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Demi Moore

Too Old to Be Huffing Nitrous

1/25/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore was hospitalized after huffing nitrous oxide -- which gives us the perfect opportunity to educate Harvey on the bad habits of bored teenagers these days. And we're all wondering ... isn't Demi too old for this?

Plus, so what if Miley Cyrus got a face full of penis cake? It's about time we accepted she's growing up ... and loves her some R-rated fun.

And, what's going on in Texas?? We get breaking news on "Social Network" star Armie Hammer's weed bust in the same town as Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson!


(0:00) Demi Moore was hospitalized after doing whip-its -- and in case you don't know what that is ... Mike's got you covered.
(4:00) Weird to hear Ryan as the voice of reason -- but he explains why whip-its are really dangerous.
(9:01) One caller's crazy story -- the best whip-its deterrent so far.
(19:20) Miley Cyrus poses with a crazy penis cake -- you gotta hear how Harvey describes it.
(22:31) For the love of God ... Miley's 19 years old now ... let her have some fun already!
(30:01) Armie Hammer -- you're now in a class with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. And not in a good way.
(37:01) The State of the Union address was last night -- and more importantly ... the horrible state of women's fashion in Congress was on display.
(47:10) Rihanna's new "Thug Life" tattoo makes everyone thinks she just a poser.


No Avatar


The Armie Hammer, it's like the airport, same principle applies. You can not go around it.

981 days ago


I can't believe this is what they call this drug now. This was so popular back in late 80s-early 90s in LA/OC during the underground party scene with teenagers and early twenty yrs olds. I mean the tanks are easy to get back then and so so much so we had hefty bags over our heads full of it. It was so popular LA Style came out with a song about it, called Balloony and the Griffith Observatory literally used to put up signs saying, "No Balloons" before you entered the Laserium show at night. WTF is a 50 year old doing this drug for? so Lame!

981 days ago


Mike is wrong at a car shop they ad chemicals to to the nitro so people cant do that and the chems are also there so if you have a leak in your car you can smell it.

981 days ago


i wish miley slutrus was dead

981 days ago


Blue Velvet,Frank loved him some NOX.
NOX like Amyl Nitrate suxs big time.
Demi must be desperate.
She's old enough to know better "cry,baby cry"

981 days ago


Really? Is there an acceptable age to be doing whip-its? Are you saying younger people are OK to abuse it? God Damn.

981 days ago


Ok smut rag, at what age is it ok to huff nitrous? Are you saying that Demi is too old but it is completely acceptable for a teen or young adult to destroy their lives? Jesus, the MSM is nothing but a bunch of imbeciles!

981 days ago


I love when ignorant people explain something they know nothing about to people who know even less.

I don't even know where to begin addressing this report other than "too old" or "social status" and "serious" canister "from a dentist" or in a car to turbo it is sooooo underinformed.

981 days ago


btw, the guy who said "no one" of her age and social status use it and who claimed it was "more common" in early college seems to have a lot of opinions about what he admitted he knows noting about.

the only intelligent guy was ryan who talked about brain cell damage.

981 days ago


TMZ camera guy caught that assault on tape of Mel Gibson's friend nailing the photographer dude. He should have spoke up against Mel's lies!

980 days ago

jeffrey michael    

demi old hag...grose..miley hot young new tits and found her ***** to play with..a **** to lick he sweet pie and young hard hot..few years washed up preg like britney and they just don't get naked when they r hot..they do when we r done jerking to them..

980 days ago


Miley probably isn't going to transition well from being a child star to being a professional, mature actress. Ain't gonna happen. She's reached her expiration date - exceeded it, actually. AGED OUT but good tabloid fodder. Perfect level for her now.

980 days ago

Ruby G.    

Harvey is just beyond, beyond hilarious with his facial expressions. Can you do a whole TMZ live where Harvey is shocked by stories in realtime? LOLOL his reaction to that caller's nitrous story was just priceless

980 days ago


Yeehaw! Motel Drive gets a TMZ mention!!

And we do love Lone Star . . .

980 days ago

Homayoun parnian    

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