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Kris Humphries

Divorcing His PR Team

... After 73 Days

1/22/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries with a baseball hat
Another big break up for Kris Humphries ... TMZ has learned the former Mr. Kardashian is separating with his high profile publicity team after 73 days of holy matrimony ... exactly one day longer than his marriage.

Sources tell us ... Humphries and Anderson Group Public Relations have decided to end their professional relationship ... due to a major disagreement over a long-term strategy for Kris' off-the-court career.

The two sides first came together around the time Kim Kardashian pulled the plug on the marriage -- after 72 days -- and Kris felt he needed for some advice on how to handle his image through the tough times.

But after the crisis, Kris and AGPR simply did not see eye-to-eye on a post-Kim game plan. We're told AGPR was unhappy with the outcome of Kris' appearance on "Good Morning America" last month.

During the "GMA" appearance, Kris brushed off questions about Kim ... and instead, focused on baking desserts during a cooking segment with his mother.

According to our sources, Kris has already taken on a new PR firm in NYC and wants to focus solely on basketball.

We're told the relationship with AGPR ended on reasonably good terms ... and both sides REALLY want to stay friends.

... like that ever works.

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No Avatar


rip JOE PA! Will never forget you!

974 days ago


chris is seriously dumb really freaking ugly your just a loser seeking attention from people

974 days ago


Somebody get this big dang dummie outta here, everyone know the marriage was a fraud and an act so Kardashian can keep her name relevant on the news stand. She is a low life porn slut and trash like her mom

974 days ago


I don't give a dam* (in my Smokey from Friday voice)

974 days ago


Kris H. came out smelling like a rose, on recent shows,enduring the abandonment's of his evil bride, the harassment of her harpy sisters, and the humiliations of Kim's doppelganger,mother.Last show,Kris showed the strain of dealing with a peevish,balky,sullen,Kim,bent on destroying the marriage, that made her a fortune,but was deemed no longer useful.Ruthless disposal, of clueless Kris,
was impending.Kris handled it with as much grace and dignity
as possible.Kim only succeeds in revealing her whiny,reprehensible,self.Bid for sympathy,failed!

974 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

They couldn't get him a reality show.

974 days ago


Proves..He is by far a better person then what he left behind.He stands on..the principles he was raised by.More men and women should follow suit.We might be a better person if we did. Not ,if we should have.

974 days ago


read these comments...wonder,how many wish they where walking in Kris Humphries shoes

974 days ago


I can't figure out why Harvey doesn't get it that this site is going to be forgotten just like the horrible Krapdashians he shoves down our throats day after day....TMZ used to be so cool....now the site and TV show are a joke....just a place where F list wannabees pay to get talked about....this piece is complete crap...comparing a publicity firm change to a sham marriage....anything o make that family of pigs look positive...but it's not working....people hate them more each day...and laugh at this site for promoting them....

974 days ago


This actually shows that he is a good guy, not running after fame like a hungry kartrashian. Good for him ! And tmz shame on you for trying to twist the story with the headline!! Good job on filtering news that wud make the kards. Look bad too !

974 days ago


Well, isn't it the job of a PR firm to prep him for stuff like interviews? Just drop the PR bullchit altogether and get on with your life. Your star is fading, just let it fizzle. I'm hoping Kris used his experience with the Krazy Kardashians to learn about himself. Yes, when you were dating non high-profile girls/women you could get away with being a jerk... and there are countless women who would subject themselves to being unappreciated if it means dating or marrying an attractive, basketball player w/money but there's only so much arrogance and immaturity that individual with any self-esteem will tolerate. It can't be all about you.

974 days ago


You really need to disappear for a year or forever. Kim has a vagina which equals powers in the straight circle. I think if you had any kind of potential for anything, the homie-o-sexuals of Hollyweird would have been made you "famous" like Kim for doing nothing. Please go POOF!

974 days ago


This poor fellow is so homely looking and weird from the word go. Funny he did not show his true colors untill kim married him!!! What a dufas. Glad he is out of her life. He is not a superstar as he wants. Its just not going to happen. Did you see him the other night, tripping all over himself???? Too funny

974 days ago


kris needs a PR company for self defense - especially since kim said she was going to edit the show to make the divorce kris' fault and said she was going to show he abused women - (even though if you watch the show kim keeps hitting kris a lot and hard - i'm surprised he has had the patience not to back hand her) he needs to protect his family, career and charity from the awful kardashian lies they are putting out there - it's their plan to totally ruin him just to save kim's reputation

974 days ago


(#49 Grandma)-one of the K's is on here,I see.Bashing Kris.
Gad, your family is so delusional!! Kris is a nice looking guy.Kim treated him very shabbily-of course, anyone would react to her incessant whining.

974 days ago
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