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Heidi and Seal's Split ...

Appearances Don't Mean Jack

1/23/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Heidi Klum and Seal's breakup shocked everyone -- they always looked rock solid in public ... but were there signs things were heading south? We lay out inside details on what was going wrong ... when cameras weren't around.

Plus, Joe Paterno's legacy -- record-setting football coach or disgraced contributor to a child sex abuse coverup? The debate is raging in America ... and our newsroom!

But we all agree Carnival Cruise lines is insulting survivors of the sinking in Italy with the worst idea since letting Captain Cowardly take the wheel!


(0:00) Heidi & Seal -- the real reason they're calling it quits.
(3:30) They seemed like the perfect couple -- renewing their vows every year ... was it all just an elaborate act?
(9:00) Seal seen wearing his wedding ring today -- someone smells a setup.
(16:01) Joe Paterno passes away from lung cancer -- what will be his legacy?
(17:50) Brian rips Penn State students for praising Paterno ... and says his legendary status helped cover up the scandal.
(30:00) Caller from Pennsylvania makes some great points.
(34:30) Beyond ridiculous -- Carnival Cruise lines is offering victims ... wait for it ... a 30% discount on their next cruise!
(39:33) Harvey just broke a massive story -- Halle Berry's baby daddy is being investigated for child endangerment.
(41:30) Havey is pissed ... that he missed the cruise ship conversation. Don't worry, he gets his two cents in ... plus change.


No Avatar

John 8:32    

Say it ain't so Joe..... RIP(!!)

1003 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Joe Paterno may have been a great coach but he lew it when he did not report what was going on. That is how a lot of women will remember him, and a lot of little boys too.

1003 days ago

Hugh Jass    

So, Joe Paterno gets sent to child molester Hell and meets up with Michael Jackson and Gary Glitter. Michael turns to Joe Paterno and says, " hey, Joe, got 2 fives for a ten?"

1003 days ago


Evil flourishes when Good men do nothing!

And that's what I think about Joe Paterno. Anyone who celebrates this man's legacy should first think of all of the harm he could have saved those children. Just think, IF he had done the right thing, when the right thing was needed, the World would be mourning and celebrating a HERO.

And one last thing for you PENN STATE/JOE PATERNO flag wavers to think about... OJ Simpson also did a lot for the game of football.

1003 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

After that first beating....if Rihanna starts dating Chris Brown again, whatever he does to her next, she has coming.
Dumb, dumb woman.

1003 days ago

Erika in Burl    

May Joe the perv rot in hell, forget this rest in peace crap. I hope that suffered a painful death too!!

1003 days ago


Before the rape alagations no one knew who Joe Pa was except local football fans....

1003 days ago


If re takes back Brown she deserves to get hit!

1003 days ago


Every passanger on that ship that did not drown are going to get a million each at least!Never mind a 30% discount,who would want to sail with them again?

1003 days ago


In regards to Joe Paterno, God works in mysterious ways.

1002 days ago


Harvey and Charles, Have you read the comments on the Kristin Cavallari story? You should. Hire some writers who are emotionally older than 12 or use female writers. Be ashamed!

1002 days ago

LA Native    

Forget JoePa, are you going to mention about Phillip Vannatter dying on Friday?

1002 days ago


To honor Joe Paterno's Life . Walmart is going to have a 50% discount in Kids underwear.

1002 days ago


Please stop it:-( I know that Joe Paterno was famous but he wasn't the orchestrator of a massive cover up. He was just old school. He thought that the head of university police (have you been to Penn State? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people - Curly and Schulz really were the people to see) would take care of it and after that what was he to do? PLEASE believe in the works of his life because he did so much for kids, especially underpriveleged kids, and inspired so many people, just have faith for one minute that he NEVER would have been complicit in or complacent about such actions. NOT EVERYONE is evil. Sandusky yes, but Paterno wasn't. I wish people would believe that he was genuine and that he was most likely thinking of the horrors those boys experienced and how it happened with someone with whom he worked right until the end.

1002 days ago


Losing respect implies that someone was respectable to begin with. Miss show my a** on a daily basis is anything but. I wouldn't be surprised at all. I can see her running her mouth and hitting him until he couldn't take anymore. Now that I think about it, I would lose respect for him if he took her back.

1002 days ago
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