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Demi Moore

Rushed To Hospital

For Substance Abuse

1/25/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore
Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital Monday night ... and we're told the issue is substance abuse.

Law enforcement tells us a 911 call was placed at 10:45 PM Monday night. Paramedics responded to Demi's L.A. home and after assessing her for a half hour, she was transported to a local hospital.

Sources tell us she is being placed in a facility to "seek further professional assistance." Our sources say the treatment is for substance abuse.

Demi's rep tells TMZ, "Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends." 

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No Avatar


To the people saying "is not eating substance abuse" - I'd bet my bottom dollar 95% of hollywood "anorexia" is in fact substance abuse (although wanting to be thin may encourage celebs to try the drugs in the first place). Take enough coke and it's impossible to eat even if you actually wanted to gain weight. I bet Demi is hitting up the coke and adderall hard. The other Demi, Lovato, pretty sure her real issue is coke too.

965 days ago

Alfred Hussein Neuman    

Hmmm, why the negative comments? Hollywood is apart of the 99%, just like the common people. That's what Robert Redford said as he wined and dined at the Sundance Festival with the industry's multi-millionaires and billionaires. So what if they live lives of substance abuse, infidelity and are self-absorbed in ever waking moment? They are rich and they know how we, the other part of the 99%, should live.

965 days ago


Is the United States preparing for martial law? With the announcement of military drills in LA and drones being deployed in New York, one can only put the pieces of the puzzle together.. A new information media outlet has just been born. More information that Drudge and many other outlets. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

965 days ago


Wait till you guys are her age. 99.9% of you will look like hags. She's an incredible specimen for her age. Give her some credit. Her separation is like a shot in the head. She needs to get over a rough road.

965 days ago


Shocking... Look at her, she hasn't looked well in quite some time... Hope she gets back on track really soon. Best Wishes....

965 days ago


Stay strong Demi and don't let that junk beat your body up're way too beautiful and have too much good in life for that nonsense!

965 days ago


do you know HOW many people did the EXACT same thing last night in america? My guess is over 5,000. There were 5,00 people smart enough, and hurting enough, to call out. I am GLAD Demi took the step. why does America obses with this stuff, when our country is literally going down AND FAST. If just 1% would stop reading this crap, and just wake UP, (not even really do anything, just wake up), to who's really running america...

965 days ago

vernon schweinebraten    

demi/please find a aa meeting ---do not drink---you will find a lot of our kind that will help you/ vernon schweinebraten

965 days ago


It seems as though Demi can't accept the fact that she is getting older. She's still attractive and needs to accept it. She needs to look for someone her own age instead of 20-somethings. I am her age and wish I had her money to look as good as she does. I wish getting older was the only worry I had in life. I don't feel bad for her. She's acting like a spoiled child. Look back at those ridiculous tweets and photos she used to post. She and Heather Locklear need to realize they are getting older, but still look good. Jamie Lee Curtis and Diane Keaton are still sexy.

965 days ago


She and Locklear still look great for their age. Just wait till they look like Briget Bardot. They'll both have to be put on suicide watch.

965 days ago


nothing surprising when it comes with celebs. hollyweird and the deviants that live there.

965 days ago


WHAT, To many diet pills? Looking like a scarecrow in trying to entice her young lover is about as stupid as a person can get. Angelina Jolie is another scarecrow that sees dieting and looking scrawny as the in thing.
Those two morons need to understand that being thin is natural for some people, but being scrawny is unhealthy for anyone especially when it is done with pills !!!

965 days ago


just like St. Elmo's Fire

965 days ago


This marriage started to crumble when she was dancing on stage with Snoop Dog. You could see that AK was mortified by her behaviour. He saw what everyone else saw....a middle aged woman trying to act like a 20 year old. She should relax now...enjoy the age she's at and find a MAN that will appreciate her instead of trying to be a kid again. I could see where that would get exhausting...

965 days ago


I really feel for Demi- however, she should have known getting involved with a younger man could spell trouble at some point. As for the substance abuse, it sounds like she was drinking and doing cocaine - because they found her trembling and going into convulsions. I am glad she's getting the help she needs. I've watched her ever since her days on General Hospital back in the '80s and I just saw Mortal Thoughts the other night. I know she can get through this one - her and Bruce Willis splitting had to be harder than this since she had a daughter with him. She doesn't need Ashton, she's a youthful, beautiful, vibrant woman, If you ask me she looks better now then she did 20 years ago. I don't know where these rich and famous find the fountain of youth.

965 days ago
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