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Kris Humphries

Divorcing His PR Team

... After 73 Days

1/22/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries with a baseball hat
Another big break up for Kris Humphries ... TMZ has learned the former Mr. Kardashian is separating with his high profile publicity team after 73 days of holy matrimony ... exactly one day longer than his marriage.

Sources tell us ... Humphries and Anderson Group Public Relations have decided to end their professional relationship ... due to a major disagreement over a long-term strategy for Kris' off-the-court career.

The two sides first came together around the time Kim Kardashian pulled the plug on the marriage -- after 72 days -- and Kris felt he needed for some advice on how to handle his image through the tough times.

But after the crisis, Kris and AGPR simply did not see eye-to-eye on a post-Kim game plan. We're told AGPR was unhappy with the outcome of Kris' appearance on "Good Morning America" last month.

During the "GMA" appearance, Kris brushed off questions about Kim ... and instead, focused on baking desserts during a cooking segment with his mother.

According to our sources, Kris has already taken on a new PR firm in NYC and wants to focus solely on basketball.

We're told the relationship with AGPR ended on reasonably good terms ... and both sides REALLY want to stay friends.

... like that ever works.

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Good for him, he just want's to concentrate on his basketball career. The Kardashian Krap is over and he is moving on with a good career. He has values, morals and class of course he would never fit in with the Kardashians.

Kims Q score is a whopping NEGITIVE 53 (really bad is 25) that's how despised she is. Companies aren't going to want her to endorse any of their products and waste their advertising dollars. The Kardashians are tanking.

In addition Kim's superbowl ad was pulled and she was replaced by a French Bull dog (no joke), Mattel scrapped the Kardashian Barbi Dolls deal and the Kardashian theamed magazine was also scrapped. 2 major deals gone.

Kims 15-20 million lawsuite against Old Navy claiming the ad tarnished and damaged her reputation has no merrit because her reputation is already so horribly damaged (her Q score). The Gap, parent company of Old Navy is counter sueing and will look into her finances. No doubt Kim will drop the suite. A 45 second ad having nothing to do with her at all can't be won. Just looking for money.

Humphries is making the right move. He is a professional basketball player and want's to concentrate on his career. At least Humphries has one.

970 days ago


I was so glad when Newt slammed the media for dispicable journalism. It gave WE THE PEOPLE a voice. It woke up a sleeping giant that says we are not going to take it anymore. What if we start going after the Media personel and put all their dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. How would they like it? Are you still with Andy Mauer Harvey?

970 days ago

not surprised    

Another PR blitz against Kris K. by TMZ and the Trash-klan. Just because Kris doesn't choose to go on every TV show, put his face in every magazine and tabloid to make himself look like a fool like the porn star and her family, makes him a far better person. He doesn't need to publicly belittle Kim and her trash family, they are doing a good job all by themselves. My parents always said "if you have nothing to hide there's nothing you have to explain". So what if Kris K. chose not to go on GMA and blither on about that disgusting family, Kris took the high road . So what if he chose to speak about his passion for basketball, and made cookies with his mother. Life is about doing things we enjoy and spending it with people we love. What he portrayed on Gma was a kind, loving person with a warm heart. Maybe if more children would focus on their lifes goals and respecting their parents, the world would be a better place. Let the negativity roll of your back Kris, and keep going in the direction your in cause you have shown a lot more class than that skank family that is trying to use you to stay in the limelight. By the way TMZ this is Sunday, you and Kris K. usually get these smear campaigns out by Thursday to try to pump up ratings for their disgusting show. Did they have a hard time digging up dirt this week?

970 days ago

not surprised    

Post 23-- meant to say another PR blitz against Kris H.

970 days ago


Kris, Anderson Public Relations was doing NOTHING for you. Find a different company that knows what they are doing.

970 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

He needs to hire Kim's PR firm.They seem to keep that bimbo in the news daily. Or he can just pay TMZ like the Kardashians do. I am sure TMZ can make up a story about him everyday.Maybe TMZ could say that Kris was adopted or something. LMAO

970 days ago


Why does a benchwarmer on a 4th rate team need a PR firm?

970 days ago

King of TMZ    

oh let's ridicule the whole marriage thing and 72 days thing so Kim comes out as shiny!! looks more like a KIMK PR Ploy lol!
Konim Kardashian you re 14minutes & 74seconds of fame is OVER CAPICE??? lol

970 days ago


Sounds like the disagreement is that he has no interest in making a life/business plan that requires continuing to discuss the Kardashians. And TMZ considers that a crime.

970 days ago


I don't think he needs a PR firm--he really is kidding himself if he thinks he will have a career outside of basketball. And watching anyone bake cookies isn't exciting. He just needs to stay focused on his sport.

970 days ago


Kris was a fame whore like KIM. IS a fame whore! PR people are pathetic, especially those in LA. Kris is a big mouth tool bag who reseembles FRANKENSTEIN. Never heard of him in the basketball world prior to him meeting ho bag kim so his game isnt the best or close to it. DOUCHE BAGS.

970 days ago


I truly hope this all brings down the ****trashians

970 days ago


Not one thing wrong with him switching to a different PR company. It is his money and if they all do not mesh and he does not agree to the PR things that PR team wanted him to do, then he has the right to find a PR team he does agree with and that fits him.

Stop condemning him. Go condemn the Kardashian's instead and their nasty PR tactics.

Kris stood up to them, now his PR team, he has the right to stand up for his beliefs and do what he feels is right, for him.

He's not doing all of this immoral crap that the Kardashian's do or the nasty PR leaks and antics the Kardashian's engage in.

Team Humphries!

970 days ago


KMZ strikes again!

970 days ago

Melissa lee    


970 days ago
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