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Demi Moore 911 Tape

Whip-It References Redacted

1/29/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore
The L.A. City Attorney recommended that all references to whip-its be redacted from the Demi Moore 911 tape -- and the recommendation was followed ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... the Deputy City Attorney assigned to the case heard references to whip-its and felt it would be an invasion of privacy if that information was released to the public -- so it was cut out of the tape, along with specific references to other drugs.

TMZ broke the story ... paramedics on scene were told Demi had used whip-its to inhale nitrous oxide just before she lapsed into semi-consciousness and exhibited seizure-like symptoms.

Now we know the person who called 911 also told the dispatcher about the whip-its.


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If only all 49 year old women looked as hot. But the woman is SO insecure. She needs therapy BIG TIME before she really screws up.

894 days ago


I don't get why 911 tapes can be legally released in the first place. Releasing it with or without certain references doesn't make it less invasive. It's also stupid for publicists to say things like "exhaustion" instead of just being honest without going into details.

894 days ago


Someone should make Demi should watch that episode of "Intervention" with that wacked out lady addicted to huffing. That was one of the saddest, most pathetic addiction stories I have ever seen.

894 days ago


You know, she always made certain everyone knew what a lousy mother she had growing up - implying that she was much better at motherhood.

No sympathy here for mothers who indulge in mind-altering substances with their children. It's probably been going on at least a decade in her case. Demi's mother didn't have a choice. She was BI-POLAR. I'm sure the mom didn't want mental illness.

This behaviour by Demi is a slap in the face to her family. SHAME, SHAME on you.

894 days ago


What's the point now that it is all over the internet that she was either doing nitrous or K2. she's still the same dumbass idiot and we're all sick as **** of hearing about her problems. Poor rich bitch you would NEVER make it in the real world like the rest of us. Kiss my ass.

894 days ago


Why would the LA City Attorney recommended that all references to whip-its be redacted from the Demi Moore 911 tape? I didn't think those tapes could be altered for legal reasons

894 days ago


I always figured Demi was so skinny cuz she's a druggy. At least she's past that perpetual adolescent Kutcher - time to start eating instead of drugging and get a real life. THIS is what happens when an older woman marries a little boy.

894 days ago


Too bad, she just needs to embrace she's aging and made some bad choices. Drugs aren't the answer, but if they are, stick to legal greens.

Still attractive, but needs a few burgers in her.

894 days ago


& this may even be a publicity stunt to get in the light again, a fall from grace, & clean up just in time for a new movie release.

894 days ago

Gertrude Stein    

From the edited 911 call sounds like she was smoking Salvia

894 days ago


If it was a regular person the tapes would not have been redacted. So I think this is wrong just because thier celeb's. If its a 911 tape it should be left in its original condition. No special treatment allowed. And Demi is doing more than whats on that tape to get that thin in a short time like she has. Perhaps some coke is on the menu as well.Or speed they both make you thin and gaunt fast. If I was ashton I would ecnore her and keep moving on. She is no motherly role model for her children anymore..

893 days ago


Demi Moore LOVES Whip-its!

893 days ago


Latest news on the Demi Moore saga, just this morning: ... : Demi refuses to go to re-hab (despite all three daughters begging her to).

So,... the longer she puts off going to re-hab, the sooner she is going to the grave.
This woman needs an Intervention,( asap), instead of partying with a bunch of drug-addicted hanger-ons, and trying to behave like a trashy loser.

For God's sake, she is worth $130 MILLION dollars (net worth).
And why are we supposed to feel sorry for this spoiled brat?

Demi, use your money for some good counseling and get your life back on track, before your body gives in and you die.

892 days ago


what goes around comes around and kicks you in the ass. remember 20 years ago when she kicked her drunk ass Mama to the curb because of her alcohol addiction. now lets see her kids kick her drug addicted bony ass to the curb. LOVE IT!

890 days ago
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