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Demi Moore

Health Crisis ...

Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

1/26/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore inhaled nitrous oxide       
Demi Moore
's friend called paramedics Monday night after the actress inhaled a dangerous amount of nitrous oxide ... TMZ has learned.
Sources tell TMZ ... one of Demi's friends who was at her home told emergency workers Demi was doing whip-its. A whip-it is a street name for a type of nitrous oxide inhalant.

The friend said she became upset when Demi had a reaction to a whip-it and lapsed into semi-consciousness.

It appears Demi had symptoms of a seizure -- after inhaling the nitrous.

A whip-it is not a common drug among people of Demi's age and social status. It's typically used by younger people who are looking for a cheap thrill.



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OMG Demi grow up already!

1000 days ago


No way....symptoms appear to be prescription meds & alcohol to enhance the high. Definitely a cause of it takes hold the craving for the drug replaces the desire for nutrition

1000 days ago


Isn't she a little old for this BS? Whip-It's...Seriously?

1000 days ago


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1000 days ago

nee nee    

happy birthday isn't public harvey has to pay for singing it

1000 days ago


She was probably doing other drugs. Typically you don't do whip-its by themselves

1000 days ago


For anyone that hasn’t heard of it before, whippets are the inhalation of the pressurized gas known as nitrous oxide. A common source for individuals that participate in this illicit activity is whip cream cans. The inhalation of nitrous oxide leaves the person with a feeling of giddiness and loss of inhibitions. The gas works by suppressing the area of the brain that maintains inhibitions. Though most people that do whippets are not trying to kill themselves, death is an imminent risk of whippets.

Whippets are extremely dangerous. Inhaling too much nitrous oxide can result in death. In fact, at least two people each month die from doing whippets. When inhaling the nitrous oxide, you are exposing your brain to the gas. If you inhale too much nitrous oxide very quickly, the gas can completely shut down the area of your brain responsible for breathing. Since your brain stops commanding your body to breathe, you die from suffocation.

Besides shutting down the part of your brain that controls breathing, whippets can cause suffocation in another way. Inhaling nitrous oxide will displace the oxygen in your lungs. Your body could have difficulty expelling the gas from your lungs. The gas will leave no room for life sustaining oxygen. The outcome is, once again, deadly. You will suffocate.

There are many other risks associated with exposure to nitrous oxide. Regular exposure to the drug causes chronic illnesses. Immune system disorders and anemia are among the illnesses constant exposure to nitrous oxide can cause. Whippets significantly affect your judgment and your balance. Serious accidents can occur.

It is important to recognize that whippets are a form of drug use. The practice is dangerous and can lead to serious illness or death. The risk associated with whippets is significant each and every time you do it. There is never a safe time, place, or manner to do whippets. Do not take the risk. You just don’t know which time will kill you.

1000 days ago


Before, I felt sorry for her. Now I think she is just plain stupid and selfish. And what kind of mother does this kind of thing? The woman is almost 50--she needs to grow up!

1000 days ago

Umm ok...    

omg, grandma needs to settle down.

1000 days ago


Hey Demi! I'll give you a cheap thrill. But you need to ring me up.

1000 days ago


Hell I cap give a cheep thrill.
Ring me uo Demi.

1000 days ago


A local dentist was found dead in his office,because he liked it too.
Dumb A**.

1000 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That surprises you? Always surprises me when rich people are crackheads and tweekers.

1000 days ago


It would have been more believable if they said she was inhaling helium from balloons.

I don't believe this cover story one bit.

1000 days ago


We used to huff huge balloons of this stuff in parking lots all over the country. I've never seen anyone need a doctor.

1000 days ago
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