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Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

FINALLY Getting Along

Reconciliation Possible

1/29/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez
and Marc Anthony have found the secret to getting along -- splitting up.

Sources very close to the former couple tell TMZ ... months before the breakup, there was virtual radio silence between the two. We're told when they did talk, it was loud and contentious ... often ending in tears on Jennifer's part.

But since the split, we're told their bond has materially strengthened. They are communicating and co-parenting well and not fighting at all.

We're told they're actually happy to do joint appearances for their new show, as well as charity work.

Sources say a number of people around them are saying there are signs of a possible reconciliation, although it is by no means certain.


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Cognizant _illiberal    

i have seen crack addicted h.i.v possitive prostitutes that look healthier than marc anthony

997 days ago


No freaking way they are getting back together. JLo is banging that retarded boy and Velociraptor is banging some skank. You think they are going to dump their new toys to get back together ?

997 days ago

Fat Mike    

Why was she with him in the first place? He must have a huge one.

Don't be fooled by the c*ck that he's got,
you're still you're still Jenny from the block

997 days ago


What about the "permanent tattoo" he just got of his new girlfriend? That wouldn't be too great in a reconciliation.

997 days ago


They are business partners, It's all about promoting their goofy tv show.

997 days ago


i like them as a couple, if they can reconcile their differences it would be great for their kids...i hope they get back together

997 days ago


They should get along for the children. But as far getting back together I do not see that happening. She is dating a little boy why would Marc go back to her after that. They are not even divorced yet!

997 days ago


If she goes back to him then she doesn't deserve any sympathy at all anymore. He's a insecure control freak. She has serious issues that she needs to address if she returns to him. So does he. They both need counseling.
It is not healthy for the kids to be around or hear all that fighting. This is the second time that they tried to be together and it didn't work. GIVE IT UP ALREADY. You 2 are not supposed to be together.
Can she even go 1 minute without a man in her life??? Why doesn't she try to be single and alone for a while, it's not that bad!!!

997 days ago


not going to happen. they are both happily f u c k ing other people now.

997 days ago

MR. DNA    

I get along better with my ex after we split too but I sure as hell don't want to reconcile

997 days ago


To the poster who thinks she knows everything about Marc: Marc Anthony is not insecure, just the opposite. The man oozes self-confidence and that is one of the reasons he is so sexy. It's not the looks, stupid!
They do get along fine and it is obvious if you watch their show Q!Viva!. They seen comfortable with each other but they have known each other since 1998, they go a long way back. If they will reconcile, who knows? I always thought that Marc can do better, he is a true superstar and a fine, classy man.

997 days ago


They just needed to boink others to get it out of their systems, that's all. Nothing to see here, move along now.

997 days ago


It's called acting at getting along. Money is an incentive on Mark's part because of the clothing line for both JLo & Mark. As for his love for his children, what about his 2 children from Dayanara Torres, his ex-wife. ex Miss Universe, does he even see or support them? Why would Jennifer want to go back to ugly Marc Anthony who looks like a dead fly.

997 days ago


Miss Jaylo please step out in public without all that caked on makeup mask so we can see what a Jane Plain you really are. Fat Arse

997 days ago


It is about the cash, we can make more cash if we stay in the news and make more cash if we are banging 24 year olds. more cash more cash

997 days ago
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