 people have signed his petition.  But according to -- a prominent website traffic estimator -- only 24k unique visitors went to the site in December and 20k in November.

Basti tells TMZ it's not a scam and he's counting a previous petition and his Facebook page connected to his Kardashian website to justify the 650,000 number.  He insists he's not making any money off the site

As for why Basti wants to Boycott the Kardashians ... he says he's offended that mainstream media is covering them like a serious news story.


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TMZ, I understand that you feel you have to sensationalize the shortcomings of the boycottkim site provider, because that is what trash journalism is about, however, the writer is bang-on accurate with his accusations against Kim Kardashian. It is true that she is profiting while making a mockery of American culture by selling her privacy and her body to the highest bidder for the fame, recognition and money, and that is a destructive example to model to the young people who are her target audience. For many parents, it is nearly impossible to monitor their children in a manner that will keep them unexposed to parasites like Kim Kardashian, and as an adult, she has a greater responsibility to the youth culture of her country than she is willing to exert. This goes deeper than just the youth culture, because it is also re-enforcing and thickening a selfishness and arrogance that has become mainstream and out-of-control in the general American society, to where it is typical instead of rare, and defines the USA on the world stage as selfish, arrogant and emotionally-disconnected. That is also the dynamic that was going on behind the American soldiers who urinated on dead bodies. That is vulgar and arrogant, and absolutely devoid of basic humanity. Harvey, I wish you would stop trying to defend those actions as being a response to warfare, because you are not helping your culture by sugar-coating the reality of the consciousness of the nation. But then, you are not far behind Kim Kardashian as a sell-out to your culture for personal gain.

1007 days ago

two cents    

And just WHY can't convicted felons want KK to disappear. I want her to disappear and I don't have so much as a speeding ticket. We're SICK of them. Go AWAY KK!!

1007 days ago

Loving Latina    

TMZ why don't you mention how much the Kardashians pay you for articles like this one??? You are all a bunch of con artists!! You all sold out for money! I use to like your website, but you should be banned as well for selling out!! I bet Kris jenner is blowing Harvey, the TMZ con artist!! Everyone that endorses the Kardashians need to know that we still want them gone!!! We dont want the skanky wh*res on anywhere!!! Kim and her family may try to show a strong face but no one likes you guys for being frauds!!! Just go away!!!

1007 days ago


Regardless of who runs the site, it bothered the Kardashian clan enough to sic one their lawyers on them!

1007 days ago


P.S. That website has posted many celebrity comments against Kim Kardashian, including big names like Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, and they are not gentle comments. My point is, whoever the individual is that is maintaining that website, would likely just be the face of it in order to protect the real initiators of the cause. I have seen that website, and it is one of the most expensive and elaborate websites that I have ever seen on the internet. It is also a massive bandwidth, and is peppered with facts and a clarity that could only flow from intelligence,, involvement and determination, so an ex-con would likely not enjoy those attributes to such a degree. It would have to be someone who has a lot of money for that kind of graphic display. I would not be surprised at all if this boycott turned out to have been initiated by someone like Oprah Winfrey.

1007 days ago


.....Or, for that matter, a coalition of the entire entertainment industry.

1007 days ago


.....Or, for that matter, a coalition of the UPPER CRUST of the entertainment industry.

1007 days ago


.....Which would actually make a lot of sense, because those who would want the likes of Kim Kardashian and TMZ to disappear the most would be the wealthy American entertainers who had to earn their places. They are having their profits cut into by Kim Kardashian, and they are having their personal lives intruded on by TMZ. Snap.

1007 days ago



1007 days ago


This "story" just shows how TMZ is paid off by the Kardashians. Just because there are 24K "unique" signatures, meaning IP addresses, doesn't mean a thing. My family alone has 7 members who signed it from one computer IP address. The petition only counts separate IP addresses and they got 180049 distinct IP addresses, which means 180049 total HOUSEHOLDS, not just individuals. America hates the Kardashians. They are trash who profitted from Kim's porn tape. Kris is an admitted adulterer. Please go away. America we are better than that. TMZ you are better than that.

1007 days ago

The Man    

You can't spell trash without TMZ. Really? This IS the best you could do? What about the truth rather than some spoon-fed Kardashian fed. They are trash and so are you!!!!

1007 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

So, what are you going to do now, TMZ? Find people who know him and pay them to spill their dirt? That's what you usually do when normal people "threaten" one of your kash kows, right?

1007 days ago


I wouldn't care if Khloe's dad, OJ Simpson, was running the website. He speaks the truth.

1007 days ago


Two things: People are sick of the Kardashians and their drama and over-exposure. They have no talent to fall back on to make them relevant, just their show and their is no mystery.

2. I thought this was interesting:

The family and TMZ are fast attempting damage control, but the Kardashians are going the way of Paris Hilton. TMI.

1007 days ago

Dirk McGuirk    

So, THIS is TMZ's big story?!? An ex-con started the boycott, so...what? "There are serious questions"? From who? Not only does this article tell me NOTHING, it comes across as a hastily prepared hit piece designed to discredit the boycott - probably at the request of the Kardashians. Sorry, TMZ, it will take more than that. Frankly, Ted Bundy could start a boycott Kim website; that would not change what the Kardashians are! Plenty of other celebrities to cover, TMZ. It's not like you'll go out of business if the Kardashians go the way of the dinosaur.

1007 days ago
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