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Pat Sajak

I Was Drunk

on 'Wheel of Fortune'

1/26/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pat Sajak used to be WASTED on "Wheel of Fortune" back in the 80s -- this according to the game show host himself.

Pat made the confession during an interview with Dan Le Batard -- claiming in the old days, he would down "two, three, or six" margaritas at a Mexican joint near NBC studios during the show's 2-hour dinner break ... before heading back to finish taping.

According to Pat, Vanna was also guilty of drinking on the job -- but they've since stopped the mid-show imbibing tradition.

Pat added, they were so drunk ... they would often "have trouble recognizing the alphabet."


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walter sabo    

that show is so insanely simple and repetitive (and a HIT) that is must be incredibly boring for him to host. who can blame him?

999 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@ Al "the magnificent": LEGENDARY Game-show host Mr. Pat Sajak, has provided a GREAT example for YOU. He accepted full-responsibilty for his - not-so-wise- choices.
So, put on you big-BOY pants, we're going to the wood-shed.

Al, I don't know you. Nor, do I know where you live in NYC.
Yet, you've directed some disturbing comments towards me.
Firstly, be sure, I'm alarmed -not unlike your mother-
by you fixation with "Penis" and "Glass-pipes". Clearly,
you are "struggling" with "issues", yet, rather than address your own problems, you choose to randomly insult complete strangers. Of course, I can only "help" you,
with the problem of making rude and mean-spirited comments
to utter strangers. Fortunately, I have found two highly-successful options.

Overstand, -if you will- I come from a very, very, long-line
of Servants. I can best describe my own heritage (or "Family Business") as that of, Priest/Warrior. (I know Al, purchase a dictionary and look-up: Dichotomy). As Fascist, Feds, and Frauds, Tyrants, Thugs, and other terrorsists have learned - The "Easy" Way, or The "Hard" Way. Yes, I would be more than happy to PRAY for you Al!
Or, I would also be happy to provide much-needed Wall-to-Wall Counseling. Can you say "Broken National Monument" or
"East-Coast Earthquake"? KNEW you COULD!

The American REVELATION (3;7) is NOW.
Psalm2_012, is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA, reigns!

999 days ago


Another one for the road Mr Sajak? I'll put the rest on a gift certificate.

999 days ago



Anyone with a conscience who takes a check for working a show like that has to drink to cover up the guilt. Between the premise and the type of people who fight to get on to the show...snicker.


999 days ago


And it was noticeable!

999 days ago


Why do we need to know this--somebody tell him to stop talking.

999 days ago


lmao wow too funny!!!!

999 days ago

Glory Bee    

hehehe, hey it was the 80's, so was I. life....gotta love it

999 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

It all makes sense now! I had to be drunk to subject myself to his stupid show, too.

999 days ago


Woooo! Liven up the wheel again! This is great. Pretty cool how Pat admitted makes it more interesting.

999 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Well, it's not like being a game show host is challenging or remotely interesting, ditto for being a game show judge.

999 days ago


I knew I liked pat for some reason I mean with a name like that you need a drink im going to find some old shows to watch everyone gets a drink on there breaks I know i do

999 days ago


I love, love, love wheel of fortune I watched it when Chuck Woolery was host. Pat and Vanna are true master's at what they do. If they were drinking or got drunk you would never know it because they have tremendous respect for their jobs. That's why I will be watching until the wheels fall off!!! His admitting to a couple of drinks only makes them more real. No one tuned in and said Hey! Is Pat is drunk? And I won't waste my time looking for the episode . No one is looking for saints in entertainment, but I am not interested in following people with messy personal lives. Pat and Vanna are role models for professional persona. I think it's funny that they managed to fit in a little rebellion in once in a while to shake up a day. I play wheel of fortune online every chance i get. Pat and Vanna rule.

999 days ago


That is THE job to have, you can drink, smoke some greens, wise crack, and get paid for it. I suspected this happened all along.

Pat is and was always a hero, and this solidifies it in history.

Someone needs to get a Pat Sajack tattoo. What an awesome name too!

999 days ago


Wondering why he felt the need to share that information,,

999 days ago
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