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Jude Law vs. Guy Ritchie

Who'd You Rather?

1/22/2012 3:35 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Jude Law vs. Guy Ritchie
Jude Law, 39, and his "Sherlock Holmes 2" director Guy Ritchie, 43, both showed off their sexy receding hairlines at the movie's Paris premiere on Thursday.

Question is ...

More Who'd you rather?


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Ahahaha...I love the "white folks age badly" comment. So true though!!!

952 days ago


Jude, only be default--he's a cheater. Guy loses because he was with Madonna.

952 days ago


10 years ago, it would definitely had been Jude. But Jude has really taken a hit since his sex scandal with the Nanny, and he's not looking good these day. Guy has always been one of the coolest guys around.

952 days ago


"Jude, only be default--he's a cheater." Oh waahh. It's not like he's David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher, or Tiger Woods-level of cheat. So was Sluttienna, the tramp he cheated on. She'd rather party in LA where she can flirt and sit on men's laps than stay with Jude in NO while he was filming, even after he begged her to stay with him. So...tough on Sluttienna. Boohoo.

952 days ago


And the woman wasn't just "the nanny"...her name wasn't nanny, nanny isn't a some other species, she's a person. People cheat with other persons. What about Ewan McGregor or David Beckham, who actually sleep with other people even though they're married? Jude wasn't married, and Sienna wasn't exactly being committed to Jude either, but that didn't make headlines.

952 days ago

Linda Keremian    

Im a big fan of TMZ...Keep up the great work you all do!! :)

952 days ago


JUDE-BABY, ALL THE WAY!!! I WISH HE HAD CHEATED ON SIENNA A DOZEN TIMES, MARRIED HER, AND THEN CHEATED A DOZEN MORE! At least he apologized and never did it again; she on the other hand repeatedly hopped on married men, so she's the one that took the hit. Anyway, I saw him in person 3 times signing autographs and he was sweet, gracious, funny, and sooooo much more sexy in person than in photographs. They don't do him justice, let me tell you.

952 days ago

nancy williams    

Don't want anything near me that was near Madonna she slept with Jose Conseco for Gods sake!!!

952 days ago


Since he knocked up one of my fellow Alabama girls and has nothing to do with her kid... I think Jude is a douche. Remember baby Sophia? Does he you think?

952 days ago

Karen from Richmond    

Please add a "Neither" button.

952 days ago


Yeah sure, Teresa, whatever.

952 days ago



951 days ago


Pffffft.....Jude, hands down!!!! Guy who?!?! O.o

951 days ago

Lizzie Borden    

Love Guy, but Jude's my guy. 1000% hands-down him over anyone. He's a good guy, he gets hotter the older he is, and he's got a heart of gold. He does tons of work for numerous causes and worthy charities and is a great father to his three kids. (YEAH. HEAR ME. I said THREE.) He didn't cheat on his wife, he didn't cheat, period. You can't cheat on a WHOOORE who's already cheated on you---that's like, what goes around, comes around. Poor Sienna---BOOHOO. Whorenna Miller never treated him right & he even told her that he needed her to be there with him while he was filming a movie, so how does she respond to that? By going to L.A. & giving lap-dances at L.A. nightclubs instead of being in New Orleans with Jude. The fact that he needed some to listen to him and spend time with him is the only reason he went to the nanny--to get some sort of attention. She'd been partying all night and ignoring him LONG before that. The nanny seemed a lot warmer and genuine than Whorenna ever was--too bad he couldn't have just hooked up with her permanently. Whorenna is nothing but a drama queening attention whore.

I'm really tired of MARRIED celebrities who screw everything that moves and who NEVER get crucified in the tabloids the way Jude has. He's a single guy who was cheated on by his whore girlfriend so he went off on his own with a woman who at least paid some attention to him. And HE'S the slut?? EXCUSE ME. I can't blame him in the least. Even his ex-wife was screwing around on him with KATE MOSS and he STILL got blamed for that. WTF? And FYI, it's interesting how NOBODY ever brings up the fact that St. Tom Hanks, everybody's canonized "nice guy", was CHEATING by screwing RITA WILSON while he was MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE. HOW COME every tabloid doesn't bring THAT up every time they write an article on HIM? But that's okay---everyone thinks Tom's poop doesn't stink, so everyone conveniently FORGETS that he was doing this like it never happened. Yet every article on Jude never FAILS to bring up the nanny thing. WHO CARES??? HE was SINGLE at the time. PERIOD. And his slag girlfriend was a cheating whooore who was doing other guys BEFORE and DURING his relationship with the nanny.

Oh yeah---as for the kid with the Hooters slag from Florida, that kid is just an extortion fee. She admitted that she PLANNED to get knocked up by some rich celeb so she wouldn't have to work & had already attempted to trap Jeremy Piven and 3 other celebrities--too bad Jude ended up being the poor guy who got stuck with the bill. Jude shouldn't feel obliged to EVER see that mistake of a kid. It was a total plot on this money grubbing slag's part. She scored an undeserved extortion fee from him for the next 18 years. If he NEVER sees that mistake again---HALLELUJAH!

925 days ago


Guy. Jude isnt aging well

183 days ago
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