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Demi Moore

The Drug Emergency 911 Call

'She Smoked Something'

1/27/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before Demi Moore was rushed to an L.A. hospital Monday night -- after her friend told paramedics she had inhaled too much nitrous oxide ... aka whip-its.

There is utter confusion at the beginning of the call -- the dispatcher doesn't know which department should handle the call.  The woman says Demi smoked something -- not marijuana -- similar to incense and she's having convulsions.  The person says Demi was barely conscious. 

Capt. Jaime Moore with the L.A. City Fire Dept. tells TMZ ... the FD redacted portions from the tape.  Sources in the City Attorney's office tell us references to specific drugs and other substances Demi ingested were redacted because of privacy issues.  As TMZ first reported, one of the friends at Demi's house told paramedics she has been using whip-its -- nitrous oxide.

The person says she's been taking some other stuff recently but she didn't know what it was ... and she was having "issues" lately.  
The caller said "She's burning up." 


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Mike Gimbel    

Sounds like she was smoking the new "synthetic" pot called k-2 or spice. It is sold in packages that are marked "incense". It is nasty stuff. That along with the gallons of Red Bull she was doing can do a number on you heart and respitory system. Time for rehab...

969 days ago


Poor Demi, I hope she recovers soon, that this incident is a wake-up call for her. Not eating will not make thinking clearly any easier. The dispatcher is confused, he asks for an ambulance from the wrong department first before he gets it wight, lost some minutes there. He sounds calm, but he doesn't really know what to tell the upset ladies calling.

The best to Demi. She needs food, comfort and reassurance, like anyone who feels like she is feeling right now. I suppose Kutcher's cheating and immaturity was a hard blow, especially if she was somewhat insecure beforehand. We are all just people, not Superwomen.

969 days ago


I'm glad she will be ok but just have to add, So this is what being a servant to Obama is like...
if you don't know what I'm talking about youtube "Demi moore servant to obama", 30 second video of her and her boy puppet. sad.

969 days ago


Aston being a superwoman is being a person with a strong head on your shoulder and knowing to do the right thing, using your hardships as an excuse is pathetic.

969 days ago


I didn't listen to the tape. I am glad she survived the incident, and I hope she starts getting what she needs out of life and laying off the adolescent reindeer games (men and drugs included).

969 days ago

Lauren Ashley    

She smoked SPICE! Ugh... Nasty!

969 days ago


She needs to do a movie thats for a older lady and show she is more then just pretty and at almost 50 she should be doing V8 not whipit.

969 days ago


She's finished as an actress forever.
No comeback possible here.
Must spend the rest of her life healing herself a day at a time.
Lucky for her, she has the money to do so.
Others who f--k up like she did here, have it much harder.
These loser washed up actresses should just go away from the harsh limelight and persue LIFE instead!

969 days ago


So, they redact the drug references based on "privacy" but leave in her address and directions to her house. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

969 days ago


Poor Demi, everyone makes mistakes. She's probably depressed, getting divorced isn't easy. Wanted to make herself feel better but made a bad choice and now her 911 call is released for every critic in the world to hear. That's just not right!

969 days ago


whip-its? really? at her age? i hope she chased em with some boone's farm & a 'lude.

969 days ago


WE have a 49 year old woman thats into younger guys, when she was 19 she was swapping spite with a 15 yr old. Then married a guy young enough to be her son, like to have three somes,like the ladies on the side, into coke and addicted to red bull and takes adderal. No wonder Ashton got out while the going was good. She's turned into a over the hill plastic faced basket case. Needs to start acting her age.

969 days ago


I just love Hollywood, it is such a cliche.

969 days ago


You cant hide a drug attack everyone has seen it coming just look at her she is a meth head feel so sorry for her, she was once so pretty and in shape now she has lost all of that.

969 days ago


Good to know if you have an emergency in CA precoius time will be wasted while morons at 911 try to figure out who territory it is. Then they will belittle you while asking dumb questions. Scary.......

969 days ago
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