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Demi Moore

Pulls Out of 'Lovelace'

1/24/2012 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore has dropped out of her upcoming movie, "Lovelace," TMZ has learned.

Demi's reps tell us ... they just got word she will no longer do a cameo for the flick.

TMZ broke the story ... Demi was rushed to the hospital Monday night for a substance abuse problem. She is currently receiving professional help at a treatment facility.


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DEMI....DEMI....DEMI.....look in the friggin' mirror,the one on your wall and the one in your soul..........say no moore....snap outta it.........c'mon woman...................get a grip..............godspeed

981 days ago


She was dehydrated from the Metamucil.

981 days ago


Sounds like a suicide attempt to me - maybe sleeping pills? I hope she gets the help she needs.

981 days ago


Sounds like a suicide attempt, maybe sleeping pills? Poor woman, I hope he gets the help she needs.

981 days ago


so now they call substance abuse "exhaustion"?

How exhausting.

No wonder she lost so much weight so fast. Why do addicts put their addiction and drugs before their families? Why don't their families mean enough to them to not go back to drugs?

981 days ago


KUTCHER AND CLOONEY are two of a kind who did not take three seconds to flaunt their new woman with their "in your face" attitude against the woman they "supposedly" loved. Hogwash to both of them!!! There is something "sick" about these kinds of men who enjoy crushing a woman's emotions just to put another notch in their belt. As humans, they both rate a ZERO!!!

981 days ago

U don't know    

U guys are so mean. Jumping to conclusions that she's a crackhead when none of us know her personally. All we know is what he hear & see in the news. It's obvious this poor woman went through a lot & is devastated about the end of her marriage & everyone deals with pain differently. Let's give her a break. She's no slutbag Lindsay who is a drug addicted whore.

981 days ago


She may want to include anorexia and bulimia treatment. This is like a pathetic last ditch attempt to make Ashton feel guilty for being done with her. He gets to be young and carefree again. She needs to be okay with getting older, and doing it like the rest of us. I am 60+ and I am okay with the fact I'm not 22. She needs to accept that she should look to a man her own age or older, who is still young at heart and ready to be her partner and let her shine. It's the only way it's going to work for her. She wants to be the shining star well... marry someone OLDER not younger. Then you get to live happily ever after. Bruce couldn't handle her ego either so don't lay this on Ashton.

981 days ago


She should have stuck to weed like half the tmz staff and the posters on here.

981 days ago


It is tough growing older , especially if it is all about looks and vanity
Never a good idea to marry a kid who acts like Doobie Gillis.
It made her feel young and vibrant and then slammed when he wasnt faithful..
I wish her happiness and good health.
other then that you cant turn back the clock really ..not even in Hollywood

981 days ago


I wish her well and hope she gets well soon. This woman was dealt a boatload of hurt. I hope she's learned her lesson and doesn't fall for the younger guy looking to further his career using her again!
I think she'll bounce back from this bigger and better than ever! She's a great actress!

981 days ago

New Orleans    

Anyone in that film or the other Lovelace film is in need of professional help.

981 days ago


She was going to play Gloria Steinem. Really, it's just as well she dropped out.

981 days ago


I just read on E! Online that Demi was shaking and acting like she was having a seizure.

This could be more serious than people think. It could be several things going on with her ... a drug interaction, overdose of a prescription drug, mixing booze with prescriptions. It could be that she's taking street drugs like cocaine or meth or something. Someone on here said she chugs "Red Bull" all the time. She might of overdosed on caffeine for all we know. I know I get really shaky if I drink 3-4 cups of coffee in a short period of time.

This could also be just what happens when you have anorexia really bad. Her body and brain started to freak out and shut down and was TRYING to tell her .... GIVE ME SOME FOOD DAMMIT ... this is getting very serious! I don't see how these anorexic women can just ignore what their bodies are telling them. They're overiding their basic, caveman survival instincts when they do that.

981 days ago


Women that base their happiness on the love of another person are just setting themselves up for exactly this situation. If you aren't happy with yourself BY yourself, you never will be. That is where her "treatment" needs to begin.

981 days ago
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